What is a Design?

Let's explore how designs are created in more detail!

How Do You Create a Design?

In our design studio, we have backgrounds & foregrounds.

You get to decide what you want for your background and what you want for you foreground.

The background of your product can be any of the following:

Art - can be Van Gogh's famous paintings or your child's artwork!
Photos - scenery, your kids, any photo you took.
Your Own Design - if you are good with design tools, then have at it, create something and upload it!
Patterns - patterns repeat in both directions and come in so many different styles.
Ribbons - a ribbon repeats in one direction and can be used for your background.
Solid Color - some people prefer the elegance of a simple color for a background.
Multiple Backgrounds - usually single, double, or triple and can be organized in various configurations

At YouCustomizeIt - the choice of the background of your products it truly yours. Our goal is to inspire you with various design templates that you can them customize to create exactly what you want!

Foregrounds are truly a personal choice. Foreground choices include text, monograms, graphics, frames and various combinations of these design elements.

Name / Text on top of a background is the most common way of adding a foreground. It can be a simple initial or name to a paragraph or a quote.

Monograms are also very popular; they range from a simple initial to the classic 3 letters. Monograms also come in many different styles; both masculine and feminine styles.

Name & Initials - the style choices here are almost infinite. We have created many templates for you to use and customize. If we don't have style that you want, please contact us and will will do our best to accommodate you.

Graphics work really well for thematic designs. Adding a name to the graphic is a great way to personalize the products.

Graphics & Text - We have created different templates with graphic & text combinations for you to customize.

Frames are the perfect way personalize a products, especially if the background is busy. Frames can also add to the thematic design e.g. rope frame for a cowboy design, an anchor frame for a nautical design, a heart shaped frame for Valentine's day etc.

Our goal at YouCustomizeIt is to give you the customer inspirational ideas using customizable templates. We have created templates that combine the various elements to inspire you with the following fun specialized foregrounds.

Couple's Names - YouCustomizeIt is the perfect place for engagement, wedding & anniversary gifts. We have many different templates for couples that can be customized for the perfect gift!

Twins, Triplets & more! - we have a number of templates for you to customize. If we don't have style that you want, please contact us and will will do our best to accommodate you.

Photos - Some photos work really well in the background and some simply work better in the foreground. We have a number of photo frames and templates for you to use, so can customize you product your way!

Mascot Templates - Sports are a big part of YouCustomizeIt and we want you to be able customize the template based on you team name, sport & mascot.

Quotes - just quotes or combined with personalization. Customize one of ours, or just upload your own.