Most other places won't let you fully customize your wording. I'm glad you guys do. I'll be back for sure.
Reviewer: Rainey Manning
I’ve ordered a luggage handle wrap and LOVE that I can design it exactly how I pictured it in my mind! So happy i found this website
Reviewer: Tyler Hernandez
I have loved everything I have gotten from you. The people I have bought for, as gifts, have loved the products as well. The customer service is superb. They are always very attentive to any question I have had in the past and extremely polite. You hire good people!!!
Reviewer: Mary Ross Bonds

Recent Reviews

Image #2445780 for Review #2445779
I am very pleased!
Reviewer: Kathie DissingerDate: Jul 07, 2019
Image #2442568 for Review #2442567Image #2442572 for Review #2442571Image #2442570 for Review #2442569Image #2442574 for Review #2442573
Customer service was implacable!
Reviewer: Angel FlukerDate: Jul 03, 2019
Awesome website I will be back
Reviewer: Barry MooreDate: Jul 01, 2019
I loved the apron and will reorder it. The logo that was placed in the center of the design overlapped the scalloped circle, which I did not like so one of your staff members has fixed it for the re-order.
Reviewer: Tasha PowellDate: Jun 30, 2019
Image #2434284 for Review #2434283Image #2434286 for Review #2434285Image #2434288 for Review #2434287Image #2434290 for Review #2434289
I was very impressed with the quality and speed of shipping
Reviewer: Janet VatavukDate: Jun 24, 2019
Image #2434223 for Review #2434222
Knowing nothing of the decal printing business I ordered a transfer for a mirror that I really should have given more thought on the design. The following day I was surprised to get a call from a very nice lady explaining they tried to cut the design to the specs I used online, but it was just too small. She emailed me a couple of suggestions to use and I chose one. When I got it at the house it looked better than the one I designed myself. This was for my significant other and she was delighted about it. This unknown lady at YouCustomizeIt made me look good to her, which is a pretty rare thing. Thanks for doing what you do, yall rock!
Reviewer: Randy RusselburgDate: Jun 24, 2019
Reviewer: CorriveauDate: Jun 24, 2019
I was very happy with the service. Although it was kinda difficult to put the text where I wanted it, it was still kinda fun. It was a lot easier to do the picture, the but bad part is it cut off the circle for the neck at the top but they show you what the kept out. Anyway, I ordered it as a gag gift for my friend and when it came I was surprised at the quality it’s better than a regular baby bib. The shipping costs a little bit but that wasn’t a part of my worries. The website said it would ship to us on June 20th but came on June 16th. It lives up to the expectations set by themselves.
Reviewer: Theo KouryDate: Jun 17, 2019
Image #2426647 for Review #2426646
First of all, a real, live person answered my phone call! Thats impressive! Secondly, the gal who answered the phone was, in fact, the very person Id been exchanging emails with! Tracie was SO patient with me and answered my questions, even emailing me a link WHILE WE WERE CHATTING, so I could see a mock-up of my order. Third, my order came lightning fast (from TX to MI)! 3 days from order to receipt of the item! Ive told at least 3 people how happy I am with your company. I would recommend the product 100%.
Reviewer: Debra MonroeDate: Jun 17, 2019
This cup arrived quickly and looked just like the picture
Reviewer: Dawn LindenDate: Jun 11, 2019
Image #2421551 for Review #2421550
The design process was so easy. The only thing was that it took a long time because I played with the almost endless options. It was so much fun and I ended up with a product I LOVE.
Reviewer: Candace PooleDate: Jun 11, 2019
Image #2421145 for Review #2421144
This was exactly what I wanted to get for my sister's 25th wedding anniversary to include with a bottle of wine. I never thought I would be able to design one!! I tell everyone about your site. Great prices and personnel service.
Reviewer: Georgianne CichyDate: Jun 11, 2019
Everything was perfect!
Reviewer: Jeannie LangdonDate: Jun 05, 2019
I had a terrible experience with your design tools. I couldn't get my text to be spread out over the background. In comparison to other design company's like Vista Print, I find their design tools a little easier. Sorry.
We are sorry that you had trouble with our design tools. We are still working out a lot of kinks in the system and we hope to be making significant improvements to our tools soon to make them more user friendly
Reviewer: Karen KrakowskiDate: Jun 04, 2019
Your website is easy to navigate, I was able to design something quickly and I got my order in a very timely manner.
