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Reviews for Tape Measure

4.9 Stars (31 Reviews)
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5 Stars Great
Great product
Reviewer: Jeff Hall | Verified Customer Date: Nov 17, 2023 Product: Logo Tape Measure
5 Stars Great
The tape measure is great, exactly what I ordered.
Reviewer: Jeff Hall | Verified Customer Date: Nov 15, 2023 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure
5 Stars Every Woman Needs A Tape Measure
This was a great addition to a gift bag I put together for an in-house designer that greatly helped me select new furniture and fabric to reupholster three chairs. And I really feel every woman should have a tape measure. Having a girly one is a bonus.
Reviewer: Retired Female Engineer | Verified Customer Date: Jun 01, 2023 Product: Orange Blue Swirls & Stripes Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Custom Tape Measure
I sent it sort of a random gift for my sister.She LOVED it. 👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂.I know she will think of me every time she uses it.Great quality.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Govern | Verified Customer Date: Feb 04, 2023 Product: Stripes Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Measuring Tape
This tape measure turned out well. It was larger than I expected. Now I have one for me that I won't have to share with anyone because it has my name on it. :)
Reviewer: Lori Judd | Verified Customer Date: Jan 22, 2023 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure
5 Stars Just what I was looking for!
I ordered this customized tape measure for my grandson. Not only was it easy to design, it was very reasonably priced, exactly what I ordered, and shipped quickly. There was a slight hiccup with the tracking number, and my email was quickly addressed. They looked into it and let me when there was an update. I received it on time, and I couldn't be happier with how smoothly this transaction went during the busy holiday season. I would 100% recommend them to everyone. I will be returning for future purchases!
Reviewer: Leslie Price | Verified Customer Date: Dec 22, 2022 Product: Dinosaurs Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Very happy...
Printing was vibrant and clear - very happy with the tape measure! My girlfriend loved it!
Reviewer: Joe | Verified Customer Date: Oct 03, 2022 Product: Lotus Flower Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Leopard Print
Love it Now no one can “steal” it off the jobsite lol
Reviewer: Kellei | Verified Customer Date: Sep 07, 2022 Product: Granite Leopard Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Very nice!
This came relatively quick, it is a solud product, and looks good. It was exactly as advertised.
Reviewer: Lee Cox | Verified Customer Date: Jun 23, 2022 Product: Lotus Flower Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars customized tape measures for Father's Day.
Excellent workmanship. So well pleased!!!
Reviewer: Joy Sandefur | Verified Customer Date: May 16, 2022 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure
5 Stars Perfect tape measures!
These personalized tape measures are the perfect gift for interior design college graduates. I was able to personalize each of them with everyone’s favorite colors and animals. It was very easy to select all the different styles on the website. Very user friendly!
Reviewer: Leslie Rosinski | Verified Customer Date: Apr 26, 2022 Product: Green & Brown Toile & Chevron Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars High heel tape measure
Great quality totally useful design was perfect bought as gift and was loved
Reviewer: Nak | Verified Customer Date: Feb 16, 2022 Product: High Heels Tape Measure
5 Stars Great Quality
I didn’t expect such great quality for the measuring tape. It’s heavy duty and easy for my 6 year old nephew to use. For some reason he loves to measure things. It was shipped and delivered so fast. I will be ordering from them again.
Reviewer: Kathy | Verified Customer Date: Feb 03, 2022 Product: Dinosaurs Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Great Items Nice Gifts
I am in the furniture business. Perfect size for what I use it for.
Reviewer: Michael Meuer | Verified Customer Date: Jan 22, 2022 Product: Hipster Cats Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Great Product!
Personalization is perfect and I thought the tape measure might be a crappy quality but it’s not it is very nice and strong! Love this gift for my boyfriend!
Reviewer: Ari V | Verified Customer Date: Dec 16, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure
5 Stars Beautiful
Very well done , both sides have initials and colors are very bright. Excellent costumer service , sent email to clarify , very pleased .
