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I had a LOT of trouble finding some items I wanted. I called C/S. This WONDERFUL lady spent a LOT of time helping me find & load my cart for some holiday pump soap dispensers. She helped me bring up the holidays I was interested in, told me which codes to put in .. helped look it all over, & so on. I was able to get 4 dispensers .. GREAT service!!! THANKING her again!!!! Natalie / Flushing, NY
Reviewer: natalie kasdayDate: Nov 08, 2018
I had to deep six my original plan because I for the life of me could not figure out sizing. I tried to bring my design in as a whole and did not work. So I tried in parts and could not get those to work. Only the first layer did what I wanted it to.
Reviewer: Elizabeth HartDate: Nov 08, 2018
The website is easy to use, the service fast and efficient. The items beautifully done in the chosen design. Product quality is good! There was one item I was not satisfied with and they addressed the problem quickly and professionally! Great customized products!
Reviewer: Margery PearlDate: Nov 07, 2018
Love that I could buy my replacement bathmats in the same designs after 3 years! AND some new bathroom accessories as well.
Reviewer: Narmin ParpiaDate: Nov 06, 2018
Your site made shopping for personalized items very easy. I will be using your sight more often.
Reviewer: Tamela StricklandDate: Nov 05, 2018
Great quality products and I'm particularly impressed with the turnaround time. It was amazingly fast and very well packaged and promptly shipped. I wanted to give my step-son a lunchbox like I had in the 1960s of my favorite TV show (he love it too!) but they are only available as collector items for a couple of hundred dollars. So I made him one from internet images (in the public domain) and it has his name printed write on it so I don't have to use a Sharpe. Its great! Thanks so much for offering such a unique product! I was very disappointed that I couldn't find him the original lunchbox, so I made him one! Aside from the sides of the lunchbox being blank (unlike the originals) the graphics turned out great on both sides! Thank you!
Reviewer: DonDate: Nov 04, 2018
Great quality product and I'm particularly impressed with the turnaround time. It was amazingly fast and very well packaged and promptly shipped. I wanted to give my step-son a lunchbox like I had in the 1960s of my favorite TV show (he love it too!) but they are only available as collector items for a couple of hundred dollars. So I made him one from internet images (in the public domain) and it has his name printed write on it so I don't have to use a Sharpe. Its great! Thanks so much for offering such a unique product! I was very disappointing that I couldn't find him the original lunchbox, so I made him one! Aside from the sides of the lunchbox being blank (unlike the originals) the graphics turned out great on both sides! Thank you!
Reviewer: Don TrecoDate: Nov 04, 2018
I don't normally write reviews but I am so pleased with the professional job that was done, I had to let anyone considering an order know that I believe they will be more than happy if they place an order! I customized my order with a picture on the shade and it is just what I had hoped for and more! I will definitely order here again! Thanks for prompt service and wonderful results!!!
Reviewer: Robin RoseDate: Nov 02, 2018
I absolutely loved my oven mitt! I ordered another piece today!
Reviewer: Akira JeromeDate: Nov 01, 2018
Very easy to design and create items and excellent prices!!
Reviewer: MITZI LLEWELLYNDate: Oct 31, 2018
It was pretty simple to follow the instructions for designing it. I would totally buy from this company again.
Reviewer: Terry SerioDate: Oct 30, 2018
Found what I needed fast and was super simple to design as wanted.
Reviewer: Shelley HenryDate: Oct 30, 2018
Although it was easy to design and order my product, I did not receive my order after a month and waiting to hear back from the company. It says expected shipping date was 10/16/18 but still in production. Have not received anything from company with reason for delay on my order, very unhappy
We are deeply sorry to the delay, and even more so that we were not in communication with you about it. We try our best to deliver all our items by the deadlines we give on the website and email/call customers when something arises that will cause us to not meet that deadline. Although we failed to deliver on time this instance, we hope you give us another chance to earn your business in the future
Reviewer: MICHELLE STUARTDate: Oct 29, 2018
I wanted to get my 7 year old step-son a lunch box from a 1960s TV series like had when I was his age. But they are rare and too expensive, up to $200 each when found. So this service allowed me to make one for him and have his name printed right on the lunch box! Fantastic! I can't wait for Christmas to give it to him!
Reviewer: DonDate: Oct 27, 2018
Very easy..can't wait to see the products.
Reviewer: Greg SharpDate: Oct 26, 2018
I loved the graphics and patterns. It was fun to do and look great.
Reviewer: Jori Ludtke-SmithDate: Oct 26, 2018
Image #2034139 for Review #2034138
I was very pleased with all my products, great quality, will be ordering in the future for all customized needs.
Reviewer: Emily BankstonDate: Oct 23, 2018
Image #2032564 for Review #2032563Image #2032565 for Review #2032563Image #2032566 for Review #2032563Image #2032567 for Review #2032563Image #2032568 for Review #2032563Image #2032569 for Review #2032563Image #2032570 for Review #2032563Image #2032571 for Review #2032563Image #2032572 for Review #2032563Image #2032573 for Review #2032563Image #2032574 for Review #2032563
Not only did my order arrive timely, but I was even happier with the final product than I had expected! They took the extra step to truly understand my needs, and it definitely showed in the final product. I will be using them again and recommending You Customize It to my friends and family.
