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  • Full color on both sides
  • Bling frame

Product Design Ideas



Sugar Skulls & Flowers Bling Keychain (Personalized)
Five Stars
Awesome product and excellent turn around time!
Reviewer: Denise williams Product: Sugar Skulls & Flowers Bling Keychain (Personalized)
Airplane & Girl Pilot Bling Keychain (Personalized)
OK Product
My partner has just recently started taking flying lessons so I thought this keychain would be a funny, cute little gift. The keychain is a little larger than what I was expecting. The product listing does note the dimensions & admittedly I did not see what the size of the key chain would actually be. It is on the large side to be used comfortably as a keychain.
The frame is quite good but the quality of the personalized print is not so great. The centre section of the keychain shows noticeably faded spots... at a guess I would suggest that possibly a little bit of water got in there, though not sure. Its not especially obvious in a darker/dim room but very obvious under stronger light.
All in all, the keychain is "OK" & given the personalization options, my partner did appreciate the gesture.
Reviewer: Ezmae Product: Airplane & Girl Pilot Bling Keychain (Personalized)
Chic Beach House Bling Keychain
Five Stars
Nice sturdy keychain. I love the colors and it is easy to find in my purse.
Reviewer: iluvqps Product: Chic Beach House Bling Keychain
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