Production & Shipping Delays

At YouCustomizeIt, our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations.  See our Customer Reviews to see that we do indeed succeed most of the time!

Because we live in the real world with real human beings, there are things that happen that cause both production delays, as well as shipping delays .

Production Delays

Production delays are caused by the following:

Artwork Issue

Artwork for every order is reveiwed before it is made. 

Sometimes the artwork cannot be produced effectively, or does not meet our content guideline or the graphic artist recommends an improvement.  When this occurs, we sent out emails and call you to confirm the changes.

We need your help to minimize production delays and to keep your order on schedule by promptly responding the emails and phone calls.

Changes to Order

Changes to the order after it has been placed can result in production delays.

Quality Control

Every custom product made is made by a human being and we are all fallible.  We all make mistakes. 

When a products fails quality control, it has to be re-made.  This will sometimes delay a product, however, we feel that it is better to sent you a quality item a little late, then a sub standard product on time.

Inventory Issue

When products fails quality control, new items have to be made and sometimes this cause inventory issues.  We try our best not to bother you with our issues, however we want you to know that these issues are real for us and we always do our very best to get your order out on time or ahead of time.  

Check our reviews to see what other customers say about us!

Shipping Delays

Shipping delays can be frustrating, especially when we made and shipped out your order in a timely manner and have to rely on the shipping companies to do their part and deliver to you in that same manner.

In terms of shipping services, FedEx & UPS usually deliver on time, provide excellent tracking and normally  guarantee their delivery times. 

The don't guarantee delivery times during the November and December due to the high volume of packages that go through their system.

USPS has phenomenal pricing, mediocre tracking and they do NOT guarantee their delivery times.

None of the companies can control Mother Nature.  So when storms & hurricanes hit various parts of the country, shipments get delayed.

So, when ordering something and you need it by a certain date, we recommend selecting ground or express methods to ensure you have good tracking!

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