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Design Your Own Personalized Tissue Box Covers

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  • Fits 6" x 6" square tissue boxes
  • 2 Pieces - Base Piece & Top Cover Piece
  • Ridges on side to ensure top and base are secure
  • 4 non-slip pads on bottom
  • Inserts printed on premium gloss media
  • Vibrant, colorful design

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Polka Dots Tissue Box Cover (Personalized)
Tissue Box cover Image #2158055 for Review #2158054
I absolutely love this. The design goes with my daughter’s decor perfectly. Very well done. Arrived sooner than expected.
Reviewer: Beverly Luken Product: Polka Dots Tissue Box Cover (Personalized)
Purple Damask & Dots Tissue Box Cover (Personalized)
Perfect Image #2150115 for Review #2150114
Exactly what we wanted and came on time!
Reviewer: M Heller Product: Purple Damask & Dots Tissue Box Cover (Personalized)
Chevron Tissue Box Cover (Personalized)
Color off
I was so excited to find this site. I ordered a customized Extra long shower curtain through another company and was hoping I found a Kleenex box and tras can the would match it. The greys were not the same. Disappointed.
Reviewer: Twyla Jackson Product: Chevron Tissue Box Cover (Personalized)
Graffiti Tissue Box Cover (Personalized)
RAMIREZ Image #2097740 for Review #2097739
It is very cute it will go great in my 10 year old daughter's room..:) Very Happy!
Reviewer: Shelley Ramirez Product: Graffiti Tissue Box Cover (Personalized)
Water Lilies by Claude Monet Tissue Box Cover
Stunning and functional! Image #2064650 for Review #2064649
Easy to use, durable and so, so pretty! My Monet water lilies bathroom theme is now complete!
Reviewer: Margery Pearl Product: Water Lilies by Claude Monet Tissue Box Cover
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