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Having an awesome looking interior in your car is all about the little details. These sandstone car coasters are the perfect first step to making your car spectacular!

These 2.5" round sandstone coasters will fit perfectly inside most cup holders, adding some much needed style and color to your car.

Not only are these coasters stylish, but practical as well! Car cup holders can get so sticky and dirty! These coasters will be easy to take out of your cup holder and clean however often you like. They have a small semi-circle notch in them to make it easy to pop your coasters in and out.

Easily clean your coasters by running them under water and scrubbing very lightly if necessary. Let air dry and then pop them back into place. Avoid using any harsh cleaners like bleach.

Now for personalizing! Take a look at all of our backgrounds, graphics, and fonts to create a design to fit your personality! Or simply upload your own artwork or picture. The possibilities are endless! If you have any troubles, please contact us!


  • Sandstone
  • Semi-circle notch for easy removal
  • 2.5" diameter

Product Specifications

Product ID211115
PatternMultiple Patterns Available
Product TypeCoasters
Product GenderUnisex
Product AudienceAdult
MaterialSand Stone
Custom Product TypeSublimation
Dimensions2.56" x 2.56"
Design GenderGender Neutral
Design AudienceEveryone
RoomsBar + Wine
DepartmentCar + Automotive, Home + Garden


Prettiest car coasters I have seen Image #2708425 for Review #2708424
The fact that you design your own makes this a great gift. Everyone likes personalized items. This gift is especially good for the person that has everything!
Product: Grosgrain Stripe Sandstone Car Coasters (Personalized)
Great Product! Image #2681766 for Review #2681765 Image #2681767 for Review #2681765
Arrived super fast, and is a great quality. I will order from them again.
Product: Design Your Own Sandstone Car Coasters (Personalized)
Coasters Image #2653978 for Review #2653977 Image #2653979 for Review #2653977
Love them!!! Perfect gifts
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Everyone I have ordered have been excellent quality. I am giving them as gifts and can't wait to see and hear the excitement when they are opened.
Product: Design Your Own Sandstone Car Coasters (Personalized)
Love my coasters sooo much!!! :)
I was worried that the colors wouldnt be as vibrant because they seemed lighter online but they are very vibrant in person!! Im really happy with everything! It came exactly as I ordered it and the colors are even brighter like I wanted. :)
Product: Design Your Own Sandstone Car Coasters (Personalized)
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