It was so easy to find what I was looking for. I found the perfect design. I had fun with the customization of making my plate.
Reviewer: Sandra DeckardDate: Jan 25, 2019
Very satisfied with product
Reviewer: Kristy BrewerDate: Jan 23, 2019
Easy website; quick shipping - very satisfied!
Reviewer: Jill SchmidtDate: Jan 23, 2019
Reviewer: Natercia CardinaleDate: Jan 22, 2019
Image #2182360 for Review #2182359
All my products are wonderful. The color is great and they look just how I designed them. I couldn’t be happier with them. Just what I wanted.
Reviewer: Valerie RobertsDate: Jan 21, 2019
Love my products!! Will definitely be ordering more stuff!!
Reviewer: Shahira GolidayDate: Jan 20, 2019
I love ordering from you. It is fun designing stuff yourself and you make it quite easy to do so. I have ordered from you before so I was wondering if there was anyway you could print out my previous orders because I can't remember who all I have bought mouse pads for and do not want to duplicate. If it is possible to do this, please email me with the information. Many thanks.
We are adding an account system to the website shortly which will allow you to look up all past orders you have placed
Reviewer: Mary Ross R BondsDate: Jan 18, 2019
Operators were awesome to help me design a baby blanket, so many options to choose from! You have a customer for life!
Reviewer: Debby siegristDate: Jan 18, 2019
Looks good is a birthday gift for granddaughter So have not tried in car
Reviewer: Dodie SchneiderDate: Jan 17, 2019
Image #2176535 for Review #2176534Image #2176536 for Review #2176534Image #2176537 for Review #2176534Image #2176538 for Review #2176534Image #2176539 for Review #2176534Image #2176540 for Review #2176534Image #2176541 for Review #2176534Image #2176542 for Review #2176534
I couldn't be more pleased. Both Ogie and Tracy were most helpful, fast, efficient, and went "above and beyond." in today's business environment, this experience was truly exceptional! Thanks so much and God bless you all!
Reviewer: STEPHEN SMITHDate: Jan 16, 2019
Image #2175487 for Review #2175486
This beautiful platter that was so easy and fun to personalize is a present for a special birthday. I cannot wait to present this gift. Very happy with the platter. I also was so surprises to receive it so fast. I ordered the platter on the 8th of January and received it on the 12th. I recommended this product and company. Thank you.
Reviewer: Darlene HenrichsDate: Jan 15, 2019
Very simple! Done in a few minuted!
Reviewer: Brittany MitchellDate: Jan 15, 2019
Great products and turnaround time!
Reviewer: Megan JichaDate: Jan 14, 2019
Everything good. Thank you
Reviewer: Juvencio Aguilera JrDate: Jan 14, 2019
Image #2174452 for Review #2174451
The flag arrived promptly and the customer service was superb. They replied personally to my inquiry re; how long it would take to receive product. Cant wait to hang it for the event. Already recommended this site to a friend
Reviewer: RDLoryDate: Jan 14, 2019
this is so great. i've been trying to find a flag for my parents and haven't been able to find one that suits them both. being able to do this is great. and you had perfect things to make one. great selection and easy to switch around to find the best combination
Reviewer: Shannon LedBetterDate: Jan 12, 2019
Looking forward to ordering more.
Reviewer: DeniseDate: Jan 11, 2019
This is my third order and I love your service
Reviewer: Charliss Byrd-LittleDate: Jan 11, 2019
Perfect! Got here fast also.
Reviewer: Jeremy HammerDate: Jan 09, 2019
I absolutely LOVE your designs for neoprene oven mitts!!! I found the perfect gift for my daughter and also a group of gals with whom I teach Children's Baking Classes. I am so excited to present them with the gifts at the end of January!!! Your website was extremely easy to navigate - especially for a tech challenged person like me! LOL! Thank you for your awesome company!
Reviewer: Jackie GreccoDate: Jan 08, 2019
Great experience
Reviewer: DianeDate: Jan 08, 2019
Prompt personalized service even during the holiday season. Will order again
Reviewer: Esther BulgerDate: Jan 04, 2019
Great customer service with the online chat. Tracie helped me create the design for my best friends 25th Anniversary cruise.
Reviewer: Beverly EckelberryDate: Jan 04, 2019
Image #2162948 for Review #2162947Image #2162950 for Review #2162949Image #2162952 for Review #2162951
I ordered three items for my daughter and her Jeep Wrangler and she LOVES all three. We will definitely be doing business again! Thank you so much!!
