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Reviews for Neoprene Pencil Case

4.8 Stars (18 Reviews)
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4 Stars Pencil case
Very cute! Nice size. My son likes it very much. 4 stars as I feel like the printing could be a sharper as it looks a little fuzzy in the black areas.
Reviewer: AS | Verified Customer Date: Jul 28, 2023 Product: Buzzing Bee Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Sea Turtle Pencil Case
This is for a birthday gift to my grandson who loves turtles. Love the way it was made. Perfect!!
Reviewer: Mary Grace Alonzo | Verified Customer Date: Mar 10, 2023 Product: Sea Turtles Neoprene Pencil Case
5 Stars Made it personal
I brought this to match the binder and my granddaughter is head over heels in love with her set. Look out school.
Reviewer: Nedra L Cameron | Verified Customer Date: Aug 11, 2022 Product: Purple Damask & Dots Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Great purchase
My son is in love with his new pencil pouch. It’s really well done and looks great!
Reviewer: Andrea Vickers | Verified Customer Date: Jul 30, 2022 Product: Baseball Jersey Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Perfect pencil case.
My 7 year old granddaughter really loves this case for school! I love it too. Fun to personalize items for her.
Reviewer: Nancy T Vega | Verified Customer Date: May 27, 2022 Product: Butterflies Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Pencil case
This is perfect to fit all of her stuff in. She loved it!
Reviewer: Sara C Chrisman | Verified Customer Date: Mar 02, 2022 Product: Nurse Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Gifts for my Grand Nephews
Went to visit them earlier this year and took pencil cases, book marks and rulers as gifts for them. They loved their gifts and I got big grandma hugs and kisses from the both the boys.
Reviewer: NP | Verified Customer Date: Nov 19, 2021 Product: Space Explorer Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Pencil case
Great product for back to school. Love it!
Reviewer: Lorri | Verified Customer Date: Sep 10, 2021 Product: Baseball Jersey Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Love this!
I love this!!
Reviewer: Grace | Verified Customer Date: Feb 25, 2021 Product: Granite Leopard Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
4 Stars Pencil pouch
Daughter loves it
Reviewer: Selia | Verified Customer Date: Dec 11, 2020 Product: Watercolor Mandala Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Love the colors
I loved that I could customize this as much or as little as I wanted. Great quality!
Reviewer: Leslie Waller | Verified Customer Date: Aug 15, 2020 Product: Tetromino Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
3 Stars School Pencil Bags
Very nice product however they come with a strong odor (possibly from ink). Luckily I'll have time to air them out before giving them as gifts; hope the smell disappears.
The smell should disappear. These products are made using a heat-activated ink transfer process and the neoprene fabric sometimes produces and odor when heated up.
Reviewer: EV Randall | Verified Customer Date: Jun 02, 2020 Product: Sports Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars All Mine
Everything I need for school in one place.
Reviewer: Judith Allen | Verified Customer Date: Feb 03, 2020 Product: Building Blocks Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Soft, nice quality and great price !
I love this pencil case! It was great to customize it from so many options ! A very special gift!
Reviewer: Virginia McDermott | Verified Customer Date: Nov 20, 2019 Product: Nurse Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Teenager Custom Designs Her Favorites
My granddaughter has been reading a series of books about a futuristic society, in which a teenager has to choose a "faction" that will be his/her home, profession, source of friends, and function in the "perfect" society. Each faction has a symbol. At the end of the first book, as well as online, there is a test that readers can take, to determine WHICH factor the reader might belong to, if he/she were in that society. (This grammy has read the first book, seen the movie made from it, and took the test too!) My teen granddaughter loved the idea that she could design her 4 birthday presents based on the symbol of AMITY, the faction into which she tested. We bought the backpack, the clipboard, the pencil bag and the sticky note cube. She can't WAIT for school to start, to use them and show to her classmates, especially her Writing Group, where all the girls have read those same books. She took pictures of them with my cell phone to show the girls. TERRIFIC GIFTS, JUST what she wanted. I am sooooo happy I could get them for her. They were easy for her to design and came quickly, in time for her 13th birthday. Thank you THANK YOU!
Reviewer: Joyce Hoffer | Verified Customer Date: Aug 02, 2019 Product: Design Your Own Neoprene Pencil Case
5 Stars Daughter is thrilled!
Super cute and made just how she wanted it. Fast shipping and well done. Thank you!
Reviewer: Tracy Clark | Verified Customer Date: Aug 28, 2018 Product: Softball Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Great gift
This was a gift and it looks exactly like the picture and description. Thank you!
Reviewer: NP | Verified Customer Date: Aug 15, 2018 Product: Graffiti Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)
5 Stars Love it!
Very pleased!! Highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Tricia Angluin | Verified Customer Date: Aug 13, 2018 Product: Hockey Neoprene Pencil Case (Personalized)