Reviewer: Kelly KakukDate: Oct 21, 2018
I could not be happier I loved being able to make my own design to show how blessed I am by writing the words blessed all over my car thank you so much for helping me guys are great love my product and you guys have a 100% guarantee on your stuff thank you thank you thank you can't wait for my stuff to arrive
Reviewer: Tammy QuickDate: Oct 17, 2018
Loved everything about your products, easy design tools and great design selections.
Reviewer: Sandra L KentDate: Oct 16, 2018
Image #2022552 for Review #2022551Image #2022553 for Review #2022551
I cant say enough how pleased I am. The quality is great. It looks even better than the picture. I have shared this site to many people already. Thank you so much!!! Also, the page for customizing is so easy to use especially when grieving your pet.
Reviewer: Camille TuckerDate: Oct 15, 2018
Reviewer: Carol HeywoodDate: Oct 14, 2018
Tracie was absolutely amazing helping me to customize my order. She was patient and showed me how to get exactly what I wanted on my tea cup. This was a very encouraging first experience with this company!
Reviewer: CatherineDate: Oct 09, 2018
The designing part was fast and easy. Love this site.
Reviewer: Christopher Wayne stokesDate: Oct 08, 2018
Was very easy to navigate. Found what I wanted with no problems, and plenty of choices. I would recommend to anyone.
Reviewer: Jacqueline LehneDate: Oct 03, 2018
I really liked the decals and designing the decals was great, easy to use your app and great color choices. I have never done iron on decals before and was nervous about doing this. I watched your video and this was helpful but I wanted to do a few practice pieces before I used the nice shirts I already had ordered and it would have been helpful if I had a sample for testing even if it was the words"testing" so I could have a feel of how to do this. I did order extras at 4.95 each and used a old tee shirt for testing.
Reviewer: Rinette EllisDate: Oct 01, 2018
Super easy to order. Love the product. Cute and unique.
Reviewer: Lisa HawkinsDate: Sep 30, 2018
Great site and easy to surf
Reviewer: Dinah Beard ThomasDate: Sep 29, 2018
What a fantastic website & shopping experience! So far so good - as long as everything looks great when I receive it, I will be a very happy customer!
Reviewer: Renee DaleDate: Sep 28, 2018
Image #1964728 for Review #1964727
Overall, your company has an innovative idea. I really like the steering wheel cover. I would have liked more vibrant colors, but I do like the design.
Reviewer: Brianna B Uribe-RamosDate: Sep 28, 2018
I got just what I wanted in a design, everything was so easy to put together. I think you have a good thing going with YouCustomizeIt, I am definitely going to shop again.
Reviewer: Nadia AllenDate: Sep 27, 2018
Image #1959606 for Review #1959605
I love it! Its just the way I wanted it.
Reviewer: Evelyn ThomasDate: Sep 26, 2018
The website works great (which is impressive for the level of customization you can do on each product). The one thing that would make it easier (for me to easily spend more money...hahaha) would be for me to see something I like, and "apply" a previous design from something in my cart. The only way I could find to do that is to go to the cart, click on "more products" next to the item and then just keep clicking "load more" hoping that it suggests something I'm looking for. If I'm just browsing or search for a specific product and want to add it....I have to start from scratch...I couldn't see a way (or an obvious way) to just click on something and apply an existing print to. I hope that makes sense
Thank you for that suggestion. We are working on making the process of "applying" a design more intuitive, but one of the things you can do is find your "Design ID" and then use the "Import Design" function anywhere you are designing a product
Reviewer: Anthony SunseriDate: Sep 25, 2018
I just had to rate the ordering process. I just placed an order and I can't say enough how easy and fun it was! The templates on the website are beautiful with classy choices. I can't wait for my laptop skin to arrive.
Reviewer: Jennifer LideDate: Sep 21, 2018
Terrific website!
Great selection!
Customer service representative was very helpful and made my Order go very smoothly.
I'm looking forward to visiting you again!
Reviewer: DIANE PONDDate: Sep 20, 2018
Wonderful response to questions. Thanks for help.
Reviewer: Kathleen BerryDate: Sep 18, 2018
So much fun!!!!!!
Reviewer: faith greeneDate: Sep 16, 2018
Image #1937979 for Review #1937978Image #1937980 for Review #1937978
I’m a very satisfied customer. Thank you
Reviewer: Cez TolentinoDate: Sep 15, 2018
Its taking me a little getting used to having a blank background and just using my photo to cover the entire background, but I think I've got it figured out, thank you. The format choices are not clear to me, but its probably just the way I look at it.
Reviewer: Kathy JohnsonDate: Sep 15, 2018
We apologize for the issue you had with the coupon. There was a glitch in the system that resulted in an invalid coupon being sent out. We have fixed the issue, and reissued coupons to those affected
Reviewer: Paula SchafferDate: Sep 09, 2018
I think there were too many choices! It was difficult to decide.
