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Reviews for Oven Mitt

4.6 Stars (42 Reviews)
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3 Stars Stiff oven mitt
The external quality and appearance is great, just like it appears online. But I expected a soft pliable oven mitt like Ive always owned. This is very stiff and not quilted. I just hope its useful.
Reviewer: Sherry | Verified Customer Date: Dec 16, 2023 Product: Monogrammed Damask Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Completely perfect
I was shocked by how well these turned out. I expected at least some pixelation or graininess, as I've seen with photo products from other companies, but they're gorgeous and came out completely clear, and much brighter than similar products. I'll absolutely be using this company again!
Reviewer: Elizabeth Feuss | Verified Customer Date: Dec 16, 2023 Product: Photo Oven Mitt
5 Stars Oven Mitts
These came out larger than I expected. This is great for even men who like to bake because they can get their hands in them. They are stiffer than all-fabric mitts because there is thick rubber or silicone on the back side and neoprene fabric on the front. I love that they have left hand and right hand mitts. You can buy one or get a set of two. (I bought sets of two!)
Reviewer: Lori Judd | Verified Customer Date: Feb 16, 2023 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars extraordinary product
this item and the quality of the production just blew my mind... well done!
Reviewer: KEVIN ETTA | Verified Customer Date: Jan 26, 2023 Product: Logo & Company Name Oven Mitt
2 Stars Looks good, bad quality
Looks really cute and good picture quality. However, if you need an oven mitt that you can actually use do NOT purchase this. I have burned my thumb multiple times getting hot pans out of the oven
Hello Margaret, we are sorry to see you were not happy with your purchase. Someone will be reaching out to you to see what we can do to make you happy.
Reviewer: Margaret | Verified Customer Date: Jan 02, 2021 Product: Photo Birthday Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Looks great!
The oven mitt just arrived and it looks great! Got here fast! Excited to give it as a gift to my mother!
Reviewer: Robert | Verified Customer Date: Dec 18, 2021 Product: Musical Notes Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Matching Oven Mittens
Purchased as a gift along with the matching apron. The mittens are well insulated and of good quality. Very pleased with the purchase.
Reviewer: Kathryn | Verified Customer Date: Dec 16, 2021 Product: Gingham & Elephants Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars High quality
I expected a very cheap dollartree-type oven mitt for the sale price; I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality! It is a nice usable mitt, not just a cute decoration. The print is better than expected as well.
Reviewer: Donna | Verified Customer Date: Dec 10, 2021 Product: Musical Instruments Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars beautiful!
i love it can’t wait to give it as a gift !
Reviewer: Jami | Verified Customer Date: Dec 07, 2021 Product: Floral Vine Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Just as Expected!
When I couldn't find a pair of oven mitts I liked at the right price, I decided to design my own and they look great. Thank you!
Reviewer: Claudia | Verified Customer Date: Nov 24, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars Oven mitt
Just as shown, arrived in a timely manner and good quality!
Reviewer: karen | Verified Customer Date: Nov 09, 2021 Product: Fire Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Perfect
It's a Father's Day gift for my son-in-law so I have not given it to him yet. But it's perfect, he's the main chef in the house, and I'm sure he'll love it.
Reviewer: Vicko | Verified Customer Date: Jun 03, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars Oven mitt
High quality product and the picture looks fantastic
Reviewer: Russell Lipponen | Verified Customer Date: May 11, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars Better than Expected!
I thought it would be just a regular oven mitt with a picture I uploaded. It was more in that one side had material that was added protection. Not sure of the material but it added a nice touch to the mitt. It was a surprise gift so I sent it off to the person and cannot wait to hear what she says. I highly recommend YouCustomizeIt and am planning on ordering more products. Oh - and the communication is wonderful and friendly. Thank you!
Reviewer: VICK | Verified Customer Date: Apr 26, 2021 Product: Pet Photo Oven Mitt (Personalized)
4 Stars Oven Mitt
Momma wanted an Easter oven mitt and she got it. With her name on it as well. She loves her mitt and it worked out perfectly.
Reviewer: Tony | Verified Customer Date: Mar 26, 2021 Product: Happy Easter Oven Mitt (Personalized)
Reviewer: HARRY | Verified Customer Date: Feb 19, 2021 Product: Chili Peppers Oven Mitt (Personalized)
2 Stars Oven Mitt
Design great but is stiff to use. Won’t stop me from using the site. Love the app. Trouble free deduction from my checking account, shipping accurate. Even the tray that had to go to my Parcel Shipment Account.
