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Custom Water Bottles

Customizable Design Templates (What Can I Customize?)

Re-usable water bottles are a necessity in our hydration obsessed world! These bottles can indeed be both functional and good-looking.

Finding the right bottle - one that matches not only your functional needs, but also your aesthetic needs can be challenging.

We offer a selected number of bottles that are available with full color printing or laser engraved. We also have a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and features for you to choose from.

If one of your aesthetic needs is to have your water bottle be as unique as you are - then you are definitely on the right website.

Each one of our water bottles if fully customizable. Browse our design templates to find one you like. You can filter using theme, pattern, personalization style etc.

You can also easily design your own water bottle by uploading your own art, graphics or logo.

Our customer service team is available to assist you with your design needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reusable water bottles better?

Re-usable water bottle is clearly better for the environment is so many different ways. They won't pack landfill with plastic, they are made for a recyclable materials and they protect water & marine life.

Re-useable water bottles help reduce the use single use plastic water bottles that are harming our planet.

Re-useable bottles will save you money while keeping you hydrated and healthy

What is the best re-usable bottle?

The only person that can truly answer that question is you because it depends on what your needs are - your functional needs, as well as your aesthetic needs.

The functional needs to consider include things such as size, shape, material, straw & of course price.

When it size & shape you need to consider both the diameter and volume. Diameter will determine how easily it fits in your hand and volume determines how often you have to fill it up.

Materials determine how long your water will remain cold and if the bottle will sweat or not. If you are a straw drinker, then this is an important feature for you.

At YouCustomizeIt, we are confident that we can meet most of your design needs. If you don't find what you are looking for, our customer service team can help you realize your imagination.

We also have water bottles labels for single use plastic bottles for an event you maybe hosting.

How to customize water bottles?

Here at YouCustomizeIt.com our goal is to empower you - our customer to design your own or to customize one of our design templates using our Design Studio.

You can do this from any internet connected device - a computer, a tablet or even your phone.

So - go ahead an browse and see if you can find a water bottle that you want to customize.