What is the Design Studio?

The Design Studio is software that we created for you to customize & create the designs that are "printed" on  your customized & personalized products.

Within the design studio you can change the all the elements of your design such as the patterns, colors, text, fonts, ribbons, frames, and layout.

You can also replace, add or remove any design element e.g. text with a graphic or vice versa (for more about what exactly is in our design element library see Design Elements Library section).

Where can I use the design studio?

You can use it on any connected device i.e. your computer, your tablet or your phone!

If you are at home you can easily design on your computer or your tablet.

If you're on the go, but are wanting to finish up a design or start one, you can design on your mobile phone.

Designing is easier on the computer, although it is very convenient to have the availability of designing on your mobile for any last minute gifts or if you do not have a computer at home.

When can I use the design studio?

Our design center is up and running 24/7!

Anytime you access our website you are able to access the design studio.

If you ever need assistance with the design center, our customer care team members (customer service representive & designers) are available on chat or by phone from 9am-4pm.

This help center is available 24/7 and since our customer care team are real people based right here in the USA, they are only available from 9am-4pm CST!

Who can use the design studio?

Our design studio was built for our customers. 

You can access the design studio on YouCustomizeIt.com through of the 500+ customized templates on any one of our over 400 customizable products.

Why should I use the design studio?

Because the design studio provides you with instant feedback on your design, with live previews of the changes you make


then it provides you with a mockup of your design on the product, so you can see what the product will look like before you purchase it!

Some background & history:

When we started YouCustomizeIt.com, you would provide us with information using words and or pictures on what you wanted on your customized products.

We would then design it using tools such as photoshop, illustrator and coreldraw and provide you with a preview of the design and a mockup of the design the products.  This works, however, it took time because sometimes words cannot properly convey what is in one's mind.

Also, sometimes when you see a preview of what you thought would look great actually does not.

This lead us to create & build our design studio, that provides you with live previews of your design and then provides you with a mockup of the design on the product.

This puts the control in your hands.  You can "customize" your design until you are satisfied it.  You can tweak the colors, the fonts until they are exactly as you want them.  

You can do this anytime you want, make as many changes as you want and you can do this on any device.  You can start your design on your mobile phone and finish it on your computer.

We are here to assist you with your design.  We want you to love your creation.