Most other places won't let you fully customize your wording. I'm glad you guys do. I'll be back for sure.
Reviewer: Rainey Manning
I’ve ordered a luggage handle wrap and LOVE that I can design it exactly how I pictured it in my mind! So happy i found this website
Reviewer: Tyler Hernandez
I have loved everything I have gotten from you. The people I have bought for, as gifts, have loved the products as well. The customer service is superb. They are always very attentive to any question I have had in the past and extremely polite. You hire good people!!!
Reviewer: Mary Ross Bonds

Recent Reviews

Image #2738119 for Review #2738118
I could not figure out how to order a product without the personalization so I called customer service and they were very helpful and walked me through the process on my computer. I was able to get the exact product I wanted and I love it!
Reviewer: Debra J LubranoDate: Dec 11, 2019
Image #2737816 for Review #2737815
I called in the order. The lady to whom I spoke was very courteous and helpful. The products I ordered are exactly as pictured. I am very pleased with these unique and creative products.
Reviewer: Linda BennettDate: Dec 11, 2019
Image #2737705 for Review #2737704Image #2737706 for Review #2737704Image #2737707 for Review #2737704Image #2737708 for Review #2737704
It was easy to use
Reviewer: Bethany HegeDate: Dec 11, 2019
I'm not particularly computer savvy, but I did manage to complete all items required to make a successful cutting board, oven mitts, hand towels. It was relatively simple.
Reviewer: Marian BrownDate: Dec 11, 2019
I am very satisfied with the customized binder. It is beautiful and I received it very quickly.
Reviewer: Kenna SwanerDate: Dec 10, 2019
Excellent website to customize!
Reviewer: Karin LangereisDate: Dec 10, 2019
Ordered blank Zebra print/permanent adhesive. Shipping was very quick. Thanks.
Reviewer: D DayDate: Dec 10, 2019
Great customer service and quick delivery
Reviewer: Marla whiteDate: Dec 10, 2019
The site is great! Love all the choices for the design. Unless I missed it, I would like an option to change the handle side. Thank you for being reasonable priced!
We don't have a direct option to choose the handle side but we are working on it. Our system is very capable of changing the handle side or many other things, for any questions like this, please contact customer care and we would be happy to help to customize your order!
Reviewer: Amy CorlissDate: Dec 09, 2019
Image #2731109 for Review #2731108
Easy to navigate and use.
Reviewer: Wendy LaserDate: Dec 09, 2019
Yes, I love that I was able to get the Van Gogh painting on the apron.
Reviewer: Edwina GowerDate: Dec 08, 2019
Image #2728672 for Review #2728671
The design was cute and the ability to customize the fonts was nice. The overall design and feel of the product was exactly what I was looking for.
Reviewer: Emerson RiceDate: Dec 08, 2019
Absolutely love the items I ordered thank you
Reviewer: Lorraine OchoaDate: Dec 08, 2019
Surprisingly fast shipping, great look, as ordered.
Reviewer: Zamanbi IrugovDate: Nov 30, 2019
Website was very user friendly. I love the Ornament!! Came out great.
Reviewer: Frances HortonDate: Nov 30, 2019
You did great! Thank you...
Reviewer: Patty JerotheDate: Nov 29, 2019
The order process was easy! Even with me wanting to upload my own image!!
Reviewer: Shaka SmithDate: Nov 27, 2019
Image #2699141 for Review #2699140Image #2699142 for Review #2699140
THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF. The product was even better than expected. When I hit a snag with my design, Ogie McDonald was fantastic in coming up with a design for me and helping me until I was totally satisfied.
Reviewer: Lou Anne PriddyDate: Nov 26, 2019
Nice cup
Reviewer: bonnie fishDate: Nov 26, 2019
Image #2696272 for Review #2696271
I had originally placed an order on Nov. 7th for my design on some oven mitts for an annual family cookie baking event. The next morning I received a call from Ogie at You Customize It, calling the let me know that the recipe in my design probably wouldn't be legible on the oven mitts, and she suggested that I try to darken the print in the recipe. She also suggested a pot holder rather than the mitts because the shape might work better for my design. She sent me a link to my design so I could modify it, and told me to get back to her when I finished editing. I worked on the design over the weekend, and then I found the glass plates and decided to do those instead. I contacted Ogie on Monday (11/11) and asked her to cancel my oven mitt order and told her I'd like to order the plates instead. I received the plates only 4 days later. There was a problem with the way some of the plates turned out, so I contacted Ogie, and she had the plates reprinted for me. I already received the new plates today, and they turned out absolutely beautiful! Thanks to Ogie and her excellent customer service, I ended up with a much nicer gift for my family cookie bakers, and I received them in plenty of time, even with a complete change in my order and a replacement order. I will definitely shop You Customize It again! Thank you SO MUCH Ogie, I love my plates!
