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I had a bit of trouble finding how to move the text, I called in for assistance it couldn't have been better. I forgot to get her name but the person who helped was exceptional, I called @ 1:34 pm (eastern time) today if that helps you know who it was. Thanks.
Reviewer: Jon-Paul CostelloDate: Dec 05, 2018
Everything was great while I was creating my 7 mugs.....super easy to navigate, great variety of choices, and I never lost or got frozen out of anything, which is a common problem when doing things like this on other sites. I was extremely pleased with this website and look forward to receiving my mugs! My only disappointment was that I could not get the first-time user coupon. I might have received it previously, but couldn't find it. Would you be able to apply that now to my purchase? That would be fantastic if you could and would!
Our customer service team will be reaching out to you to apply your coupon
Reviewer: Mary DurrDate: Dec 02, 2018
great and easy ordering. Will definitely use this site again.
Reviewer: Mary BiedermanDate: Dec 02, 2018
This is a great site! I ordered my own custom seat covers for my jeep and I love them! I ordered a steering wheel cover for a friend for Christmas. It has witches on it, she will love it!
Reviewer: Jacqueline GetgenDate: Nov 30, 2018
Your design center is awful. Its extremely difficult to use. I couldn't figure out how to change the color of just a certain part.
Reviewer: carolyn mitookaDate: Nov 30, 2018
The website is very user friendly and it's easy to navigate the site. I love the various designs and the numerous product options. The site was easy to use and easy to make the necessary changes to the design to make it your own. You need to post on social media and advertise your services. I stumbled upon you by chance.
Reviewer: Shari WrightDate: Nov 29, 2018
Lunch bag design turned out better than I expected. Expands and holds more than picture shows
Reviewer: Kathryn SchmidtDate: Nov 29, 2018
With my daughter's help I was able to create the waste basket I wanted for my grandson. It was fun and easy to choose from the many colors and to personalize it.
Reviewer: Marion BaconDate: Nov 29, 2018
The design tool was very easy to navigate and use. I really like the design options as well, it's hard to find softball stuff. Thank you
Reviewer: Nettie StephensDate: Nov 29, 2018
I customized 2 laptop skins and absolutely love this idea! The only complaint that i have is that I am able to change ribbon colors but not the design colors! Maybe i missed something on how to do this but I had a teal and yellow ribbon and the design i wanted was burgundy. I had to change designs to match the ribbon. Other than that, the website is very easy to use and lots of great options!
Reviewer: Danielle HickeyDate: Nov 28, 2018
I was having trouble with designing, after several attempts, I called customer service for assistance. She talked me through the process, so helpful, courteous and caring. I don't remember her name!
Reviewer: Dianne TalleyDate: Nov 28, 2018
Love your site, somewhat difficult to create, but it does allow to make changes and offers many choices. Love that you can upload personal art,and pictures.
Reviewer: Betty CrawfordDate: Nov 28, 2018
Very easy to use site and fair prices.
Reviewer: Jarrett SherryDate: Nov 27, 2018
i love this
Reviewer: paul andesonDate: Nov 27, 2018
Very prompt service, lookef just like example, wash cloth good size for younger kids...very pleased. D
Reviewer: Deborah MetzlerDate: Nov 27, 2018
Easy to navigate site and what product I wanted to purchase!
Reviewer: Pam RideoutDate: Nov 27, 2018
very easy site to use. I had a lot of fun making my own designs, lots to choose from. can't wait to get my car coasters :)
Reviewer: gina strittmatterDate: Nov 26, 2018
I found the perfect custom stocking for my 11 month old grandson. The site is very efficient, clear, and easy to use. And to top off the experience, I see that you're in Pearland, TX, and I'm from Houston, a native Texan in New England whose heart still belongs to the Lone Star State! Thank you!
Reviewer: Glenda PritchettDate: Nov 26, 2018
The website is very accessible!!! Loved making a Christmas present!!!!
Reviewer: Katrina GrierDate: Nov 26, 2018
This is the GREATEST site ever! I've made blankets, dog bandana's, towels - child hooded, round, beach, and hand towels. I love them all. Everyone I give them to is so amazed. A treasured gift to last a lifetime.
Reviewer: Lynn NorrisDate: Nov 26, 2018
My daughter and I had great fun designing our products. We had even more fun looking through all the other products you can put the same design on. Looking forward to receiving our products. Thanks for a great experience. If delivery runs smoothly we will be back for me personalised gifts.
