Our Founders

Narmin Parpia Co-Founder & CEO

Narmin Parpia

Narmin was born Tanzania and emigrated to Canada with her family when she was a teenager. While living there, she finished high school and got her B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Afterwards, she moved to the US with her husband and two sons.

Narmin started her career as a process engineer in the oil industry. She then transitioned to information technology and worked in various industries such as natural gas, entertainment, ecommerce, and government.

In 2003, she founded her own company, which led to a phenomenal journey. She launched 4 different brands, created patents and trademarks, authored a book, and appeared live on the Today Show with Lester Holt.

Today, Narmin's focus is to provide our customers with the best experience designing products on YouCustomizeIt.com.

Fun Fact about Narmin: She has lived in 7 cities, 4 countries, and 3 continents!

Caleb Solano Co-Founder & CTO

Caleb Solano

Caleb was born and raised in Pearland, TX. He graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Rice University.

In 2008, Caleb joined RNK Innovations. Originally hired to manually add products to the website, he quickly automated and optimized his job and the jobs of some of his coworkers. He then moved on to making small changes to the code of the web stores, and worked his way to the creation of YouCustomizeIt.com as you see it today.

Today, Caleb's focus is on ensuring that YouCustomizeIt's technical systems run smoothly as well as setting direction for the user experience of the website and design studio

Fun Fact about Caleb: He really enjoys pointless javascript