Reviewer: Ann MartinoDate: Jan 04, 2019
Ogie, the custom service rep who helped me today, was fantastic! She spent an exhaustive amount of time with me as I designed one awesome apron for my daughter-in-law. She was so very patient with me and even followed up with a phone call to be sure my design was perfect in every way. What a wonderful experience I had with this company!
Reviewer: Bonne H DouglasDate: Jan 03, 2019
I’ve ordered a luggage handle wrap and LOVE that I can design it exactly how I pictured it in my mind! So happy i found this website
Reviewer: Tyler HernandezDate: Jan 02, 2019
Designing my personalized item was a breeze. Looking at the large variety of options was very helpful.
Reviewer: Marquita PetersDate: Jan 02, 2019
Very easy to design item. Definitely user friendly website. Thank you!
Reviewer: JaNette RickettsDate: Dec 31, 2019
This was my third trivet and each time I was very happy with the product. Designing them was so much fun and this time my daughter and I designed hers together. They make great gifts! Thank you for having such a huge choice of designs. Also it arrived earlier than estimated, which was a pleasant surprise.
Reviewer: Janet PfahlDate: Dec 31, 2019
Can you do no stars? I tried to place an order. I had one address for billing (me - in Connecticut) and another for sending (Alice - in New York) your website scrambled the two addresses and wouldn't allow me to edit it. I deleted and re-tried to order 3 times. The last go-round listed my recipient as both the recipient and the billing party. I called the company and was told to let the order go through with my recipient listed as the billing party. The billing party info (i.e. bill to me) would get edited on the store's end during our phone call. But the problem is, my recipient is going to get an email confirming the order (which was supposed to be a surprise) where she not only will know what the gift will be, but she will know its cost. It's completely ruined the surprise and the fact that she knows the cost of the gift is egregious. The lady on the phone was very understanding, but had no power to undo the damage. There's something badly wrong with this website and it needs to be fixed. Until then I will not be ordering from it again. An amusing side note - when I went to enter this review, it defaulted back to my recipient's name and address. I still actually don't know if she will get the gift since that tells me that things still aren't straightened out.
We are sorry that you had issues with our website, and that you felt our customer service's advice just made things worse. We will be working on improving our checkout process, and we have informed our customer service reps that putting in the recipient for both addresses is an incorrect solution to this problem.
Reviewer: Mary EllroyDate: Dec 28, 2018
Like it says, design your own. Work on it till it's the way you want it. Great
Reviewer: Charles PaavolaDate: Dec 27, 2018
Easy to create, order and received it as it looks online.
Reviewer: ViancaDate: Dec 27, 2018
Great, fast. Thank you.
Reviewer: Vance BurnsDate: Dec 26, 2018
I loved the personalized tray which I gave as a gift. The recipients of this tray also loved it. The price was very reasonable. I'm sure I will order from you again. Thank you!
Reviewer: Sandra GrayDate: Dec 25, 2018
I only looked at the wastebaskets. Is there a penguin or octopus design? I had to start over each time I changed something on the design
We do have penguin and octopus designs! Regarding the "had to start over each time", we will be reaching out to you to determine if you have found a bug in our website that we need to fix
Reviewer: PennyDate: Dec 24, 2018
Little confusing at first the design options but awesome when you get the hang of it
Reviewer: NathanielDate: Dec 23, 2018
Very easy to find a product and design. Wouldn’t change anything with that. Looking for a leopard print tea kettle that sits in top of the stove. Could not find one on your website. Would be a nice addition to your awesome collection. 😊
Reviewer: Pamela ScottDate: Dec 23, 2018
The site is very user friendly but it would be nice to change fabric types like leather or add piping around the edges.. just a thought
Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely keep this in mind as we continue to improve our site
Reviewer: Markisha owensDate: Dec 23, 2018
Awesome experience..I will be ordering more items to customize my home and give as gifts!!!
Reviewer: Bonnie J GardnerDate: Dec 22, 2018
Absolutely loved the table cloth. It came out exactly as pictured on screen.
Reviewer: Karlene GliemDate: Dec 21, 2018
I love this site and customer service Traci is so sweet and helpful! I am so happy with my ordered products. They were amazing! Printed beautifully the only thing I would change which isn't much is just being able to move your picture to adjust it on the item exactly where you want it rather then it being locked in automatic place. But I love exactly how mine came out! Thank you!
Reviewer: Morgan RichterDate: Dec 20, 2018
Nice work, prompt delivery
Reviewer: Katherine BlachowskiDate: Dec 20, 2018
No problem at all, easy and fun
Reviewer: Jasmaine HarrisDate: Dec 18, 2018
Love that there were many design options to choose from.
