Your Designs

We know that your designs are important to you.

You probably spent a lot of time getting your design just right, so we understand that you may want to then use it on multiple products.

All of your designs are saved on our system.

How Do I Customize or Change My Design?

You are able to customize the design on your product by using our design studio. First, click on the customizable product that you wish to personalize.

Next, click on the button that says "Design Your Own."

You will then enter the design studio. Within the design studio you can change the patterns, colors, text, fonts, ribbons, frames, and layout.

You can also replace text with a graphic or vice versa, for more info about what exactly is in our design element library see Design Elements Library section.

On entering the design center you will be in simple mode. If you wish, you can click on Simple and you will be taken into the design center's Advanced mode

In Advanced mode, your options will all be completely visible and you will have more freedom in your designing.

Can I Change My Design After I Have Approved it?

No. Once you have approved your design it is then put into production. Make sure to check every detail before you approve your design!

I Have Lost My Design - How Do I Get It Back?

Be sure to get in contact with our customer service department.

Depending on your situation, we may be able to get your design back by searching with the name you used or other ways.

Creating an account and saving your design to your favorites are the best ways to save your design.

However, designs that have been favorited without an account will be lost.