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Reviews for Trifold Wallet

4.8 Stars (38 Reviews)
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5 Stars Very satisfied
This product is exactly everything I asked for. I will continue to order from this site anytime I want something specially made. 100% satisfied with my wallet.
Reviewer: Shiloh Price | Verified Customer Date: Jun 28, 2023 Product: Firefighter Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Quality product
I love the wallet, the several slots for cards and it folds tightly so its not bulky. I do wish that the print was also on the opposite side as well as its original placement in the front. Other than that I highly recommend your wallets.
Reviewer: Gwen Paliotti | Verified Customer Date: May 25, 2023 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Gift
I purchased this as one of my Grandsons Christmas gift. I Love it. The quality is great. Thank You
Reviewer: Novena Gillians | Verified Customer Date: Oct 05, 2022 Product: Baseball Jersey Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Trifold Wallet
My order was very well made and stylish. I ordered it for a birthday gift and the recipient was very pleased with the excellent design and craftmanship!
Reviewer: Sharon M Cooper | Verified Customer Date: Aug 26, 2022 Product: Rope Sail Boats Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Exactly what I was looking for
My son had the same Spiderman wallet since he had been very young, so he was really wanting something different. He's pretty picky so I knew he would love a wallet with his favorite video game character on it. I was thrilled to find this site and to see that I could customize it so it would be perfect for my son. He loved it!! So worth the extra money to have this customized for my son!
Reviewer: J Heckmann | Verified Customer Date: Jun 02, 2022 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Custom wallet
It came out perfect, the design fit the front perfectly! My word choice could have been a bit bigger or spaced better, it was a bit hard to read but I also did do black which wasn't the best choice a brighter color would have appeared better but no complaints! It's amazing for being a wallet :)
Reviewer: Whitney shianne edwards | Verified Customer Date: Apr 12, 2022 Product: Tropical Sunset Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Love the wallet
I'm very pleased with the wallet I purchased. My 27 year old has been using the same wallet since high school. She says she can't find another one like it, and won't use any other kind. I'm very confident she'll love and use the wallet I bought for her for Cristmas. Thank you so much, I will be shopping your site and recommending it to everyone 😊
Reviewer: Linda | Verified Customer Date: Oct 26, 2021 Product: Monogrammed Damask Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Design your own wallet
Better than I expected,I know he will love the wallet,looks great colors design,definitely does not look cheap, I will definitely shop here again
Reviewer: Lee | Verified Customer Date: Oct 14, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Unique product
This wallet is perfect for any lacrosse enthusiast. Liked being able to customize it. Several design options made it fun and easy. It is just what my grandson wanted. Plus the service was outstanding. He received it in just a few days!
Reviewer: Nan | Verified Customer Date: Oct 13, 2021 Product: Lacrosse Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Wallet
Looks good
Reviewer: Toni L | Verified Customer Date: Aug 31, 2021 Product: Skulls Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Thanks!
Great wallet! Amazing quality
Reviewer: Charlie | Verified Customer Date: Aug 11, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
3 Stars Expectations Vs. Reality
Initially, I was very excited at the prospect of designing my very own wallet. I spent hours on getting my design just right. Besides needing a new trifold wallet, I wanted to make one so it could be a conversation starter that would allow me to tell people about my manga TheRemnant: This Is Not Flesh & Blood. However, after it arrived in decent timing, I was disappointed at the final product. For starters, I immediately noticed how dull the colors ended up being. Compared to the photo, that's a drastic change. Nothing really pops on the wallet in real life how I wanted and I really expected the Kanji characters in the background to be bolder because I think it would have tied everything together but nope. I obviously knew the working product image/proof wouldn't be exactly like the final product since a digital image is different from an image pressed into fabric, but it's still quite disappointing and I'm unsatisfied. :( On top of that, there is some strange blue-ish streaks and discoloration on the wallet towards the upper left side and another streak that runs the entire length of the entire right side corner. I love the idea of designing your own novelty wallet but the execution is truly poor. Ultimately, I don't think it was worth the pay, maybe if it was half the amount I paid. I was even going to design a wallet for my sister but after seeing this one, I don't think I'll be buying from this site ever again, and it's a shame because there is so much potential there. In short, the only pro is that you can design and customize something unique to you and there are so many handy customization options; and it's a very easy and fun process. The con is the resulting quality and the image feels cheaply made. I think they should come up with a new technique. Thank you.
We agree TJ, that is definitely duller than it should have come out. We will be making a replacement product and getting it shipped out for you.
Reviewer: TJ | Verified Customer Date: Apr 01, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Loved But Hard to Design
I loved the wallets I ordered. I think the design of things is very hard. It took me a long time to get it right and I never really did get it like I wanted it. The two girl wallets, I just ordered the sample because it was simpler than designing myself. There are so many choices it's hard to get all of what I wanted in the design. I started over many times.
Reviewer: Connie | Verified Customer Date: Mar 08, 2021 Product: Golfer's Plaid Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Great!
Loved the billfolds I bought for our grand daughters for Easter. They are just as pictured and shipping was quick Thanks you.
Reviewer: Connie | Verified Customer Date: Feb 26, 2021 Product: Girly Girl Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
4 Stars Trifold Personalized Llama Wallet
My daughter who is nine loves her new llama wallet. She absolutely adores llamas. Plus, the wallet has her name on it. The only thing she said is that she wishes the llamas were a bit larger, but otherwise, we have one happy little miss with her very first wallet to call her own.
Reviewer: Andrea | Verified Customer Date: Jan 05, 2021 Product: Llamas Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
3 Stars Picture printed crooked
Great wallet but I am disappointed that the picture was printed on the wallet crooked.