Reviewer: Stacey DeanDate: Nov 26, 2018
Great customer service. Tracie was extremely helpful in getting my order correct. Can’t wait to see the finished product
Reviewer: Pauline BeatyDate: Nov 26, 2018
Loved my color choices and designs. I recommend customizing on this website. Thank you , I'm going to be giving my granddaughter a perfect mini license plate for her new bike .
Reviewer: FlorDate: Nov 26, 2018
I am so excited about these gifts. I tutor students in Spanish and this will be the perfect gift for these shows that they have been studying Spanish, they learn about the culture, and it's useful. In addition, it's affordable. Thanks so much! I will shop again!! Alice
Reviewer: ALICE SHRADERDate: Nov 25, 2018
Reviewer: JOANNE ZARRIELLODate: Nov 25, 2018
Very helpful chat.
Reviewer: John Fry KarinsDate: Nov 23, 2018
I love this site! It is so easy to customize your own thing. It’s super easy getting around on the site. I would highly recommend this site to anyone!
Reviewer: Savannah DenneyDate: Nov 22, 2018
easy, wish it showed a picture of how the product looks in car. but the process was easy!
Reviewer: Lori jean MaharDate: Nov 21, 2018
Easy to use website and timely delivery.
Reviewer: Maria EstevesDate: Nov 21, 2018
I arrived on this site to make a custom plate for my daughter as a Christmas present. I had a little trouble getting started but after a quick chat with Tracie in customer service she jumped right in and helped me design the perfect plate. I even asked once I got the hang of things to step in and start designing again and she let me take back over and stayed with me until the end. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
Reviewer: Shannon StanleyDate: Nov 21, 2018
Easy to customize
Reviewer: Diane MasariuDate: Nov 20, 2018
Loved selection of designs. Took a little time to figure out what was offered in way of fonts and colors, but very happy with results.
Reviewer: Harriet RogersDate: Nov 19, 2018
I was very satisfied with customer service (I forgot her name, please forgive me) she replied to my question & gave an answer. She was very helpful & I greatly appreciated her service. I just love my designs & I believe my sorority sister's will to! I enjoy creating something different & unique. I will definitely use this site again & again, my little secret! Above all the prices are affordable. Thank you & be blessed, Antigone Crawford
Reviewer: Antigone CrawfordDate: Nov 17, 2018
Extremely easy to navigate and design my item, and there are so many options!! Will be ordering again soon
Reviewer: Jennifer LuongoDate: Nov 16, 2018
I couldn't reach customer service when I first called, but once they called back, she was a huge help in the design of my gift. Thank you very much!
Reviewer: Sarah LinkhornDate: Nov 15, 2018
Just what I wanted. Fast service and a great price!
Reviewer: WendyDate: Nov 14, 2018
so cute.....was able to match to my decor in the RV. Speedy shipping. Very please!
Reviewer: Susan FiteDate: Nov 14, 2018
This company is very helpful. I called someone to assist me designing the product I wanted and they were very helpful. I told my co workers to check this website out!!
Reviewer: Robin BeyerDate: Nov 14, 2018
Loved how my design came out but creating a personal design was very complicated.
Reviewer: Megan WhelanDate: Nov 12, 2018
I just finished customizing a baby blanket for our soon to be first child and my wife and I couldn't have been more happy with the experience! The customization features felt limitless, and since we both have a tendency to be perfectionists, your website was perfect for our personality. I can't wait to see this beautiful blanket that you guys let us see throughout the design process. We also loved that we could two completely different designs for both the front and back. Thank you for having a website like this!
Reviewer: Brian ChevalierDate: Nov 11, 2018
Reviewer: Andrew WorkmanDate: Nov 11, 2018
This site is amazing!! Its easy to search and design what you want,when you want and how you want. Just bought a monogram decal for my SUV and I can't wait til it gets here. Will order again from this site soon.
Reviewer: Jessica StokesDate: Nov 10, 2018
Image #2067785 for Review #2067784
The chat function was wonderful for working out the kinks in my design. Can't wait to see the tissue box cover. Tracie - Thanks for your help.
