Color Matching

Color Matching Your Screen

Have you bought something online that you thought was certain color and arrived looking like a different color?

This is because different screens & monitors display color differently.  

The factors that affect the colors you see on your screen are the age of the monitor, the type of graphics card you have whether you have an LCD or  CRT monitor!

Here at YouCustomizeIt, we use calibrate our monitors and printers to print colors

 to many factors including color variations from screen to screen and from screen to printer we cannot guarantee that the colors in the product you receive will 100% match the colors you see on our website.

Color Matching Across Products

YouCustomizeIt makes every attempt to use consistent colors and color profiles, however ink absorption and reflection varies from material to material.

So we guarantee that we use the exactly the same DIGITAL colors for all your products, but we cannot guarantee that all the ACTUAL colors & hues will match perfectly on all the various products & materials.