About Us

It is not About Us, it is About You!

Our mission is to empower YOU to express your personal style by designing your own apparel, gifts & decor

Dont just carry a personalized travel mug, pimp out your whole car!

Dont just get a personalized shower curtain, decorate your whole bathroom. We want you to make an impactful statement about you who are!

So how does the magic work? How does YouCustomizeIt work? We combine quality products with awesome design ideas using our leading edge technology to inspire you to reflect your personal style!

Our Products:

Our product sets enable you to really make a statement about who are and reflect your unique personal style in whatever space / environment you choose to do this in.

Decorate your house one room at at time, or even one product at a time. But rest assured when your room is done, it will reflect your personal style because it was designed and put together by YOU.

Our ever growing product sets enable you to not only reflect your personality at home, but on the go as well. We can pimp out your car with all our car accessories , your family with our apparel.

Our Designs Ideas:

Whether you have home decorating design style, or you truly have your own personal style; whether you like your products personalized with your monogram, your name & initial or even a cool graphic or you prefer it plain and simple; our goal here at YouCustomizeIt is to enable YOU to design it YOUR WAY.

Our YouCustomizeIt design and preview system enables YOU to design your products the way you want them.

We want to help spark your imagination, so we showcase a number of "Design Ideas". All these ideas were created using the YouCustomizeIt design system.

Browse our design ideas for inspiration. Find one that is closest to your personal style and customize it to suit your needs. Change the components that dont suit your needs. Every single design element can be customized to suit your need.

If you are a creative person and know exactly what you are looking for, then hop into our system and start designing. You are always welcome to use the design layouts and thousands of design parts that we have already uploaded into our system for you to use or you can upload your own design or photograph.

Contact us if you have something specific in mind, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our Technology:

Our goal is for you to realize YOUR vision. YouCustomizeIt design AND rendering system enables you to do just do.

The YouCustomizeIt design system enables you to design online using your phone, your tablet or your computer.

Our design system is loaded with design parts (sometimes too many to choose from - personality of our designer!), so you can browse through the thousands of patterns, graphics and fonts we have preloaded for you and continue to add to every single day.

Using these design parts, we create layouts to inspire you. We create designs and design layouts and put them on products for you to visualize what they would look like.

The YouCustomizeIt rendering system does a couple of things. First it allows you see and visualize your design changes. Want to see it in red? In Blue? Want a monogram instead on the name & initial? Each change you make is rendered for you, so you can incrementally build your design.

Once you are happy with you design, you can then see what your design will look like on the product that you are purchasing.

No more guessing what something will look like.

Who are we?

YouCustomizeIt is a family owned business. We have been in business since 2003. Our small but very efficient team of employees are here and available to help you Monday through Friday 9 am and 4 pm CST. We pick up the phone (281-816-3285) and we return your calls - promptly!

Our web stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We offer many personalized items that are made just for you. Many of your personalized items are made right here in our production facility and require production time, as well as drying time. Our goal is to get our your personalized items shipped out to you within 3 to 5 business days.