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Custom Shot Glasses

We offer 3 different types of shot glasses namely 1.5 oz ceramic, 1.5 oz glass and 2 oz glass.

The shot glasses can be purchased as singles or a set of 4.

Each one of the set of 4 can be customized & personalized the same or different - the choice is your!

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Customizable Design Templates (What Can I Customize?)


All of our shot glasses are decorated here in the USA. The blank shot glasses are imported, but all the design and decoration is done right here in the USA.

Your design is printed on the glasses using the dye sublimation process.

Dye sublimation printing results in high quality permanent full color design that will not crack or peel over time.

The glasses are dyed with sublimation ink which is immersed into the glass unlike vinyl decoration that is applied to the surface of the glasses.


Shot Glass Design Option 1

YouCustomizeIt unique technology enables us to offer you the ceramic shot glasses that can be printed around the shot glass.

This gives you the choice of freedom in design - where you can have a thematic pattern, a solid color, a masterpiece like Van Gogh’s Starry Night or your own custom artwork in the background.

You also have the choice of not having a background. Just a foreground!!

Shot Glass Design Option 2

You can put any design element in the foreground. Names, Monograms, Funny Sayings (we have 100s of these in our design elements library - all free for you to use), graphics, logos, photos etc.

Or a combination of any of the design elements i.e. logo & name, photo & text, graphics & text above, below, all around - the choice again is yours!


Here at YouCustomizeIt, we specialize in creating products that are truly custom designed by you (with our help if you need it!! - see our design services).

All our shot glasses can also be personalized with a photo, a name, a monogram, an initial etc.

You can purchase a single shot glass for the birthday gal, or a set of 4 for all the gal pals and each one of the four can be personalized for the individual so that the shot glasses don’t get mixed up at the party!!