Tools to Create Your Own Design Elements

Our designers found that they were getting customer requests for design elements that they had not yet considered creating - so they asked our computer engineers to create “makers” for design elements!

Pattern Makers - we have a number of pattern makers for you to be able to create your own patterns.  You can select any content i.e. graphics, text, combinations to create  your own pattern.

Couple Makers - this is super fun!  Just select a graphic and it will create a couple where the two graphics are facing each other!  From Dino couples, to cat & dog couples to pirate, monster or any one of the thousands of graphic for you to select from. 

Mascot Badge Maker - Our mascot maker enables you to create your very own mascot badge.  Customize the top & bottom text, change the established year, select any graphic and you have your very own badge.

Ribbon Maker - sometimes a solid color ribbon is just not enough!  Create your own ribbon by selecting ANY background and viola you have a ribbon with that background!