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Motorcycle Travel Document Holder
Exactly What We Needed
After carrying our motorcycle documents (registration, insurance, inspection, etc...) in Zip-Lok bags for too many years, I saw these and thought they would work great. I couldn't have been more pleased! They hold everything conveniently, and look great! The graphics and quality of printing and construction are superb, and they fit perfectly in the storage areas on both of our motorcycles. Thanks!
Reviewer: Kenneth Richard | Verified Customer Date: Apr 21, 2021 Product: Motorcycle Travel Document Holder
Vintage World Map Travel Document Holder
The perfect holder
I had purchased one of these at the Harvest Festival years ago... and was looking for a replacement. I also purchased one for my friend who wanted a holder for his lotto tickets. I told him when he wins the lotto he can then use it for all the travel he wants! The design choices are really nice, lots to choose from. This may be an office gift next year when we can hopefully travel again!
Reviewer: Dianne | Verified Customer Date: Jan 25, 2021 Product: Vintage World Map Travel Document Holder
Design Your Own Travel Document Holder
Document holder
perfect for car title, insurance cards and other paperwork.
Reviewer: Rebecca S. | Verified Customer Date: May 21, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Travel Document Holder
This will do
I really like how the colors came out, I feel like they are true to how that looked on my pc (or monitor anyway). But I thought the line would horizontal across the front, but the one I received had a vertical line across the front. I also think this would be better if they could actually print the design on the vinyl. But I like it and I'll use it.
Reviewer: Pinkie | Verified Customer Date: Jul 18, 2019
Vintage World Map Travel Document Holder
Travel Organizer
Love the product and the company. Thank you for the ease of ordering and the fast delivery.
Reviewer: Dena Dawson | Verified Customer Date: Oct 01, 2018 Product: Vintage World Map Travel Document Holder