Customizable Design Templates (What Can I Customize?)


The custom bucket tote is our first stunning high end choice. It comes in two sizes, which are both terrific for the gal that needs a little extra room. With two straps, this is a great bag to throw over your shoulder and take with you everywhere. The bucket bag is similar in shape but has a single thick strap that hangs a little bit lower off the shoulder. Again, perfect for a lady carrying all the necessities. The crossbody bag is a much slimmer, but still high quality choice. It comes in two sizes that are both great for a traveling girl. These are a great choice for when you only need the essentials and don't want a lot of bulk. Our hobo purse is perfect for any lady who needs a lot of extra room. This bag is very spacious and is great for a book bag, work bag, or overnight bag. The classic tote is another fabulous choice that is more hand bag style, but you can still throw it on your shoulder. It has a rectangular shaped body with two thick black leather straps and is a great everyday bag that has an interior divider for the girl who likes to stay organized. Our diaper bag is the most stylish one you ever did see. It is large, has a changing pad, and can be turned into an everyday tote bag after baby grows up! 

Here at You Customize It we want you to have exactly what you want. Now that you've picked a bag, you get to pick the design! How fun is that?! If you're still unsure of which base style is best for you, be sure to refer to their individual and more detailed descriptions. You also may be looking for a nice leather wallet! Be sure to stop by our Ladies' Wallets section to see all the other choices from wrist wallets to small framed wallets.