Reviewer: Emilie J BetzDate: Nov 09, 2018
I had a LOT of trouble finding some items I wanted. I called C/S. This WONDERFUL lady spent a LOT of time helping me find & load my cart for some holiday pump soap dispensers. She helped me bring up the holidays I was interested in, told me which codes to put in .. helped look it all over, & so on. I was able to get 4 dispensers .. GREAT service!!! THANKING her again!!!! Natalie / Flushing, NY
Reviewer: natalie kasdayDate: Nov 08, 2018
I had to deep six my original plan because I for the life of me could not figure out sizing. I tried to bring my design in as a whole and did not work. So I tried in parts and could not get those to work. Only the first layer did what I wanted it to.
Reviewer: Elizabeth HartDate: Nov 08, 2018
The website is easy to use, the service fast and efficient. The items beautifully done in the chosen design. Product quality is good! There was one item I was not satisfied with and they addressed the problem quickly and professionally! Great customized products!
Reviewer: Margery PearlDate: Nov 07, 2018
Love that I could buy my replacement bathmats in the same designs after 3 years! AND some new bathroom accessories as well.
Reviewer: Narmin ParpiaDate: Nov 06, 2018
Your site made shopping for personalized items very easy. I will be using your sight more often.
Reviewer: Tamela StricklandDate: Nov 05, 2018
Great quality products and I'm particularly impressed with the turnaround time. It was amazingly fast and very well packaged and promptly shipped. I wanted to give my step-son a lunchbox like I had in the 1960s of my favorite TV show (he love it too!) but they are only available as collector items for a couple of hundred dollars. So I made him one from internet images (in the public domain) and it has his name printed write on it so I don't have to use a Sharpe. Its great! Thanks so much for offering such a unique product! I was very disappointed that I couldn't find him the original lunchbox, so I made him one! Aside from the sides of the lunchbox being blank (unlike the originals) the graphics turned out great on both sides! Thank you!
Reviewer: DonDate: Nov 04, 2018
Great quality product and I'm particularly impressed with the turnaround time. It was amazingly fast and very well packaged and promptly shipped. I wanted to give my step-son a lunchbox like I had in the 1960s of my favorite TV show (he love it too!) but they are only available as collector items for a couple of hundred dollars. So I made him one from internet images (in the public domain) and it has his name printed write on it so I don't have to use a Sharpe. Its great! Thanks so much for offering such a unique product! I was very disappointing that I couldn't find him the original lunchbox, so I made him one! Aside from the sides of the lunchbox being blank (unlike the originals) the graphics turned out great on both sides! Thank you!
Reviewer: Don TrecoDate: Nov 04, 2018
I don't normally write reviews but I am so pleased with the professional job that was done, I had to let anyone considering an order know that I believe they will be more than happy if they place an order! I customized my order with a picture on the shade and it is just what I had hoped for and more! I will definitely order here again! Thanks for prompt service and wonderful results!!!
Reviewer: Robin RoseDate: Nov 02, 2018
I absolutely loved my oven mitt! I ordered another piece today!
Reviewer: Akira JeromeDate: Nov 01, 2018
Very easy to design and create items and excellent prices!!
Reviewer: MITZI LLEWELLYNDate: Oct 31, 2018
It was pretty simple to follow the instructions for designing it. I would totally buy from this company again.
Reviewer: Terry SerioDate: Oct 30, 2018
Found what I needed fast and was super simple to design as wanted.
Reviewer: Shelley HenryDate: Oct 30, 2018
Although it was easy to design and order my product, I did not receive my order after a month and waiting to hear back from the company. It says expected shipping date was 10/16/18 but still in production. Have not received anything from company with reason for delay on my order, very unhappy
We are deeply sorry to the delay, and even more so that we were not in communication with you about it. We try our best to deliver all our items by the deadlines we give on the website and email/call customers when something arises that will cause us to not meet that deadline. Although we failed to deliver on time this instance, we hope you give us another chance to earn your business in the future
Reviewer: MICHELLE STUARTDate: Oct 29, 2018
I wanted to get my 7 year old step-son a lunch box from a 1960s TV series like had when I was his age. But they are rare and too expensive, up to $200 each when found. So this service allowed me to make one for him and have his name printed right on the lunch box! Fantastic! I can't wait for Christmas to give it to him!
Reviewer: DonDate: Oct 27, 2018
Very easy..can't wait to see the products.
Reviewer: Greg SharpDate: Oct 26, 2018
I loved the graphics and patterns. It was fun to do and look great.
Reviewer: Jori Ludtke-SmithDate: Oct 26, 2018
Image #2034139 for Review #2034138
I was very pleased with all my products, great quality, will be ordering in the future for all customized needs.
Reviewer: Emily BankstonDate: Oct 23, 2018
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