Reviewer: Peggy | Verified Customer Date: Jan 29, 2021 Product: Honeycomb Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Beautiful and exceptional quality!
This adds an elegant classy touch to my kitchen and it’s such high quality. Exceeded my expectations and surprised me!
Reviewer: Caralee | Verified Customer Date: Jan 25, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars Perfect!
Reviewer: Hana Date: Jan 16, 2021 Product: Rubber Duckie Right Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Custom Oven Mitt
Happy with purchase. Going to give it 5☆. Good product, fair price, fast production and delivery. > Recommended. Oven Mitt received exactly as depicted online. Self-design process/interface reasonably smooth. Processing, production, and shipping was surprisingly fast -- esp considering the date ordered, amid the holiday rush.
Reviewer: Steve | Verified Customer Date: Dec 31, 2020 Product: Photo Birthday Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars GREAT company for gifting
I ordered a right-handed oven mitt for my mom for Christmas and it is absolutely AMAZING! I really love it and think she will enjoy it as well. I would upload a picture of it, but the pictures are personal so I will hold off. The mitt itself is pretty standard. The design on one side and a black gripping material on the other side (for the kitchen). It is a decent size, not too big or too small. The font came out great and isn't smudged or blended or anything like that. I love this gift and the price was great as well. Would definitely recommend and buy from again!
Reviewer: Abby | Verified Customer Date: Dec 13, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars Very Nice Work
Very pleased with the results. Will continue to look for customized items as gifts.
Reviewer: Susan | Verified Customer Date: Dec 04, 2020 Product: Golf Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Dinosaur Mitt
Timely and true to order expectations. I plan to add a dinosaur toy to the mitt and give it to my autistic grandnephew who loves mitts......
Reviewer: Sylvia Trigger Hobgood | Verified Customer Date: Dec 01, 2020 Product: Dinosaurs Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Great oven mitt
Love the design!!!
Reviewer: Margaret A | Verified Customer Date: Oct 28, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars she loved it
looks perfessional
Reviewer: Christien Anderson | Verified Customer Date: Aug 26, 2020 Product: Om Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Great product!
The oven mitt was printed really well in what looks like very high quality neoprene. The mitt is pretty large and bends with the hand pretty well. The stitching looks heavy duty as well. The customization process was easy and help from customer service was prompt. The mitt got here very fast!
Reviewer: RM | Verified Customer Date: Aug 14, 2020 Product: Chevron & Anchor Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Sweet design and works well
Am updating kitchen and wanted oven mitts to add to the "classy" look. These are beautiful, but also work extremely well for oven use. Surprisingly not bulky and easy to fit hands into.
Reviewer: Gail Wermuth | Verified Customer Date: Jul 15, 2020 Product: Irises (Van Gogh) Oven Mitt
5 Stars Love It
Fast Shipping. Customization is perfect. Quality of item is great. The best part is that the colors turned out exactly as I had hoped.
Reviewer: SUSAN From Katy | Verified Customer Date: Jul 15, 2020 Product: Swirls & Floral Oven Mitt (Personalized)
4 Stars Mit
I love the grip it has
Reviewer: Melinda O'Dell | Verified Customer Date: Jun 23, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
2 Stars Poor Quality
I thought that after spending around $15 per oven mitt, these would be a higher quality. However, when I got them in the mail, it was screen printed fabric, super thin, with bleached out edges. The seems looked unfinished, there were white and black stitches on one, where the other was all black. Overall, Im just disappointed with the quality I received for the amount of money I spent. Ive seen better at Walmart.
These products are imaged using a heat-applied ink transfer process known as sublimation. Defects like the one we seen in your picture are within the acceptable quality margins, especially for darker colors. We will be reaching out to you to determine what we can do to make this right.
Reviewer: Nadine Bare | Verified Customer Date: Jun 19, 2020 Product: Black Lace Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Missing item in kitchen, found!