Oh no! We will be contacting you to find out how you want us to make this right.
Reviewer: Christina Carton | Verified Customer Date: Dec 25, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Great product and great service.
This wallet is so awesome and I like the fact that you can customize the wallet with your own design. Way to go and keep up the great work.
Reviewer: Tessa | Verified Customer Date: Dec 21, 2020 Product: Skulls Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Grandsons Christmas First trifold with name
The app was easy to use and I received the product very quickly .
Reviewer: Billye | Verified Customer Date: Nov 24, 2020 Product: Hockey 2 Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Wallet
Loved it!
Reviewer: ALICE Aiello | Verified Customer Date: Nov 03, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Loved it
My nephew loved this wallet. It was awesome that we could also customize skin color!
Reviewer: Elizabeth | Verified Customer Date: Oct 26, 2020 Product: Baseball Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Great Product
Got exactly what I ordered, great quality for a reasonable price. Also got it much quicker than we expected.
Reviewer: Mallory | Verified Customer Date: Oct 22, 2020 Product: Dragons Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
4 Stars Easy and fun to create
Fun to figure out the perfect design and customize the color and look. Fast delivery. They only issue I have is it appears to be a hard sticker. Something stiff is not the best for a wallet
This product is actually sublimated (heat-activated ink transfer), and the image will never peel or flake off. It should definitely last the life of the product.
Reviewer: rachael garcia | Verified Customer Date: Sep 16, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Memorial Wallet
The design on this wallet is a memorial to my loving wife who passed away about 2 years ago. The wallet arrived in a timely manner and was exactly as designed. Thank you YouCustomizeIt.
Reviewer: James Grover | Verified Customer Date: Aug 07, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
2 Stars Trifold wallet
I thought it would have been musical notes on the front and back of the wallet. The small personsl name patch is slightly crooked.
We are sorry if our product did not live up to your expectations. It is only imaged on one side, however it should not be crooked. We will be reaching out to you because if your product is defective we will replace it at no cost to you
Reviewer: Bernard J WALLOE Jr | Verified Customer Date: Jul 09, 2020 Product: Musical Notes Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Great Quality
We are impressed with the quality of print on the picture and the quality of the product. Would definitely buy from again. Thank you.
Reviewer: James Volpe | Verified Customer Date: Jul 04, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Quick, easy and quality print
Exactly what I was hoping it would be- a cheeky father's day gift with my face on it. Dad loved it! Thanks so much! Wallet is sturdy and the print came out great. I really appreciate your work to make father's day a success.
Reviewer: Rebecca | Verified Customer Date: Jun 22, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Exactly what I wanted
The image is clear and crisp. The wallet is sturdy. I got this to match a glasses case I had ordered previously, and it's perfect.
Reviewer: Deanna Parker | Verified Customer Date: Jun 05, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Wallet
Love the wallet. Received in timely manner. Everyone great!
Reviewer: Deanna Sipes | Verified Customer Date: Jun 02, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Loved it!!
Better than i expected!!😍
Reviewer: Maria Herrera | Verified Customer Date: May 20, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Was exactly what I ordered but I shuda ordered a bit diff, now that I see it in person...
It was exactly what I ordered! The only problem was that I asked for the wallet background to be dark gray and the writing to be dark green but the wallet itself is black so it looks a little strange from the front with a black trim and then a gray middle with green writing, even though in words and in the preview it was all good. I should have just stuck with all black for the wallet with just the green writing , I think it would have turned out better but it was still exactly what I ordered.
Reviewer: Mr. Harbour | Verified Customer Date: Dec 03, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Impressed
Im extremely impressed. For the price, I had low expectations. However, not only was it great quality, the design was clear and crisp and it shipped out super fast, especially for something being customized. I would definitely order again and again.
Reviewer: Grace Smith | Verified Customer Date: Dec 02, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Fast and correct
The item I ordered not only came super fast but it’d exactly what I ordered!
Reviewer: Elycia Henry | Verified Customer Date: Sep 10, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Great purchase
We got this for our daughter with some of her favorite chacters on it. It came sooner than expected and is very well made. I am confident that it will be able to last a long time and be tough enough to handle the rough play of our toddler.
Reviewer: Cassondra Roth | Verified Customer Date: Jul 31, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Trifold Wallet
5 Stars Five Stars
I love my wallet. There is not a thing I'd change. Thank you!
Reviewer: Mahalley Hughes Date: Aug 25, 2017 Product: Black Eiffel Tower Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Awesome product, awesome customer service
My son LOVES his wallet. Fantastic customer service. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Mac Mama Date: Jul 17, 2017 Product: Hipster Cats & Mustache Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Outstanding
Awesome! Absolutely beautiful
Reviewer: Patricia J. Wingfield Date: May 16, 2017 Product: Christmas Holly Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Loved it, sturdy and just cute
Loved it , sturdy and just cute !!!!
Reviewer: Dlh Date: Dec 01, 2015 Product: Polka Dots Trifold Wallet (Personalized)
5 Stars Very nice !!
Daughter loves this wallet. It's constructed well, material is strong and the design and colors are very nice. I like the process of getting the wallet - Order it , the Seller contacts you via email, then you tell the Seller how you want it customized so you get a wallet that you basically designed yourself. My daughter (16yrs) liked that she could choose the design and colors of the wallet. Even though you have these couple of steps the wallet came very quickly to us. Very impressed, it's a nice wallet, you will not be disappointed.
Reviewer: SammyB Date: Oct 01, 2015 Product: Monogrammed Damask Trifold Wallet (Personalized)