Most other places won't let you fully customize your wording. I'm glad you guys do. I'll be back for sure.
Reviewer: Rainey Manning
I’ve ordered a luggage handle wrap and LOVE that I can design it exactly how I pictured it in my mind! So happy i found this website
Reviewer: Tyler Hernandez
I have loved everything I have gotten from you. The people I have bought for, as gifts, have loved the products as well. The customer service is superb. They are always very attentive to any question I have had in the past and extremely polite. You hire good people!!!
Reviewer: Mary Ross Bonds

Recent Reviews

The design tool was challenging to use. I couldn't completely finalize design (mostly the font and the size) I desired.
Reviewer: Andre LaliasDate: Feb 28, 2019
Reviewer: Mary BelcherDate: Feb 26, 2019
This is an awesome cite. I was so excited to find it. I'm sure I will be checking back for other merchandise. Thank you.
Reviewer: Madonna BischoffDate: Feb 25, 2019
good job
Reviewer: James CunninghamDate: Feb 24, 2019
Great site and design tool.
Reviewer: Douglas DevoreDate: Feb 23, 2019
Great help with on line order, couldn’t have done it without her
Reviewer: Valerie RussellDate: Feb 21, 2019
Very pleased with the process as well as the product. Will recommend this to others. Had a small bend on the side due to the mail delivery folding the package to fit the mailbox. You might consider a label or some form of identification stating fragile, do not bend. Thanks
Your feedback has been passed along to our shipping department
Reviewer: Terry ComerDate: Feb 20, 2019
I am a new client and very impressed by the customer service! Thus far, I am beyond thrilled with the quick and efficient response to my questions. If this is an example of their pride and care, I can’t wait to receive my order.
Reviewer: Janet Wright AvilaDate: Feb 19, 2019
I am so pleased with the soft blanket. I know my little granddaughter Alice will love it!
Reviewer: Bernie TackettDate: Feb 18, 2019
I am quite pleased with not only the plastic kid mugs but the acrylic mugs as well. A design for everyone. Love them
Reviewer: Virginia FriendDate: Feb 13, 2019
Truly love my customized coasters! The design and colors are a perfect match for the decor I'm striving to achieve. Will definitely order again.
Reviewer: Elaina Rizak-GrahamDate: Feb 13, 2019
It took me a bit to figure out how to find all of the theme choices and to navigate all of the choices in general. Once I figured it out, I had no problems.
Reviewer: Lisa CohenDate: Feb 13, 2019
Image #2204836 for Review #2204835Image #2204837 for Review #2204835
The tissue box cover is exactly what I wanted, and at a reasonable price! I couldnt find one in yellow so I tried the do it yourself approach, and it turned out fantastic. The box is sturdy, well made and has rubber pads on the bottom. Also, I received the product in just a couple of days. I would recommend youcustomizeit as a great way to go!! PS...........I love the color, too.
Reviewer: Gail GaleDate: Feb 12, 2019
I was amazed to find this website. Designing my own products with my own logo was easy! When I actually receive the product I hope to update.
Reviewer: Christine MenardDate: Feb 07, 2019
I am very upset, because I tried to send this gift to my husband in Atlanta Georgia. My Billing address is here in new york and now it looks like my order will be coming to New York instead of Atlanta Georgia.
Our customer service team will be in contact with you to change the shipping address on your order
Reviewer: JUANA ALVAREZDate: Feb 06, 2019
It was so easy to navigate the product I wanted. To be able to design it myself was even better.
Reviewer: Bea CamachoDate: Feb 06, 2019
I am very happy with the iron on transfers that I designed (with your help) and ordered. They arrived in a very timely manner...much sooner than promised. I have put them on the fabric I had purchased and they applied very easily and look great. I have not finished my project yet and hopefully the rest of it goes as well. Thank you. I will definitely recommend your company.
Reviewer: Sharon TrentiniDate: Feb 04, 2019
This is a second larger mat we are ordering love the 1st one we got just too small where we have it already found perfect place for it and looking for to the new one we are getting to put in its place. Very happy we product. Thank you.
Reviewer: Jon GebhardtDate: Feb 04, 2019
I ordered the seat covers on 12/17/18 as a Christmas present from my husband. There was a issue with the mailing location, which was my fault. I received a phone call and this was corrected just before or right after Christmas. I was told at that time that due to the order having been put on hold until the issue was resolved that I could look to received the covers by about Jan. 10, 2019. I was totally ok with the new expected date. Then I had to e-mail on Jan26, 2019 asking about the item, followed by a phone call a few days later before I was ever able to get anymore information on the seat covers. I then sent a second email asking for either a tracking number or a refund due to not having received the information in a timely fashion. In response to the last email I sent, I was provided with a tracking number and delivery date. The seat covers were delivered on the delivery date I was give and I'm very happy with them. If not for the breakdown in communication I would have been totally happy with my purchasing experience.
