Zebra Print & Polka Dots Laptop Skin - Custom Sized (Personalized)

  • Ships in 1-3 Business Days
  • Vinyl sticker with matte finish
  • Adhesive is removable so sticker can be re-positioned
  • Protects laptop lid from scratches and other marks
  • Size is customizable, maximum size is 18" x 18"
  • Made for you in the USA
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About this Design Template

Here is a wonderful zebra print with a fun, modern twist. The top of this design features a black and white traditional zebra print. To add color and flair we have paired the zebra pattern with a fun hot pink and white polka dot pattern on bottom.

A white scalloped circle label edged in black highlights the personalization of your choice. A wide hot pink band trimmed in white completes the design.

As always with YouCustomizeIt, you can change anything about this design (patterns, colors, graphics, etc.) for free. Our design library is loaded with options for you to choose from, or you can upload your own. Need Help? You can always talk / chat with our design experts.

Product Description

Make your laptop individual to your own personality with one of our laptop skins! With these custom laptop skins , youll never risk mistaking your laptop for anyone elses. Customize one to match your personal tastes, or create one as a gift for the tech savvy person in your life!

Cut from a white, woven, polyester fabric, these laptop stickers are both functional and beautiful. With its matte finish, this unique material protects the surface of your laptop from scratches and other marks, while displaying your customization in bright, bold color. The adhesive used on this laptop decal is removable, making it easy to reposition or replace these skins, without leaving behind a residue. To meet your needs, we provide you with the option of customizing the size of the decal so it is suitable for your laptop, regardless of the model. The maximum size, however, is set at 18 by 18 inches. We advise that you measure your laptop before ordering, so you can make an informed purchase.

To apply your sticker, we suggest that you use the following process for a seamless application. First, peel back a piece of the sticker, and using a scissors, remove only a sliver of paper lining. Now, using the small piece of revealed adhesive, line up the sticker until it matches what you have in mind. Once aligned, secure the small piece of the sticker to the surface, and press on the rest of the sticker using a squeegee, credit card, or your hand. As you squeegee the sticker, the rest of the corresponding paper adhesive should peel off, and the sticker will adhere smoothly.

If you’re searching for a more permanent option, we also offer laptop decals, which can be found in our Office and Desk category. Or, if you’re fond of stickers, we offer a multitude of options across several categories, such as our custom car decals and wall decals!


  • Vinyl sticker with matte finish
  • Adhesive is removable so sticker can be re-positioned
  • Protects laptop lid from scratches and other marks
  • Size is customizable, maximum size is 18" x 18"
  • Made for you in the USA

Application Instructions:

  • Peel back piece of sticker and remove sliver of paper lining using scissors
  • Align small piece of revealed adhesive to laptop's surface
  • Secure small piece, press the rest using squeegee, credit card, or another flat edge
  • Peel the rest of paper adhesive as you continue to squeegee

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Product Specifications

Product ID27665
PatternGeometric Pattern, Themed, Animal Prints, Dots & Circles
Product TypeDecals
Product GenderUnisex
ThemeSafari, Animals
Product AudienceAdult, Teen
Adhesive TypeRepositionable
Custom Product TypePrint-and-Cut
DimensionsLaptop Skin (Max. 18" x 18")
Design CollectionThe Zebra Print Collection
Decal / Sticker TypeLaptop Skin
Skin ApplicationLaptop Skin
Design GenderFeminine
Design AudienceEveryone
RoomsOffice + Desk
DepartmentOffice + Desk, Computer + Phone

Reviews (Write A Review)

Zebra Print & Polka Dots Laptop Skin - Custom Sized (Personalized)
Loved the final product!!!!
The skin for my laptop worked like a charm. It was a little difficult to put on straight and without bubbles, but we managed to get it almost perfect in the end! It was slight a bit crooked, but there isn't a single bubble. One nice thing was that every time we peeled it off a little to remove a bubble it wouldn't stretch. It stayed the same size no matter how many times we pulled it off. Shipping took a little longer than I expected, but that wasn't a huge deal. I didn't care for how it came rolled up, because once you unrolled it, it instantly began to peel and bubble, making it harder to put on correctly. Oh, well. If it got shipped flat it might get bent and that would be worse. The designing was a little difficult to figure out, but in the end I managed to come up with three great designs that I had a hard time choosing between! I only wish they had a more western styled text in their choices. Also, the sparkly look wasn't quite as sparkly looking in real life as on the photo. I still like though. One thing to consider when buying a skin is to pay attention to the logo that might be on top of your laptop. My skin has a slight bump where the logo is. Obviously, that isn't the company's fault, but it is something to think about when buying the skin.
Reviewer: Anne Harder | Verified Purchase Product: Zebra Print & Polka Dots Laptop Skin - Custom Sized (Personalized)
Zebra Print & Polka Dots Laptop Skin - Custom Sized (Personalized)
How to change color and size?
It won't let me choose a different color? I want it with real and it just stays on pink. It won't let me choose the right size either.
Reviewer: Pink78 Product: Zebra Print & Polka Dots Laptop Skin - Custom Sized (Personalized)
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