My kitchen is done in a theme of Vincent Van Gogh. I used youcustomizeit when I needed Van Gogh rugs. They have a ready to order Vincent rug but I needed 4 rugs and I wanted them all different studies. One of my favorite Vincent studies is the chairs, both Vincent's chair and Gauguin's chair. I came right to this seller for the oven mitts since they did such an amazing job of the rugs. I put Vincent's chair on one mitt, Gauguin's chair on the other. They look perfect! These are not quilted, they are a silicone rubbery type thing. You can grab a hot pizza, baked at 450f with this mitt and it does not steam, melt nor burn. You do not feel the heat on your fingers. While designing these, I got into the simple design area. There is an advanced editing option that I just found for a different project and will now redo my chairs to show more and try to capture Vincent's wooden chest with his name on it. Whatever you submit will be the exact pattern on your item. My designs come out sharp, crisp, intense colors and great quality on the item itself.
Reviewer: Robin StonePal | Verified Customer Date: Jun 07, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
3 Stars Great as a gift, not an amazing oven mitt
The design came out amazing which was most important, it's just not an amazing oven mitt, a little stiff and hard to grip things. I'm not mad though, it was like 12 bucks so i am overall happy with the purchase
Reviewer: loco | Verified Customer Date: Apr 22, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars Love it!
I got this for my husband for Christmas because he said he wanted a new oven mitt. I did not want to get him a plain ole oven mitt so I got a customized one. We had to let one of our dogs go April 1 this year so I included her name (Lillie) as well as our current dogs name (Lacy). We rescued Lillie when she was just six weeks old and she was almost sixteen when we had to let her go. Thank you for the quick delivery!
Reviewer: Brandy Hammack | Verified Customer Date: Dec 18, 2019 Product: Dog Faces Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars So happy!!! Great quality and super fast
Overall this is a great product and I am very happy with it. It is impossible to find stuff with my husband's soccer team logo on it so this was perfect! My only suggestion is in the design. It would have been much easier if you "move" the image on the item and zoom in or out because when I would upload an image it would never be centered. But other than that it was great!
Reviewer: Cheryl Leite | Verified Customer Date: Nov 20, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars Photo Oven Mitt
I was amazed at the FAST service... and then excited to see you are in Pearland... very close! I gave you five stars, but I do have one issue with designing.... in the past when I've worked with photos on an item, I was able to move the photo around and center it the way I wanted it, but this was more limited & I had to do some cut & pasting on my own to try & make the picture fit.... BUT I do love the way they turned out...…….. so I sent in a second order! Thanks!
Reviewer: Paula G Smith | Verified Customer Date: Nov 20, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Oven Mitt
5 Stars My friend loved it!
Got it as a gift for a friend and she loved it! Didnt get to see the finished product personally but she loved how it turned out and thats all that really matters! I think the best part was how incredibly fast it shopped! It arrived 4-5 days faster than I anticipated and arrived perfectly on her birthday! Thanks again!
Reviewer: KTB | Verified Customer Date: Jul 19, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Right Oven Mitt
3 Stars I was confused
When I bought these items, I thought they would be regular cotton mitts and hot pads. I'm not sure if these will work out for me. I will try them out and see if they work out.
Reviewer: Shirley Marcus | Verified Customer Date: May 24, 2019 Product: Irises (Van Gogh) Left Oven Mitt
5 Stars GREAT
Reviewer: VIRGINIA OLIVER | Verified Customer Date: Feb 03, 2019 Product: Llamas Left Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Easy to design
There were many different prints to choose from in designing this mitt, it was easy and had a very quick delivery. we think our nephew will love it!
Reviewer: Connie Baker | Verified Customer Date: Dec 06, 2018 Product: Design Your Own Right Oven Mitt
5 Stars Couldnt be happier!
Delivery was lighting fast! Product arrived and the whole family was impressed with not only the quality of the personalized lettering but with the quality of the fabric and heat safe backing to the potholder. It will be perfect for our event!
Reviewer: Sarah B | Verified Customer Date: Nov 29, 2018 Product: Design Your Own Right Oven Mitt
5 Stars Oven Mitt
It was more than I expected! Amazing! I loved the fact that I could design around my decor versus just settling.
Reviewer: Akira Jerome | Verified Customer Date: Oct 29, 2018 Product: Patriotic Fleur de Lis Right Oven Mitt (Personalized)
5 Stars Dog stars
Cute I'm a dog lover
Reviewer: Judi Fitzsimmons Date: Oct 09, 2016 Product: Dog Faces Right Oven Mitt (Personalized)