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Nature Inspired Sublimation Transfer (Personalized)
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Thanks, It was just like I customized.
Reviewer: K. Dawkins Product: Nature Inspired Sublimation Transfer (Personalized)
Design Your Own Sublimation Transfer (Personalized)
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This was the first time I ever did an iron on decals. Ordering decals was very easy , being able to design the decal was very cool and the price point was very nice. My niece is turning 21 next month and we're celebrating her birthday on a cruise and wanted to make shirts as a group. I watched the video on how to iron them on. I was very nervous about doing this and I ordered a few extra ones to use as samples till I felt ready to do the actual decal. May I make a suggestion, I wish that there were samples to try so I didn't have to spend the 4.95 for each of the extra ones. All in all I loved the decals and they looked better than I have hope for and can't wait to wear the shirt , I made 15 of them and will do this again and I'll order from youcustomizeit!
Reviewer: Rinette Ellis Product: Design Your Own Sublimation Transfer (Personalized)