Reviewer: Raquel Hicks | Verified Customer Date: Dec 14, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure
3 Stars Serious tape measure
Wow this is a serious tape measure. I purchased for Christmas for my 3 year old grandson who takes one of ours to measure all his toys, the dogs, body parts, etc. I was thinking it would not recoil as fast as one's you find at the hardware store since it's advertised as a boys astronaut tape measure, but the recoil is intense. We've worked with him on the current one to not let it recoil on it's own and to watch his fingers, thank goodness, but we'll still have to keep an eye on him.
Reviewer: Michelle | Verified Customer Date: Dec 07, 2021 Product: Boy's Astronaut Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars So cute
Looks cute and my daughter loves it
Reviewer: Alice | Verified Customer Date: Nov 19, 2021 Product: Pink & Orange Chevron Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Love my tapemeasure
I put my artwork as a designer on the tapemeasure and I love it. Looks great! And good price too.
Reviewer: Donna | Verified Customer Date: Aug 24, 2021 Product: Watercolor Floral Tape Measure
5 Stars Perfect gift!
My son has taken up beekeeping as a hobby. Fascinated by the bees and their hive, he sat within 2 feet of the hive to watch them…and got stung! This tape measure was a joke gift from the Queen Bee suggesting that observations of the hive be at a safe distance. I’m pleasantly surprised that the tape measure is perfect as a gag gift but also of excellent quality!
Reviewer: Cherie | Verified Customer Date: Jul 14, 2021 Product: Buzzing Bee Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Amazing!
Reviewer: Mindy | Verified Customer Date: May 22, 2021 Product: Animal Alphabet Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Perfect!
It's absolutely perfect! Sturdy, well made, and accurate. The design is great and I'm really impressed with the quality. Overall I am very happy with my tape measure.
Reviewer: Katrina | Verified Customer Date: Apr 17, 2021 Product: Sparkle & Dots Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Looks & works great!
Looks great! Works great. I purchased this gift for a friend. He loved it.
Reviewer: Nancy | Verified Customer Date: Jan 19, 2021 Product: Circuit Board Tape Measure (Personalized)
5 Stars Coolest tape measure ever!
I love it!
Reviewer: Catherine | Verified Customer Date: Oct 13, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure - 16 Ft
5 Stars Sam loves it
My dog is fascinated with tape measures. He is right beside me when I am working in my wood shop and will stare fixedly at the end of the tape, waiting for it to move. I let him catch it sometimes, but I don't want him to slobber on or break my good tape measures, so he now has his own!
Reviewer: Eric | Verified Customer Date: Oct 12, 2020 Product: Firefighter Character Tape Measure - 16 Ft (Personalized)
5 Stars Customs measuring tape
Perfect gift. Excellent quality.
Reviewer: Caitlin | Verified Customer Date: Aug 17, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure - 16 Ft
5 Stars Happy Toddler
I am so happy with my purchase and will definitely send my friends and family your way!! This item was for my 2 year old granddaughter for her toolbox and she loves it!! This measuring tape is well made and safe, and the perk of customizing it with her name is great!! Thank you!! God Bless and stay well...
Reviewer: Judith A Montour | Verified Customer Date: Jul 15, 2020 Product: Animal Alphabet Tape Measure - 16 Ft (Personalized)
5 Stars Pink Flamingo Tape Measure (Personalized)
The Flamino Tape Measure arrived early and is just perfect! Well made and exactly as I had requested. Highly recommend this seller!
Reviewer: Lynn Hurd | Verified Customer Date: Jul 06, 2020 Product: Pink Flamingo Tape Measure - 16 Ft (Personalized)
5 Stars loved it
came exackly how I wanted it
Reviewer: Karla S | Verified Customer Date: Jun 02, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure - 16 Ft
My daughter complained that everyone in the family borrowed her tape measure. She needed something in pink or purple that all would know was hers! So I googled and found this very specific tapemeasure that would even monogram. It is heavy and sturdy and is just perfect -- more than I would have expected!
Reviewer: Rosemary Brennan | Verified Customer Date: Dec 16, 2019 Product: Pink & Purple Damask Tape Measure - 16 Ft (Personalized)
5 Stars I love this!
The tape measure is solid and seems to be good quality! Having a design I like on it makes it so much more fun to use, maybe I'll actually get some projects done!
Reviewer: Julia Fishwick | Verified Customer Date: Sep 30, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Tape Measure - 16 Ft