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Design Your Own Square Decal
The customize square is a gift for my sister/Friends, part of a gift bag item for their mouse pad at work. Thank you for assisting me in designing my square they're Beautiful.
Reviewer: michele | Verified Customer Date: Mar 05, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Square Decal
Kandinsky Composition 8 Square Decal
Kandinsky Decal
Nice, but print image might have been a little "crisper"
Reviewer: Susan | Verified Customer Date: Feb 26, 2021 Product: Kandinsky Composition 8 Square Decal
Design Your Own Square Decal
It came out great!
The decal was an experiment to be honest but I like how it came out, so I'll likely order more later. Thanks for the good work!
Reviewer: David Fermanich | Verified Customer Date: Aug 19, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Square Decal
Circuit Board Square Decal (Personalized)
Perfect and good quality.
I put this design on my "Ohm" custom design electric guitar and it looks great! I like the designing and size options. The vinyl went on very well and I like that's it's removable. I added a power light (the guitar has active pickups that run on an internal 9-volt battery) - no circuit board is complete without one. The design and shipping took about a week - very fast! I'm looking forward to some other designs, so I'll be back.
Reviewer: Circio | Verified Customer Date: Jun 09, 2020 Product: Circuit Board Square Decal (Personalized)
Design Your Own Square Decal
Couldnt gave been better!!!!!!
Yall were fantastic. The format for actually making my own was easy to navigate and from checkout to arrival, you guys kept me informed always!
Reviewer: Kevin Pullen | Verified Customer Date: Jun 05, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Square Decal
Camper Square Decal (Personalized)
So great we could customize our own decal!!
Reviewer: Donna Broussard | Verified Customer Date: May 24, 2020 Product: Camper Square Decal (Personalized)
Design Your Own Square Decal
Best site - I'll be using it for Christmas gifts
Your web site was very easy to navigate and Tracy was most helpful. The whole experience was a pleasant surprise. I received my decal in a very short time and it was everything Tracy assured me it would be. I can't wait to finish my project..I'm sure it will be wonderful.
Reviewer: Lois Mezzano | Verified Customer Date: Aug 26, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Square Decal
Ballerina Square Decal (Personalized)
So cute
I had to order it bigger than I needed to cover up a previous name. I modified it slightly and our 4 year old granddaughter LOVES it.
Reviewer: Teresa Atchley | Verified Customer Date: Aug 06, 2019 Product: Ballerina Square Decal (Personalized)
Logo & Tag Line Square Decal (Personalized)
Custom quality!
I was able to customize my order so specifically that when I called the company after placing the order that were able to edit my order to get it exactly the way I wanted it. Im so pleased with the final result.
Reviewer: Kat Odom | Verified Customer Date: Jun 24, 2019 Product: Logo & Tag Line Square Decal (Personalized)