Design Your Own Toilet Seat Decal

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  • Made from a plastic cling material
  • Removable and reusable
  • Adhesive will not leave residue
  • Two sizes: Round (13.5" X 12") and Elongated (15" X 12.5")
  • Customization displayed across entire decal
  • Easy to apply
  • Made for you in the USA
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What is "Design Your Own"?

At, YOU are in the driver's seat. You "Design Your Own" by selecting various designs elements to create your very own masterpiece. You do not need your own expensive design software or even design elements such as patterns and graphics - we have it all free for YOU to use. All you do is select and change from any web connected device.

You can also upload your very own artwork. Take your favorite picture or design and upload it to whichever product you would like to see it on! You want your kids artwork on a mug? You got it! Want your dog's photo on your pillow? You can upload it! Want to add the dog's name to the photo - no problem!

With "Design Your Own" - you start by selecting a layout for your design. We have several different layout styles - select the one you like - don't fret - you can change the layout again at any time during the design process! 

If you chose a layout with content, your next choice is your content style - your choices include text, monogram, name & initial, graphics & text, frames or quotes & sayings. Make your choices and build your design.

With our live preview, you see your selections as you make them. Undo if you don't like your selections. Make changes to layouts, backgrounds / pattern, colors, fonts, ribbons & frames until you have the perfect combination that reflects your personal style!

Product Description

Change the ambiance of any bathroom in your home, without having to buy a new toilet seat, with one of our toilet seat decals! These decorative toilet seat covers are a simple way to add a touch of personality and decor to your bathroom. Customize a few to coordinate with the theme you already have in your bathroom, or create one as an accent piece!

This toilet tattoo decal is made from a plastic cling material and is designed to adhere to the slick surface of the toilet with water. This type of sticker is also removable and will not leave behind an adhesive residue. You can also reuse and reapply it if necessary.

We sell these toilet lid decals in two different shapes to accommodate a wider range of toilet seat shapes. The first shape is our standard, round size, which measures at 13.5 by 12 inches. Our second option is an elongated shape, suited for long toilet seat covers. It measures 15 by 12 inches.

To apply your toilet lid sticker, we advise that you clean your toilet lid beforehand. Spray down the lid of your toilet with water and peel the backing from the toilet decal. Apply the skin to the damp toilet lid and smooth out any air bubbles. Once the decal has dried thoroughly, it will adhere to the lid until you decide to remove it. If you ever need to clean the decal, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and some mild detergent.


  • Made from a plastic cling material
  • Removable and reusable
  • Adhesive will not leave residue
  • Two sizes: Round (13.5" X 12") and Elongated (15" X 12.5")
  • Customization displayed across entire decal
  • Easy to apply
  • Made for you in the USA

Application Instructions:

  • Clean toilet lid beforehand
  • Spray down toilet lid with water
  • Remove backing from decal
  • Press decal to damp seat and smoothen out air bubbles
  • Let dry before moving to allow it to stick properly

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe with damp cloth and mild detergent

Product Specifications

Product ID186689
PatternMultiple Patterns Available
Product TypeToilet Seat Decal / Skin
Product GenderUnisex
Product AudienceAdult
Adhesive TypeStatic Cling
Custom Product TypePrint-and-Cut
Printed Material TypeWhite Static Cling
DimensionsRound (13.5" x 12"), Elongated (15" x 12")
Decal / Sticker TypeToilet Decal
Skin ApplicationToilet Seat Decal / Skin
Design GenderGender Neutral
Design AudienceEveryone
DepartmentHome + Garden

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Looks good
I was concerned it wouldn’t fit or look right on my toilet seat. To my surprise it fit and looks great! I am very happy with the outcome.
Date: Nov 23, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Toilet Seat Decal
Happy Customer
You guys are the best. My product was perfect. You guys were great helping with the design. Plus you guys went above and beyond when Fedex decided to send my package to the wrong address. Will definitely be back in the future !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Nov 11, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Toilet Seat Decal
Flamingo Throne
Looks great! I based this design off of the greatest toilet seat that ever existed. It consisted of embroidered flamingoes standing out over a background similar to what you see at the right, all on a plush vinyl seat. It is not the greatest toilet seat there ever was, no, it is but a tribute. My only criticism with the decal is that I'm not 100% sure I lined this up correctly. It feels like it's a hair's breath off-kilter so some centering guidelines in the design mode would be greatly appreciated going forward.
Date: Oct 06, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Toilet Seat Decal
Beautiful product
Beautiful product. Easy to apply. Not a perfect fit, but workable. Thx!
Date: Sep 25, 2020 Product: Leopard Print Toilet Seat Decal (Personalized)
Toilet Decal
Havent gotten yet! Sure it will be incorrect decal whenever it arrives.
We are sorry that you do not have your product yet, but we can assure you that if you receive the incorrect or defective product we will replace it free of charge
Date: Sep 18, 2020 Product: Lotus Pose Toilet Seat Decal (Personalized)
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