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Your Product. Your Way

Ever been shopping and wished the product was available in a different color? pattern? material? Did you want it bigger or smaller to fit your exact space? Did you wish it had personalization on it?

Welcome to YouCustomizeIt where your select, customize & purchase Your Product Your Way!

Best Product Selection is your one stop shop for everything customized & personalized AND all the products are hand made for you right here in the USA.

We offer products for each one of the rooms in your house.  You can also shop by decor style or by occassion.

Shop customized & personalized gifts by receipient, by profession or by occassion.

We have a great selection of customized apparel & accessories for everyone in your family.

We truly offer the best selection of customizable products. 

We do our best to offer you products in different materials such as plastic, fabric, leather, acrylic etc.  Our products also range in price and quality to meet your specific needs.

Our products are available in standard sizes, however, many of our products can be custom sized to meet your exact needs.

Custom Sized Products

Many products are available in the expected standard sizes, as well as in custom size to meet your exact specifications. 

Have really tall or wide windows?  Our curtains are available in standard as well as customized sized for all the windows in your house.

Our shower curtains are available in regular, extra long and custom size.

All our home decor decals are sold in multiple sizes, however each size can be custom sized to your exact specifications.

Ever try researching the standard size for a laptop?  Our laptop skins can be custom sized to fit your exact laptop, regardless of it's age, brand and multiple other variable that determine the size of a laptop!

Design Your Own or Customizable Design Templates

Some people know exactly what they want and given the tools and technology, can quickly design what is in their imagination; while other like to be inspired by ideas.

At YouCustomizeIt, you have the best of both worlds!

You can browse our design templates for inspiration and customize at template to meet your exact needs.  How much you change and/or customize it up to you.  

If you know exactly what you want, then you can design your product using our design studio and design elements library - which are all free for you to use.  We have layouts, backgrounds and foregrounds for you to use to browse and select.

Or you can upload your own photographs, art or designs.

Our dedicated team of customer service representatives and designers are always available to assist you in realizing your vision.  So contact us and we will do our very best to help you realize your imagination. 

How does "You Customize It" work?

Here at You Customize It, we believe in the power of customizing! From mugs to shower curtains to car seat covers, we believe that you should be able to have them look exactly the way you want. You should have the ability to change a little or change it all.

We start off with what we call a blank base product. This is the bare product before any of the personalizing comes in. It is plain and dull. You then are able to add a design to a blank base product. This makes the otherwise plain product suited to your style and personality.

You can either choose one product at a time or go all out and change a whole room! Here are some examples to get you imagining the possibilities of your journey of personalization:

How do I customize / change my design?

You are able to customize the design on your product by using our design center. First, click on the product that you wish to customize.

Next, click on the button that says "Start Designing."

You will then enter the design center. Within the design center you can change the patterns, colors, text, fonts, ribbons, frames, and layout. You can also replace text with a graphic or vice versa (for more about what exactly is in our design element library see Design Elements Library section). On entering the design center you will be in simple mode. If you wish, you can click on Simple and you will be taken into the design center's Advanced mode

In Advanced mode, your options will all be completely visible and you will have a bit more freedom in your designing.

How much of the design can I change? What can I change / customize?

You can change anything and everything! Make a design that is completely yours!

Who can customize the design?

You! Anyone who visits our website is able to customize a design! Our design center is easy to navigate, but if you get a little lost don't worry! We are here to help! Give us a call or get on our chat, and a lovely customer care agent will be right by your side with all of your questions and concerns.

What is a design? Designs are combination of design elements such as backgrounds, graphics, ribbons, labels and personalization. The design elements are combined to create visually appealing designs that are then used to create beautiful custom products which are all coordinate together to create an cohesive decorated space such as your bedroom, bathroom, car or your golf accessories!  

What is a blank base product?

A blank base product is the product itself without the design. Blank base products are like cakes without icing. The icing on these products would be your personalized designs.

What is a designed product?

A designed product is when you take a design and a blank base product and put them together. This is when a blank base product has a design on it. It is the icing on the cake.

Where can I use the design center?

You can use it anywhere! If you are at home you can easily design on your computer. If you're on the go, but are wanting to finish up a design or start one, you can design on your mobile. Designing is easier on the computer, although it is very convenient to have the availability of designing on your mobile for any last minute gifts or if you do not have a computer at home.

When can I use the design center?

Our design center is up and running 24/7! Anytime you access our website you are able to access the design center. If you ever need assistance with the design center, our customer care agents are available on chat or by phone from 9am-4pm. This help center is not 24/7 since our agents are real people.

Why You Customize It?  

That's just it! We are different because YOU are able to customize your products exactly the way you want them. Our customers have full say in what they wish their product to look like. You are able to change every single element in your design.

Here at You Customize It you get to speak to live people! We work hard to keep our customers happy by helping them directly with their issues every weekday from 9am-4pm (we do have to sleep sometimes).

Will I get a proof of my product?

You will see an on-screen proof of what your finished product will look like when you click "Preview" in the design center.

How will know what it will look like?

