What is the Design Elements Library?

The design elements library is our vast collection of design parts and YES, it's FREE for you to use ! You will see a large part of this library within the design studio on our website.

We use these design elements to create the design ideas for you and they are also available to you to use in your designs / customizations.

Listed below are descriptions of all the different types of design elements and how they can be use in creating your masterpieces!

Backgrounds of the designs are usually the foundation from which you can customize.

Our library includes thousands of backgrounds consisting of patterns, textures, fine art, and photos.

Many of these patterns and textures can be customized to your liking; you can change the colors, and the density of the patterns & textures.

Ribbons allows you to enhance your design, especially if you are using two different backgrounds.

Select from a solid color style of ribbon to make text more legible or add a touch of flare with hearts, stitching, or a tribal design.

Frames create a focal point on busy backgrounds.

Frames come in many different shapes & styles. Our library has all the classics, as well as stylistic frames such as piano keys, barbed wire, sports jerseys, Easter, etc.. These stylistic frames can really enhance thematic designs.

Graphics create powerful focal points in your design. We have a huge selection of animals, food, sports, and people graphics for you to choose from.

Quotes & Sayings add personality to a design, or can just be the design depending on your preference. Our library includes a huge selection of quotes and sayings for you to use.

Personalization is usually the last layer in design and comes in many different forms.

Names or Initials - we have a huge selection of fonts for you to choose.

Monograms - we have all the monogram styles - interlocking, round, oval, collegiate, etc..

Name & Initials - we have a number of different styles for you to choose from.

Graphic & Text - we have many different graphic & text styles for you to choose from (e.g. graphic w/text below, curved text around graphic, curved top & bottom text around graphic, etc.).

Tools to "Create Your Own" Design Elements

Our designers found that they were getting customer requests for design elements that they had not yet considered creating, so they asked our computer engineers to create "makers" for design elements!

Pattern Makers - we have a number of pattern makers to help you create your own patterns. You can select any content (e.g. graphics, text) combinations to create your own pattern.

Couple Makers - this is super fun! Just select a graphic and it will create a couple where the two graphics are facing each other! From Dino couples, to cat & dog couples, to pirates, to monsters, or any one of the thousands of graphics at your disposal.

Mascot Badge Maker - Our mascot maker enables you to create your very own mascot badge. Customize the top & bottom text, change the established year, select any graphic, and you will have your very own badge.

Ribbon Maker - sometimes a solid color ribbon is just not enough! Create your own ribbon by selecting ANY background and voila you have a ribbon with that background!

Upload Your Own Masterpiece!

Sometimes you simply want to make products using your own masterpiece. You can upload ANY file, as long as you are the copyright holder of the image. We will not process your order if you upload copyrighted art .

You masterpieces could include:

Photographs - you can upload ANY photograph that you have, it could be one of the most beautiful family or kids, one you took when traveling, or even a vintage photo.

Artwork - this includes ANY .jpg file that you have, as long as you are the copyright holder of the artwork/image.

Your Own Designs - so many of you are experts with design software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Adobe Photoshop. Create your own designs based on our file specs, and upload your own design!