Reviewer: Susanne TownDate: Sep 09, 2018
Image #1919722 for Review #1919721Image #1919723 for Review #1919721Image #1919724 for Review #1919721

I was very disappointed with my finished product. Desinging it was easy enough. The website was user friendly, but the finished product was way below expectations. It looks like a child put it together in a hurry. The design is right, but the paper doesn't line up and is just folded over itself at the back. It looks like it was cut with kid scissors and even has a spot that is torn like they got in a hurry and just ripped the last of it off. See the pictures and you will know what i mean. For the amount I paid for this cup, I expected better quality work. I will not be using this website again.

We are so sorry that you were unhappy with your product. The insert for this product is machine cut, but appears that the blade might have been dull and his product should not have passed quality control.  We truly apologize for our error.  A replacement tumbler is on it's way to you.
Regarding the seam in the back, unfortunately due to the manufacturing process for this product, we are unable to fully seal the seam. Our other products, notably our travel mugs do not have this problem.
Reviewer: Kara StairDate: Sep 06, 2018
I was able to easily find what I wanted. Actually, I had a hard time deciding which item to customize. The design tool was great. It was easy to use and was nice to see how it was going to look. There are many options in the design library so I was able to customize it in a way I never thought possible. I will certainly be using this site in the future!
Reviewer: MarieDate: Sep 02, 2018
I had too much fun with the design tool. It was easy to use and I hope my grandson will enjoy his new bedding. I have two others I possibly will order for as well.
Reviewer: Dale NelsonDate: Sep 01, 2018
Enjoyed making stocking for my family with things they like to do and things that interest them Thank You.
Reviewer: Patricia RisingerDate: Sep 01, 2018
Image #1911412 for Review #1911411
Love it!!!
Reviewer: Brandon DavisDate: Aug 31, 2018
Easy to use website. Quality and affordable. Fast and affordable shipping. Love this site and I will order again.
Reviewer: Patricia HareDate: Aug 31, 2018
Great product
Reviewer: veronica bosworthDate: Aug 29, 2018
Quick delivery
Reviewer: Marilyn A RossiDate: Aug 28, 2018
Image #1896303 for Review #1896302
I had been on other customization sites to customize things with monograms, but this site it was so easy to do. Other sites you couldn’t pick your favorite color combination or even design but with you, I could customize it exactly to my likings and very easily as well! The website was super easy to find what you’re looking for and it made the process simple. Amazing prices as well!! Thank you!
Reviewer: Abby LutzDate: Aug 27, 2018
I had a little trouble with the tools. Specifically when it came to changing the colors of certain parts of my Tumblr. Once I figured it out, it was smooth sailing!
Reviewer: April RobinsonDate: Aug 26, 2018
Such an awesome site! I was on the search for dog collars that had both pineapples and coconuts in toy size for our new puppies. You guys were the only place I could find them, and they were CUTE!! Our puppies names are Pineapple and Coconut. After finding the most perfect collars for them, I found your site to be so user friendly!!! WIN WIN!!! Then your suggestions for other products in that same design led me to pet bowls and a matching pet mat. I can't thank you guys enough and I am looking forward to getting my finished product for our girls soon!!!! Signed, one very happy customer, so far :)
Reviewer: Charlene FournierDate: Aug 21, 2018
It was really easy to upload my design and place my order..
Reviewer: Jackie PankrastDate: Aug 21, 2018
This was adorable.
Reviewer: Kari ApelandDate: Aug 20, 2018
Great website! So many options to choose from and so many products to personalize!
Reviewer: Stephanie ElyDate: Aug 18, 2018
Image #1879228 for Review #1879227
This was so much fun to design my car mats I am going to get the back mats too!! They turned out awesome!!
Reviewer: Michael HickmanDate: Aug 15, 2018
Tracy made my first time experience in creating a designed pillow fun and soooo easy. She was super...I can wait to see "our" finished pillow.
Reviewer: Judith A. MackDate: Aug 15, 2018
Image #1878517 for Review #1878516
Exactly what I ordered, exact quality I expected, on time! Thank you!
Reviewer: NPDate: Aug 15, 2018
Thank you - I've been looking for a certain flag and it was great to just be able to make it myself. Your design system was easy to use and had ample options - suggestions from things I struggled with all related to custom text:
- I would have liked to be able to adjust the font size (I had to choose my font by the ones that were big enough to fill the space)
- I was trying to move it down a row (with a blank line preceding my text) to add a space between my text and the graphic but it wouldn't let me
-I wish I could have had different fonts for my 2 different lines of text
I will use your site again for future projects!
Thank yo so much for your feedback, we are constantly trying to improve our system and love hearing back from customers. All of your feedback has been sent to our development team for consideration
Reviewer: Christina CavallinDate: Aug 14, 2018
very easy, don't change a thing
Reviewer: Kathy SheltonDate: Aug 14, 2018
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