Thank you for your feedback, we are making some changes to our customer services processes to specifically address issues like this and make sure our customers are always kept up to date with the status of their order
Reviewer: Denitia PanellDate: Feb 03, 2019
Insane fun customizing my item! Spent over an hour choosing font, text, ribbons, backgrounds and more. Just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks
Reviewer: Paul MorrowDate: Feb 03, 2019
Reviewer: VIRGINIA OLIVERDate: Feb 03, 2019
The design program was very easy and understandable to use. There where a wide variety of choices.
Reviewer: Vicki MurrayDate: Jan 31, 2019
I love my items I purchased!
Reviewer: Jordan speidelDate: Jan 30, 2019
Image #2190495 for Review #2190494
Very good product can't wait to use it for softball games and tournaments. Very soft blanket
Reviewer: Valerie EsquibelDate: Jan 30, 2019
Image #2189934 for Review #2189933
Adorable little boho bandana!! Thanks for speedy shipment too! Very pleased!
Reviewer: Debra TurnerDate: Jan 29, 2019
Very pleased. Thank you!!
Reviewer: Suzanne SheafferDate: Jan 29, 2019
I loved being able to design this myself; however, the entire tissue box was only supposed to have two colors, which are RED and WHITE. No matter how many times I went back and redid the order everytime I would get to the final description, it would say the colors were RED, WHITE and LAVENDER. I DID NOT pick Lavender at any time and want the box to JUST have two colors - RED AND WHITE. THANK YOU
In your design, the top of the tissue box was still the default lavender. We have already fixed it for you.
Reviewer: Cherry L BrewerDate: Jan 27, 2019
Looking at the final image, it appears that a lot of the letters and symbols chosen are sort of indistinct and running together. I hope that this is not the case in the final product. I will then increase my rating.
We looked at your artwork and you had white text with a white outline. We went ahead and fixed it for you
Reviewer: Michael ReubenDate: Jan 26, 2019
It was so easy to find what I was looking for. I found the perfect design. I had fun with the customization of making my plate.
Reviewer: Sandra DeckardDate: Jan 25, 2019
Very satisfied with product
Reviewer: Kristy BrewerDate: Jan 23, 2019
Easy website; quick shipping - very satisfied!
Reviewer: Jill SchmidtDate: Jan 23, 2019
Reviewer: Natercia CardinaleDate: Jan 22, 2019
Image #2182360 for Review #2182359
All my products are wonderful. The color is great and they look just how I designed them. I couldn’t be happier with them. Just what I wanted.
Reviewer: Valerie RobertsDate: Jan 21, 2019
Love my products!! Will definitely be ordering more stuff!!
Reviewer: Shahira GolidayDate: Jan 20, 2019
I love ordering from you. It is fun designing stuff yourself and you make it quite easy to do so. I have ordered from you before so I was wondering if there was anyway you could print out my previous orders because I can't remember who all I have bought mouse pads for and do not want to duplicate. If it is possible to do this, please email me with the information. Many thanks.
We are adding an account system to the website shortly which will allow you to look up all past orders you have placed
Reviewer: Mary Ross R BondsDate: Jan 18, 2019
Operators were awesome to help me design a baby blanket, so many options to choose from! You have a customer for life!
Reviewer: Debby siegristDate: Jan 18, 2019
Looks good is a birthday gift for granddaughter So have not tried in car
Reviewer: Dodie SchneiderDate: Jan 17, 2019
Image #2176535 for Review #2176534Image #2176536 for Review #2176534Image #2176537 for Review #2176534Image #2176538 for Review #2176534Image #2176539 for Review #2176534Image #2176540 for Review #2176534Image #2176541 for Review #2176534Image #2176542 for Review #2176534
I couldn't be more pleased. Both Ogie and Tracy were most helpful, fast, efficient, and went "above and beyond." in today's business environment, this experience was truly exceptional! Thanks so much and God bless you all!
Reviewer: STEPHEN SMITHDate: Jan 16, 2019
Image #2175487 for Review #2175486
This beautiful platter that was so easy and fun to personalize is a present for a special birthday. I cannot wait to present this gift. Very happy with the platter. I also was so surprises to receive it so fast. I ordered the platter on the 8th of January and received it on the 12th. I recommended this product and company. Thank you.
Reviewer: Darlene HenrichsDate: Jan 15, 2019
Very simple! Done in a few minuted!