Reviewer: Marlene MathewsDate: Dec 18, 2018
It was extremely easy to do yourself can’t wait to see the actual results!!!!!
Reviewer: Katrenia ReddishDate: Dec 17, 2018
Looks exactly how I designed it! Thanks! I will definitely visit your store again!
Reviewer: Diana CloughDate: Dec 17, 2018
The design process was very easy to use and I found what I was looking for quickly. I can't wait to get these in and put them in my jeep.
Reviewer: Denitia PanellDate: Dec 17, 2018
Talked with Tracy on the phone and she was super sweet to help me place my order! Very very helpful and informative..I would definitely order from this company again!!
Reviewer: Brenda WrightDate: Dec 17, 2018
Great quality and great service. I ordered it and received them in just a few days.
Reviewer: Cathy porterDate: Dec 17, 2018
Very disappointing all around from wrong product shipped to terrible customer service.
We are so sorry that we messed up and you received the wrong product, especially during the holiday season. Our operations manager will personally be in contact with you to make this right
Reviewer: Laura HaddockDate: Dec 17, 2018
Image #2140756 for Review #2140755Image #2140757 for Review #2140755
Im very happy with my purchase! It shipped very quickly and is fantastic quality. I was skeptical based on the price point that it would feel cheap, but its perfect. The printing is crisp and colors rich and vibrant. Furthermore, the customer service is excellent! I accidentally uploaded the wrong image when placing my order. I emailed the correct image to customer service, explaining my mistake and hoping they would see the email and be able to make the change before the item went into production. Within hours, they emailed back saying theyd updated my order with the correct image! It was my mistake and I would have been happy to place a replacement order if needed, but they took care of everything for me.
Reviewer: Jennifer KDate: Dec 16, 2018
very simple to personalize an item.. happy with service
Reviewer: lori singleyDate: Dec 15, 2018
Love the design options and the ability to pick and view several different fonts. Very easy to use process!
Reviewer: Mimi EnglishDate: Dec 14, 2018
Was Fast and easy to navigate website and my product arrived sooner than estimated.
Reviewer: Denise G HIXDate: Dec 13, 2018
quick delivery, well made product
Reviewer: Dawn M BakerDate: Dec 13, 2018
I've ordered personalized acrylic kid mugs before for me (age 50+) and my mother, and we love them. This time, I wanted to order a set for my boss, and I'll admit that I was having trouble figuring out how to set up my design online. After a few attempts I gave up and decided to call. A rep helped me today by listening to what I envisioned, and helping me understand how to set up my design, save my item (using the ID#), and how to make changes. I am happy to report SUCCESS in that my order was placed and I'm excited to see the mugs in person. Unfortunately, by waiting too long to call for help, I missed the chance to have the mugs for Christmas.
Reviewer: Kathy StarrDate: Dec 12, 2018
Image #2134177 for Review #2134176
Customizing this mug for my husband for Christmas was a breeze! The mug came quickly and was packed with care. Even though my mailman shoved the box into my tiny mailbox, the mug wasn't broken due to the excellent packaging. The mug and its image are super cute and not blurry. Highly recommend. :]
Reviewer: Artemis KitsuneDate: Dec 12, 2018
I had two minor issues with my item. The handle to the tote bag was pressed into the seal of the envelope it came in which left white lines on the bag handle. The other issue is on one side of the bag, the print was not centered and left a white strip across the bottom of the bag. It was very noticeable since the sides were in blue. But, I farm fixed both issues with a black sharpie to cover up the problems. Aside from those two quality issues, I felt the price of the bag was high for what I got.
Reviewer: Lisa BlassingameDate: Dec 12, 2018
Loved the idea to design my own products. Will be ordering again. Thank you. Keep offering good prices and great selection.
Reviewer: Debra LawrenceDate: Dec 12, 2018
The ladybug lamp I bought was $109.93 then I applied the 15% off coupon and it made it for $93. Then the if you want free shipping the order has to be over $100 so having the coupon is pointless. The two shipping opinions for orders under $100 is $20 & $16 so it makes the total order $113.09. That's with the 15% coupon. I only proceeded with the order because it's a Christmas Present for my grandaughter and your sight is the only place to get the ladybug lamp that I needed.
We are sorry that you were not entirely happy with your shopping experience. We noticed that you bought a drum lamp shade and base which require a fair sized box to ship. We hope that you will shop with us in the future, and if shipping is a concern contact our customer service department to see if there is a shipping coupon or other promotion
Reviewer: Debbie KernDate: Dec 11, 2018
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