Reviewer: SandyDate: Nov 25, 2019
I loved all the choices. Had a hard time picking the type of initials I wanted!
Reviewer: Karen AlfordDate: Nov 25, 2019
Design was great. I will be changing out the connector you provided with the tag. I'm afraid it will fall off.
Reviewer: Valerie SaulinoDate: Nov 20, 2019
Image #2683757 for Review #2683756Image #2683759 for Review #2683758
Great website to personalize special gifts!
Reviewer: Virginia McDermottDate: Nov 20, 2019
Liked the product wanted the trashcan to be two sided could not figure out the website well enough to get it done.
Reviewer: susanne dillonDate: Nov 19, 2019
Arrived super fast. Great quality. Will order again.
Reviewer: Lisa ChavisDate: Nov 19, 2019
Easily a 5 star experience except that the printing on the item was smeared somewhere in the process. However when I called to discuss the issue with the customer service rep, it was quickly taken care of and she even suggested a welcome change to the printing. Customer service was excellent and the corkscrew arrived today and is an perfect gift and priced just right. Thank you for standing by your product and hiring such efficient employees! I’m pleased to do business with your company.
Reviewer: Denise Brown-KahneyDate: Nov 18, 2019
Image #2669189 for Review #2669188Image #2669187 for Review #2669186
Great product and very easy to personalize!
Reviewer: LeeDate: Nov 14, 2019
Image #2665253 for Review #2665252Image #2665255 for Review #2665254
Reviewer: W.S. GARNETT SRDate: Nov 12, 2019
The design process was really simple online! I even used my mobile device and had no issues! :)
Reviewer: S NDate: Nov 11, 2019
Image #2661012 for Review #2661011Image #2661006 for Review #2661005Image #2661009 for Review #2661008
It was easy and fun to play with the colors,size and patterns!I look forward to shopping again!! Would be nice to get more coupon codes for future orders!!Thank you!! I'm glad I found your web site!!
Reviewer: Karen S. Cook BroganDate: Nov 10, 2019
Very satisfied
Reviewer: Yolanda MitchellDate: Nov 06, 2019
Image #2652538 for Review #2652537Image #2652540 for Review #2652539Image #2652542 for Review #2652541Image #2652544 for Review #2652543Image #2652546 for Review #2652545
Love these products done as ordered. Please let me know if you add laundry baskets
Reviewer: Susan KimbleDate: Nov 05, 2019
Image #2651913 for Review #2651912
Knew what I wanted, customer chat cheerfully stayed on line with with me for a good 25 minutes to get this personalized Christmas ornament JUST RIGHT. Arrived within days; good people!
Reviewer: Cheryl BennettDate: Nov 05, 2019
Nailed it !!!!!
Reviewer: Barbara ToplynDate: Nov 03, 2019
Image #2643727 for Review #2643726
We loved our final product! I needed a quick turnaround and the team called me to confirm the order would arrive on time and it did!
Reviewer: Leslie O'BrienDate: Oct 30, 2019
Image #2643407 for Review #2643406
Absolutely beautiful - everything I'd hoped. This set arrived on time and safely. It was very well packaged. It's the second time I've ordered from "You Customize It", so I knew I'd be happy. The products are sturdy and very well made, and the choices are many and varied, so it's easy to create something unique. I can't wait to send this off to my little grandson for Christmas. I'm sure he and his parents will be as pleased as I am. His sister was the recipient of my first purchase a couple of years ago - Ladybugs! Many thanks all who had a hand in putting my order together.
Reviewer: Lynn EllsworthDate: Oct 30, 2019
The website was easy to maneuver and I found everything that I was looking for.
Reviewer: FinnDate: Oct 29, 2019
My 5 year old granddaughter selected this design from the many you have on your website - and she said it was a difficult choice because she liked so many of them. The cup arrived very quickly and is tucked away - to be given to her for St. Nick's or Christmas. The pattern on the mug is very well done & her name looks very nice in the font that I chose.
Reviewer: Susan R JaeckelDate: Oct 29, 2019
Great designs
Reviewer: Leif duBoisDate: Oct 27, 2019
First, I am a senior (75) I had a slight problem this time ordering. But I attributed attempting it to using my iPhone. So I used my computer, it was better to maneuver plus I went to a different web site. I I lucked up on the leopard design. I was looking for African or ethic design and found the selection limited. The animal print classic and could be included in that selection as well. I love the personalized initial it gave it a classy flair, using my first name was sooo me.🥰 The super fast delivery was great, because I have no patience. So please & excited. Excited I found CUSTOMIZEIT! LOVE MY LABELS. 👏🏾❤️👍🏽
Reviewer: Janet HarveyDate: Oct 23, 2019
Nice product. Unique. Priced reasonably. Quick delivery.