Reviewer: Brittany MitchellDate: Jan 15, 2019
Great products and turnaround time!
Reviewer: Megan JichaDate: Jan 14, 2019
Everything good. Thank you
Reviewer: Juvencio Aguilera JrDate: Jan 14, 2019
Image #2174452 for Review #2174451
The flag arrived promptly and the customer service was superb. They replied personally to my inquiry re; how long it would take to receive product. Cant wait to hang it for the event. Already recommended this site to a friend
Reviewer: RDLoryDate: Jan 14, 2019
this is so great. i've been trying to find a flag for my parents and haven't been able to find one that suits them both. being able to do this is great. and you had perfect things to make one. great selection and easy to switch around to find the best combination
Reviewer: Shannon LedBetterDate: Jan 12, 2019
Looking forward to ordering more.
Reviewer: DeniseDate: Jan 11, 2019
This is my third order and I love your service
Reviewer: Charliss Byrd-LittleDate: Jan 11, 2019
Perfect! Got here fast also.
Reviewer: Jeremy HammerDate: Jan 09, 2019
I absolutely LOVE your designs for neoprene oven mitts!!! I found the perfect gift for my daughter and also a group of gals with whom I teach Children's Baking Classes. I am so excited to present them with the gifts at the end of January!!! Your website was extremely easy to navigate - especially for a tech challenged person like me! LOL! Thank you for your awesome company!
Reviewer: Jackie GreccoDate: Jan 08, 2019
Great experience
Reviewer: DianeDate: Jan 08, 2019
Prompt personalized service even during the holiday season. Will order again
Reviewer: Esther BulgerDate: Jan 04, 2019
Great customer service with the online chat. Tracie helped me create the design for my best friends 25th Anniversary cruise.
Reviewer: Beverly EckelberryDate: Jan 04, 2019
Image #2162948 for Review #2162947Image #2162950 for Review #2162949Image #2162952 for Review #2162951
I ordered three items for my daughter and her Jeep Wrangler and she LOVES all three. We will definitely be doing business again! Thank you so much!!
Reviewer: Ann MartinoDate: Jan 04, 2019
Ogie, the custom service rep who helped me today, was fantastic! She spent an exhaustive amount of time with me as I designed one awesome apron for my daughter-in-law. She was so very patient with me and even followed up with a phone call to be sure my design was perfect in every way. What a wonderful experience I had with this company!
Reviewer: Bonne H DouglasDate: Jan 03, 2019
I’ve ordered a luggage handle wrap and LOVE that I can design it exactly how I pictured it in my mind! So happy i found this website
Reviewer: Tyler HernandezDate: Jan 02, 2019
Designing my personalized item was a breeze. Looking at the large variety of options was very helpful.
Reviewer: Marquita PetersDate: Jan 02, 2019
Very easy to design item. Definitely user friendly website. Thank you!
Reviewer: JaNette RickettsDate: Dec 31, 2019
This was my third trivet and each time I was very happy with the product. Designing them was so much fun and this time my daughter and I designed hers together. They make great gifts! Thank you for having such a huge choice of designs. Also it arrived earlier than estimated, which was a pleasant surprise.
Reviewer: Janet PfahlDate: Dec 31, 2019
Can you do no stars? I tried to place an order. I had one address for billing (me - in Connecticut) and another for sending (Alice - in New York) your website scrambled the two addresses and wouldn't allow me to edit it. I deleted and re-tried to order 3 times. The last go-round listed my recipient as both the recipient and the billing party. I called the company and was told to let the order go through with my recipient listed as the billing party. The billing party info (i.e. bill to me) would get edited on the store's end during our phone call. But the problem is, my recipient is going to get an email confirming the order (which was supposed to be a surprise) where she not only will know what the gift will be, but she will know its cost. It's completely ruined the surprise and the fact that she knows the cost of the gift is egregious. The lady on the phone was very understanding, but had no power to undo the damage. There's something badly wrong with this website and it needs to be fixed. Until then I will not be ordering from it again. An amusing side note - when I went to enter this review, it defaulted back to my recipient's name and address. I still actually don't know if she will get the gift since that tells me that things still aren't straightened out.
We are sorry that you had issues with our website, and that you felt our customer service's advice just made things worse. We will be working on improving our checkout process, and we have informed our customer service reps that putting in the recipient for both addresses is an incorrect solution to this problem.
Reviewer: Mary EllroyDate: Dec 28, 2018
Like it says, design your own. Work on it till it's the way you want it. Great
Reviewer: Charles PaavolaDate: Dec 27, 2018
Easy to create, order and received it as it looks online.
Reviewer: ViancaDate: Dec 27, 2018
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