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Building Blocks Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Bought these for the kids. We're moving into a new apartment so I personalized each piece with the kids names on them. I can't wait to see their faces! Will upload pics once we move in.
Reviewer: Monique | Verified Customer Date: Feb 12, 2021 Product: Building Blocks Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Nautical Anchors & Stripes Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Was ok. Very small and kind of flimsy
Reviewer: Shari D | Verified Customer Date: Feb 02, 2021 Product: Nautical Anchors & Stripes Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Sunflowers Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Sunflower toilet brush holder/cleaner
Absolutely love it!
Reviewer: Deanna | Verified Customer Date: Nov 16, 2020 Product: Sunflowers Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Design Your Own Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush
The paper sticker does not fully stick to the plastic holder. The edges on the ends of the label curl up.
We are currently investigating an issue which causes the edges to curl when certain dark colors are printed. We will be reaching out to you to replace you product for free if you would like.
Reviewer: James | Verified Customer Date: Oct 29, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Toilet Brush
Lotus Pose Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Toilet brush
Smaller than expected.
Reviewer: Rosaline Hayes | Verified Customer Date: Sep 18, 2020 Product: Lotus Pose Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Argyle & Moroccan Mosaic Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Very pretty!
Reviewer: Angel Fluker | Verified Customer Date: Jul 03, 2019 Product: Argyle & Moroccan Mosaic Toilet Brush (Personalized)
Emojis Toilet Brush (Personalized)
This is too cute , now the girls are taking turns cleaning !
Reviewer: Karen MCMutuary | Verified Customer Date: Dec 10, 2018 Product: Emojis Toilet Brush (Personalized)