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Easter Bunny Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Easter Bunny Holiday Stocking
I didn't respond to your email because I only received my order today. I was very pleased with the Easter stocking, which is for my adult son. We carry holiday traditions every year. I had ordered an Easter stocking last year and although it was cute, the material was thin and the stickers that were provided kept falling off. I really didn't need the stickers. I am very pleased with the thickness of your stocking (it should withstand all the candy and little toys I stuff into it. I also was glad to receive a large padded envelope which was the length of the stocking instead of one in which the stocking was folded in half and would have creases in it. The only reason I didn't give you five stars is because the black strip at the top had a small tear in it, revealing a white lining. I was able to use a black permanent marker to cover it satisfactorily.
Reviewer: Linda | Verified Customer Date: Mar 03, 2021 Product: Easter Bunny Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Preppy Sea Shells Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Loved it!
We were very happy with the Sea Shells Stocking. It was perfect for our coastal theme.
Reviewer: Carol | Verified Customer Date: Feb 09, 2021 Product: Preppy Sea Shells Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Skulls Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Cam out exactly how I wanted it to be! received quickly :)
Reviewer: Jeannette | Verified Customer Date: Dec 16, 2020 Product: Skulls Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Succulents Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Looks great!
Gift looks great and came relatively fast!
Reviewer: Jake | Verified Customer Date: Nov 24, 2020 Product: Succulents Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Video Game Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Quality material
They did a fantastic job
Reviewer: Timothy Craig Spilliards Jr | Verified Customer Date: Nov 23, 2020 Product: Video Game Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Abstract Music Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Just like the picture
I ordered a stocking for my sons girlfriend. If I could have custom designed it this would have been it!! She is going to love the colors and the print and she is very musically gifted so it is SO her! I cant wait for her to see it at Christmas!
Reviewer: Sandra Bollig | Verified Customer Date: Sep 02, 2020 Product: Abstract Music Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Softball Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Love the stocking
Wanted to get all my grandchildren a new stocking this year, and each picked the theme they wanted. My 10 year old granddaughter wanted a softball stocking and looking for days online I came across this site. It was just what I was looking for and I received it on time and both me and my granddaughter love it.
Reviewer: Charlotte Lynn | Verified Customer Date: Dec 01, 2019 Product: Softball Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Roses Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Babys first Christmas
Created a stocking to represent my daughters name, winter Rose, and the stocking came out beautiful and great quality!
Reviewer: Stephanie | Verified Customer Date: Nov 26, 2019 Product: Roses Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Cheer Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Great Christmas Stocking
Very nice especially when you can customize the color of the toe of the stocking. Just happens my great nieces school colors are purple and gold so it worked out terrific!!! Well worth the money -- glad I found it thru my internet surfing.
Reviewer: Suzanne Robison | Verified Customer Date: Nov 04, 2019 Product: Cheer Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Blue Line Police Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)
Exactly as pictured.
Reviewer: Nanette Woodhull | Verified Customer Date: Jan 07, 2019 Product: Blue Line Police Holiday Stocking - Neoprene (Personalized)