Help You Customize It by RNK Shops

This Old Fashioned Thanksgiving design is hand drawn and includes pictures of turkey, birds, pot of food, lanterns, gun, candy, leaves and acorns; giving it a very old fashioned feel. The design has some of the traditional colors of oranges, reds and yellows, but also has a beautiful teal coloring in the turkey and the pilgrim hat; giving it a chic bold look.

The background is fully re-color-able, so we choose a light yellow and we accented it with teal ribbon and a decorative label in teal and light yellow. We used a family personalization in teal as well. As with all our designs all the design parts i.e. background, ribbons, labels, graphics, text and of course the personalization are all customizable - so if these color are not to your liking, go ahead and change them to your favorite colors.