Reviewer: David HigbeeDate: Oct 22, 2019
Image #2629199 for Review #2629198Image #2629200 for Review #2629198Image #2629201 for Review #2629198Image #2629202 for Review #2629198
Love the look the size and the colors These will make awesome Christmas gifts
Reviewer: Sherry PappasDate: Oct 20, 2019
Image #2626089 for Review #2626088Image #2626090 for Review #2626088
They came out beautiful. Easy to apply. My only complaint is that the "s" where the fish tail is close to, it looks like there is an error in the printing process because every single one of the 6 that I ordered, had colors from the fish bleed into the s. This was noticed right when I opened the package so it is not from the Ironing process. It is annoying and makes the piece look poorly done, which is unfortunate because I spent a lot of money on them and did not expect them to be poorly printed.
I am very sorry about the production issue with you order. We work diligently to ensure everything we make here at YouCustomizeIt is of the upmost quality but sometimes mistakes slip through, so that is why we have our Love it, or Return it policy. Please contact customer service and we will be happy to replace your item or refund your order.
Reviewer: IrinaDate: Oct 17, 2019
Our flag looks great! I chatted with someone to help me with the borders on my flag and they were very helpful! This helpful employee was the reason I got the flag from your company!
Reviewer: John BeahmDate: Oct 14, 2019
I like the design but I missed how big the trash can was. It was smaller that I thought it would be.
Reviewer: Chad NutterDate: Oct 14, 2019
Image #2619595 for Review #2619594Image #2619593 for Review #2619592
Looked great and delivered quickly.
Reviewer: R. MahoneyDate: Oct 14, 2019
Image #2618783 for Review #2618782Image #2618785 for Review #2618784Image #2618787 for Review #2618786Image #2618789 for Review #2618788
I' definitely be ordering from you again. Great product, lots to choose from and quick delivery. THANK YOU!
Reviewer: Beatrice FrazilDate: Oct 13, 2019
Image #2618287 for Review #2618286
The overall website was okay. The Design Library was a bit confusing to use. I just wanted to upload my own image, and that option was tricky to use. I finally figured out how to create an even narrow boarder around my image. Once that was accomplished, the rest of the process was easy.
Reviewer: Jay DucharmeDate: Oct 13, 2019
Image #2617336 for Review #2617335Image #2617338 for Review #2617337
Just be careful to send the correct instructions
Reviewer: Cheryl GeimerDate: Oct 12, 2019
Image #2613605 for Review #2613604Image #2613609 for Review #2613608Image #2613611 for Review #2613610Image #2613607 for Review #2613606
Very fast delivery!
Reviewer: Crystal MyersDate: Oct 11, 2019
Received quicker than I expected. Very pleased with the design, overall look. Thank you,
Reviewer: Robert M. MotleyDate: Oct 08, 2019
The mat was a big hit!!!
Reviewer: Christy SpenceDate: Oct 08, 2019
Very simple to design and the results were awesome.
Reviewer: Betty WoodwardDate: Oct 08, 2019
I found the product selection easy to navigate and the ability to upload an image I created on photoshop made ordering from here quick and easy. I also liked the fact that you could change the size of the image on the flag. If you wanted it centered and smaller or to cover all of the fabric which is great to have that choice. Overall a great experience and will recommend this site to others. The flag turned out perfect and is high quality. No issues here at all. I will most likely be ordering from here again.
Reviewer: sandra burdziakDate: Oct 01, 2019
Great Service and Product
Reviewer: Joseph R JumpDate: Sep 30, 2019
Image #2593003 for Review #2593002Image #2593005 for Review #2593004Image #2593007 for Review #2593006Image #2593011 for Review #2593010
Overall loved all the products! It is a little pricey but I can understand why. Just was upset about the upside down sticker but it was fixable at home. Shipping came super fast too!
Reviewer: Ashley ZinkDate: Sep 29, 2019
Image #2592011 for Review #2592010Image #2592012 for Review #2592010
Very user friendly website. Enjoyed designing my items. Good selection of designs and fonts. Won't hesitate to order again.
Reviewer: Arlene LusterDate: Sep 29, 2019
I am very sorry that you did not receive your order. We have reshipped the order to you.
Reviewer: Roberta ParrottDate: Sep 28, 2019
Image #2584134 for Review #2584133
Beautiful!! Fast service, quality, super soft, beautiful print. Super happy!!!
Reviewer: ChristyDate: Sep 24, 2019
Image #2583862 for Review #2583861Image #2583864 for Review #2583863Image #2583867 for Review #2583866Image #2583868 for Review #2583866Image #2583869 for Review #2583866Image #2583870 for Review #2583866Image #2583871 for Review #2583866
System is easily navigated. A lot of design choices if you don't want to create your own. A wonderful product selection. I have enjoyed everything I purchased so far. I have another 2 orders coming.
Reviewer: Mary KempDate: Sep 24, 2019
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