Reviews for Serving Trays

Dogs Playing Poker 1903 C.M.Coolidge Serving Tray
Look Great, but very small Image #2132609 for Review #2132608
My fault for not really looking at the measurements for these trays, but if you are looking at them too...they are definitely NOT for food; drinks at best.
Reviewer: Stephen Darby Product: Dogs Playing Poker 1903 C.M.Coolidge Serving Tray
Personalized Serving Tray
Great gift! Image #1761185 for Review #1761184
Gift for my sister-in-Law. She loves it and raves about the quality of the item.
Reviewer: SKCZEC Product: Personalized Serving Tray
Modern Chic Argyle Serving Tray (Personalized)
Not as pictured Image #1758160 for Review #1758159
Image looks like clear melamine but its white and cheaply made. Not worthy of the $30 that is charged. Thankfully, after putting in a call, i received a callback 5 days later and was issued an RMA for return.
We apologize if our pictures led you to believe it was clear. Our melamine products are white melamine decorated with your design. We also apologize for the delay in issuing you an RMA, you should have received a call back within 1 business day.
Reviewer: JENNIFER CHIN Product: Modern Chic Argyle Serving Tray (Personalized)
Easter Birdhouses Serving Tray (Personalized)
Beautiful and elegant
Very beautiful and elegant tray.
It's very heavy and good quality.
True to size, which is not so big, it fits a small dish and a glass, if you put a standard dish on it, the glass or cup doesn't fit, so pay attention to the measures.
Reviewer: Claudia M.M.M. Product: Easter Birdhouses Serving Tray (Personalized)
Pixelated Chevron Serving Tray (Personalized)
I love my trays!
I just got my trays and they are awesome! Thank you!
Reviewer: Shirley Prince Product: Pixelated Chevron Serving Tray (Personalized)