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Reviews for Wood 3-Ring Binder

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5 Stars Replacement with Improvements! STELLAR!!
I received my binder but explained my concerns. YouCustomizeIt reached out and listened. They offered to replace my binder with the new improved version that they had come up with. I LOVE IT! The inner 'leather' lining looks and feels great - it not only strengthens the hinge, but protects the wood from the inner binder rings. They also took my suggestion to try out a darker finish. The boss was likewise pleased with a more durable and well finished item.
Reviewer: Marsha | Verified Customer Date: May 11, 2022 Product: Design Your Own Wood 3-Ring Binder
3 Stars image could be darker, hinge is worrisome.
Laser engraving looks great, but could be waxed darker for thinner lines to pop more. The hinges are worrisome, the wood has been scored to allow folding, but the front cover hinge is already degraded upon receipt. I will be attempting to reinforce the hinges with twill tape on the inside. For some reason I thought it would come to me with such reinforcement. Still think my boss will be thrilled.
Hello Marsha, this is a new product we just developed so our customer service team will be reaching out to you to get any feedback you have and see if there is anything we can do to improve this product for you.
Reviewer: Marsha Date: Dec 13, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Wood 3-Ring Binder