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Custom Dog Treat Jars

The cutest dog treat jars are ones that are customized by you and personalized with your dogs name. Since pet treat jars are usually visible to you and guests when kept in high traffic areas like on your kitchen counter, it is important that the jar is attractive and matches your home décor.

Customize one of our designs to match the theme and color scheme of your home!

Customizable Design Templates (What Can I Customize?)

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Training Your Dog with Treats

Every pet owner knows that treats are on the list of essential things to get when bringing home a new pet. Treats are invaluable when it comes to training your dog and teaching them the expectations of their new forever home. Giving them treats also helps forge a bond between you and your pet. Well-earned treats show affection that your dogs will love.

Every pet needs a treat; some more than others! Treats are perfect for training exercises, rewarding your dog, or just showing it a little bit of love. Our dog treat jars can be used for any furry friend or pet i.e. your dog, your cat, even your smaller pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, or bunnies.

Any dog parent knows that keeping treats on hand is an essential part of proper training. Our small puppy treat jars are perfect for training your pup; while our larger dog treat jar is perfect for ensuring that your dog keeps behaving like an angel i.e. is obedient and does not bark all the time or chew up your favorite slippers.

Treat Jars Sizes

Small Glass Treat Jar

Our current selection of dog treat jars includes a small glass jar with a metal, screw-on lid for small training treats you can use in training your puppy and a larger clear plastic jar with a white, screw-on lid for larger treats such as dog biscuits or dental chews.

Puppies need puppy treats to learn the expected behaviors and these have to be small treats so the puppy’s sensitive stomach is not impacted by too many treats. Our puppy treat jar is just the perfect size - approx. 4”x5”x5” - which is just a little bigger than an average-sized coffee mug.

Large Plastic Treat Jar

The larger jar for dog biscuits measures 4.75”x4.25”x7.25”. This fits right on your counter or pantry and provides easy access so you can reward your dog.

Both treat jars are the perfect size for on the go. If you take your pup to obedience school, or head to the park for some training, toss the jar in your car and you’ll have all the treats you need to get your puppy trained. If you’re taking your dog on a trip with you take the jar and your dog will feel right at home when receiving treats from the familiar jar.

Customize & Personalize your Dog Treat Jars

YouCustomizeIt.com is the only place where you can create pet accessories that will all coordinate with each other, as well as to your home décor! Here, not only can you customize the color, the pattern, the theme, etc., you can also personalize your design with any personalization style that works for you i.e. name, monogram, initial, name & initial - the choice is yours and the options are practically endless. You design it, we create it.

The best way to create your custom dog treat jar is to filter down a design template by color, theme, or pattern. There are over 500 templates to choose from! Choose based on the color scheme of your home decor, your kitchen, or wherever these pet treat jars will reside. Or you can just browse the design templates and see what you like.

Our templates have a design to match everyone’s interests. From floral and geometric patterns to plaid and polka dots, we have you covered. There are several themes available to fit a wide range of interests from sports, animals, and princesses to owls, elephants, and bees. Create truly unique designs when you shop with us.

Dog behavior needs to be continuously reinforced with rewards and treats such as dog biscuits. Our dog treat cookie jar is perfect for those dog cookies that will keep your dog displaying the desired behaviors! It is made of clear plastic and has a custom label that you design applied around the jar and on the lid.

Don’t forget the holidays! Our dog treat jars make a great gift for the dog lover in your life. Surprise your loved ones with personalized, customized, and thoughtful gifts that both they and their four-legged friend can enjoy.

At YouCustomizeIt, you can create matching or coordinated pet accessories for your dog or cat. It is fun and easy. Your dog treat jars can match and/or coordinate with your dog’s pet foot mats, the dog's food bowls as well as their collar & leash. You can truly have a pooch that is the envy of your neighborhood!!