Reviewer: Cynthia Ivonne Caro GarciaDate: Jun 03, 2019
Easy to order and prompt service. Nice quality product.
Reviewer: Earl UtzDate: Jun 03, 2019
Image #2404663 for Review #2404662
When I bought these items, I thought they would be regular cotton mitts and hot pads. I'm not sure if these will work out for me. I will try them out and see if they work out. I love the Van Gogh motif, so I though these would be really cool. The website was easy to navigate through.
Reviewer: Shirley MarcusDate: May 24, 2019
I will order again for sure! Very easy to design your gift. The hardest part is choosing from all the cute options! Fast delivery and the product is even better than I expected!
Reviewer: Shelley DunbarDate: May 20, 2019
Image #2396994 for Review #2396993
This item was a great buy!!
Reviewer: Crystal DearmentDate: May 17, 2019
very easy to find exactly what I was looking for.
Reviewer: cindy stuempfleDate: May 12, 2019
it was easy to pick out a item that i wanted to make this item it came out looking great thank you
Reviewer: william L gaylordDate: May 12, 2019
Image #2387306 for Review #2387305
Excellent service and excellent product. Very impressed
Reviewer: Linda Michelle QuirmbachDate: May 07, 2019
Exactly what I was looking for!
Reviewer: Rachel SpellDate: May 03, 2019
Image #2380654 for Review #2380653Image #2380656 for Review #2380655
Easy process love the iron on. Turned out so cool!
Reviewer: Kelli ruizDate: Apr 30, 2019
Second time designing/purchasing from here. Great experience both times. Quick shipping also! Will definitely continue to design and purchase from this company!
Reviewer: AngieDate: Apr 29, 2019
Great quality merchandise and came faster than originally expected. Would definitely use this company again and recommend them to others!!
Reviewer: Suzanne FinelliDate: Apr 28, 2019
Image #2377211 for Review #2377210
Came as promised and very cute.
Reviewer: Donna TilsnerDate: Apr 25, 2019
Image #2376811 for Review #2376810
The lanyard was perfect. Very easy to design and make changes and looked just like the image on the screen. Would absolutely recommend using YouCustomizeIt.
Reviewer: Teresa M HillDate: Apr 25, 2019
Love the idea. I ordered a hard back journal with me and my daughters picture on the front cover. The journal is to be given to her upon my death. Her face was cut off of the cover. I was disappointed.
We are very sorry that the product did not meet your expectations. We have looked at your design and it showed in the online preview that your picture would be cut off. We will happily remake your product with a different photo if you would like
Reviewer: Joy SartinDate: Apr 24, 2019
Website and design tool was great. The product i recieved was cheaply made and not worth 30 dollars
Oh no! We hate to hear you were not happy with the way your product turned out. You are more than welcome to return it for a refund
Reviewer: Anthony WaltersDate: Apr 24, 2019
Image #2369253 for Review #2369252Image #2369254 for Review #2369252
I bought these for my 16 year old daughters birthday! She lived them. The material is strong and the colors are vibrant. It was a little expensive but I believe they'll last awhile.
Reviewer: Tara KittsDate: Apr 17, 2019
I received oven mitt then received matt I think about 2 weeks later way too long
We are sorry that your order took so long, however all our products are custom printed and some of them take a little longer than others to make
Reviewer: Lisa McNallyDate: Apr 16, 2019
I loved most of the products I got there cute just what I thought I was getting but 2 of them had poor placement of things and it was really upsetting.
We are so sorry you were not happy with the way some of your products came out. Our customer care team will be contacting you to make this right.
Reviewer: Abigail fickeraDate: Apr 15, 2019
Absolutely perfect and extremely easy to use
Reviewer: Chris MI BallingDate: Apr 10, 2019
No issues whatsoever
Reviewer: Carolyn LukralleDate: Apr 10, 2019
Very pleased
Reviewer: M. ColemanDate: Apr 09, 2019
Everything looks great. Great service
Reviewer: MarthaDate: Apr 09, 2019
5 Star
Reviewer: Dennis R LambertDate: Apr 09, 2019
So many designs that was little hard to customize it but I not a computer expert. It was so fun to design it and so many designs that was hard to find choose one.
