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Design Your Own Personalized Graphic Decals - Custom Sized

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  • Available in multiple graphics, fonts, designs, patterns & colors
  • Option to create custom size to fit your space
  • Easily Remove-able from smooth surfaces
  • May be applied to many other surfaces such as metal, painted and wood furniture, doors, windows, mirrors and glass.

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Design Your Own Graphic Decal - Custom Sized (Personalized)
Looks Great Image #2164233 for Review #2164232
I really like how it looked but wished it had instructions how to apply. The reason I say that is because I wasn’t sure if the letters came off the sticky paper or not because when I was peeling it off the paper some of the letters would stay on the non adhesive paper but I didn’t want to take my chances and tried hard to keep it on the adhesive side. Other than that it looked great I really like how it looks.
Reviewer: Mrs. Madueno Product: Design Your Own Graphic Decal - Custom Sized (Personalized)
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