You will be able to see exactly what your design will look like on the product in our preview page in the design center. This will be as close as possible to seeing what the actual product will look like in real life. You will always see this preview before proceeding to the checkout page.

Can I change my design after I have approved it?

No. Once you have approved your design it is then put into production. Make sure to look over every detail before you approve you design!

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

Can't find what you're looking for? No problem! Get in contact with us through our online chat or by phone and we will do our best to help you out! We have an enormous library of patterns and design elements that we can pull from in order to meet your designing needs. If you don't see it on our website, we may have it tucked away in our library somewhere. If you need something a little more specific and need some artwork created for you, we can do that too! Give us a call and ask away!

How do I upload artwork?

Uploading artwork is a synch! Go into our design center to get started. If you are in Simple mode you will be able to click on any of the design elements (ex. Fills / patterns, content / graphics, ribbons) to open the right window. Once this window is open you will see multiple options on the left side. Choose "upload artwork." Clicking this option will bring up a new window that will allow you to drag and drop your desired artwork! In advanced mode you are able to right click on the grey words describing the design element you are trying to change (ex. background, ribbon, graphic). There will be a pop-down menu that will have an option to "upload artwork." Clicking this option will also bring up a new window that will allow you to drag and drop your desired artwork.

What type of artwork can I upload?

You are able to upload photographs, sketches, paintings, vector work, or anything you like! The file types that our system accepts are JPG, SVG, and PNG.

I have lost my design - how do I get it back?

Be sure to get in contact with our customer service department. Depending on your situation we should be able to get your design back by searching with the name you used or other ways. Next time, be sure to write down your design ID so that you can easily pull up your design from any device (located in the bottom left corner of the design center window).

What is the design elements library? & Is it FREE to use?

The design elements library is our vast collection of design parts and YES, it's FREE for you to use!  You will see a large part of this library within the design studio on our website.

We use these design elements to create the design ideas for you and they are also available to you to use in your designs / customizations.  AND yes, they are FREE for you to use.  

Listed below are descriptions of all the different types of design elements and how they can be use in creating your masterpieces!

Backgrounds of the designs are usually the foundation from which you can customize. 

Our library includes thousands of backgrounds consisting of patterns, textures, fine art and photos. 

Many of these patterns and textures can be customized to your liking - you can change the colors, and the density of the patterns & textures. 

Ribbons allows you to enhance your design, especially if you are using two different backgrounds.

Select from a solid color style of ribbon to make text more legible or add a touch of flare with hearts, stitching, or a tribal design. 

Frames create a focal point in on busy patterned backgrounds.

Frames come in many different shapes & styles.  Our library has all the classics, as well as stylistic frames such are piano keys, barbed wire, sports jerseys, easter etc,.  These stylistic frames can really enhance thematic designs. 

Graphics are powerful in adding a focal point to your design. We have a huge selection of animals, food, sports, people graphics for you to choose from.

Quotes & Sayings add personality to a design or can just be the design depending on your product.  Our library includes a huge selection of quotes and sayings for you to use.

Personalization is usually the last layer in design and comes in many different forms.  

Names or Initials - we have a huge selection of fonts for you to choose from.

Monograms - we have all the monogram styles - interlocking, round, oval, collegiate etc.

Name & Initials - we have a number of different styles for you to choose from.

Graphic & Text - we have many different graphic & text styles for you to choose from - examples include graphic w/text below, curved text around graphic, curved top & bottom text around graphic etc.

Tools to “Create Your Own” Design Elements

Our designers found that they were getting customer requests for design elements that they had not yet considered creating - so they asked our computer engineers to create “makers” for design elements!

Pattern Makers - we have a number of pattern makers for you to be able to create your own patterns.  You can select any content i.e. graphics, text, combinations to create  your own pattern.

Couple Makers - this is super fun!  Just select a graphic and it will create a couple where the two graphics are facing each other!  From Dino couples, to cat & dog couples to pirate, monster or any one of the thousands of graphic for you to select from. 

Mascot Badge Maker - Our mascot maker enables you to create your very own mascot badge.  Customize the top & bottom text, change the established year, select any graphic and you have your very own badge.

Ribbon Maker - sometimes a solid color ribbon is just not enough!  Create your own ribbon by selecting ANY background and viola you have a ribbon with that background!

Upload Your Own Masterpiece!

Sometimes you simply want to make products using your own masterpiece. You can upload ANY file, as long as you are the copyright holder of the image.  (We will not process your order if you upload copyrighted art.)

You masterpieces could include:

Photographs - you can upload ANY photograph that you have - it could be one of the most beautiful kids / family or kids, one you took when traveling or even a vintage photo.

Artwork - this includes ANY jpg file that you have, as long as you are the copyright holder of the artwork / image.

Your Own Designs - so many of you are so talented and are expert with design software such as illustrator, corel and photoshop.  Create your own designs based on our file specs and upload your own design!

What if I can't find what I need in the design elements library?

If we cannot find what you need in the design elements library, we have paid services to further help you. We can create exactly what you need right here with our in-house designers.