Reviewer: Gilda V TurellDate: Apr 08, 2019
I am so happy to find a place online that will allow me to design a license plate frame for a great friend. I got what I wanted in my design, but the site was a little frustrating when you wanted to find graphics, add elements to your design and edit. I finally got the design and product I wanted, but it took me some time to get the design the way I wanted. Thank you.
Reviewer: Billie OvnicekDate: Apr 06, 2019
First time ever used ,pretty easy and the price is awesome ,you will be seeing more of me thank you for this wonderful easy to use experience, I will be telling my friends about it....
Reviewer: Carol VasquezDate: Apr 04, 2019
I'll start off by saying the products I ordered looked so good! It was easy to find a product I want and look through the different patterns. The only thing I struggled with, and is the reason I knocked a star, was the designing part was hard to navigate. I spent awhile trying to figure it out and starting over on a design until I finally got the hang of it. Other than that I enjoyed the complete customization and will be back!
Reviewer: AbbeyDate: Apr 02, 2019
Image #2354089 for Review #2354088
Not going to lie, I thought this had a chance of being a scam since it was a Facebook ad. But I am EXTREMELY pleased with the products I ordered as a gift. I ordered these and a matching steering wheel cover. They shipped quickly and nothing was damaged. I would totally recommend this site and plan on using it again in the future!
Reviewer: AbbeyDate: Apr 02, 2019
This website is awesome! I am so happy I found it.
Reviewer: Ada SwainDate: Mar 31, 2019
I have loved everything I have gotten from you. The people I have bought for, as gifts, have loved the products as well. The customer service is superb. They are always very attentive to any question I have had in the past and extremely polite. You hire good people!!!
Reviewer: Mary Ross BondsDate: Mar 31, 2019
Reviewer: Chrissy CooperDate: Mar 31, 2019
Site was user friendly to figure out and navigate!!
Reviewer: Carolyn LukralleDate: Mar 30, 2019
Not sure yet. Haven't received product yet. The design process was great. Hope my order comes soon. Will update feedback after order received.
Reviewer: Michael GaillardDate: Mar 29, 2019
Easy to design
Reviewer: Karen SpitznogleDate: Mar 27, 2019
It was easy to find the product I wanted. It was somewhat easy to find design I needed. It was mostly fun to customize:) I was able to find personalization options (Some had too many options other not quite enough:) It would be easier to make a design if I could see my design on all the layouts. Also simplier names for making words, frames and such, bigger or small or move them up and down or sideways.
Reviewer: I. L.Date: Mar 27, 2019
This was fun. I'm a 77-year old and didn't expect it to be so easy.
Reviewer: Karen CarsonDate: Mar 24, 2019
Most other places won't let you fully customize your wording. I'm glad you guys do. I'll be back for sure.
Reviewer: Rainey ManningDate: Mar 20, 2019
We love these glasses!! They look amazing, and are of very high quality! In addition, they came many days early; I wasn't expecting them until the end of March!
Reviewer: Kristi casonDate: Mar 20, 2019
The design tools are very user-friendly. Tons of designs, patterns.
Reviewer: Karlene GliemDate: Mar 19, 2019
The label was put on my bottle unevenly but its still pretty
Reviewer: Caroline WilsonDate: Mar 18, 2019
The most awesome website ever! Incredible options and prices! A bit difficult to figure out how to use tools in the beginning but I was using the phone might be easier on the computer. Still I figured it out and very pleased. Thank you so much!
Reviewer: I. L.Date: Mar 12, 2019
I am excited to receive my purchase. I had some difficulty with the design process but was helped through chat and once I explained what I wanted the design changes were made for me. Very easy and customer service was great. I am using the design for a personalized memory quilt I am creating and believe this is exactly what I have been looking for.
Reviewer: Linda LaubaughDate: Mar 08, 2019
You make it very easy to fine the products wanted and it is fun designing your own product. This makes it truly a one of a kind.
Reviewer: Madonna BischoffDate: Mar 07, 2019
Image #2238394 for Review #2238393
Loved the product selections, designs, and the design tool was amazing! I made the curtain from the design library but I could have used more options. I was able to make it work. You could work on description of the quality of each product better. I almost didn't order the towels because of it but glad I did!
Your bathroom looks amazing
Reviewer: Lori BrownDate: Mar 06, 2019
this was a great way to make a nice bday present
Reviewer: Tracey JohnsonDate: Mar 06, 2019
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