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Design Your Own Makeup Bags
The print are way to small. I'm really not sacrificed with the print and material. I called to ask if the print could be larger or get it on different fabrics. I do understand the bad weather you have out there. So no rush.
Reviewer: Angela | Verified Customer Date: Feb 17, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Makeup Bags
Custom Character (Woman) Makeup Bags (Personalized)
The bag sizes/colors/quality are really nice - just disappointed with the personalization - its not crisp/clear - its nice just not as nice as I had wanted/expected. Not sure I would order again.
Reviewer: Sheila | Verified Customer Date: Feb 11, 2021 Product: Custom Character (Woman) Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Nurse Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Great Bag and Larger than expected.
Well made and looks exactly as in the seller website. Good Buy !!
Reviewer: Vin | Verified Customer Date: Dec 07, 2020 Product: Nurse Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Design Your Own Makeup Bags
Makeup bags
Great product Customer service is the best! Thank you
Reviewer: Candi Crafton | Verified Customer Date: Sep 21, 2020 Product: Design Your Own Makeup Bags
Giraffe Print Makeup Bags (Personalized)
giraffe print
Colors vibrant!
Reviewer: Diane Marie Luebbe | Verified Customer Date: Jul 23, 2020 Product: Giraffe Print Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Llamas Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Custom Work was perfect.
The custom software took me a bit to understand even though I do a lot of custom design work myself but once I got it figured out, I was able to change just about anything to whatever it was that I desired. I was able to tailor this bag exactly like I figured my wife would love and when I opened the package was amazed at how it turned out. This place does excellent customization if you have the patience and determination to figure the software out and get the work done. Thanks again for the amazing products. I will more than likely return at a later date. Awesome work!!
Reviewer: David A Lewis | Verified Customer Date: Dec 23, 2019 Product: Llamas Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Tulips Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Large enough for a business travel week
I usually pare down my routine on short business trips and this was a perfect size for my 4 day travel for work or a long personal weekend. Holds enough of my stuff to get through
Reviewer: Kimberly Kellner | Verified Customer Date: Sep 13, 2019 Product: Tulips Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Rope Sail Boats Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Disappointed, especially for the price.
I am pretty disappointed with my recent order of personalized zippered pouches. The text I requested is barely readable. On other personalized products sites I have often received the message during the process that certain texts or photos (if applicable) would not work well on a product. I can just make out the letters on the pouches but the date is totally undeterminable. These pouches were not inexpensive and I had hoped for better quality for the price.
I am sorry about the unreadable text on your zippered pouch. We do our best to only send out the absolute best looking products but we have a Love it or Return it policy to make sure you have every option have a great experience with our company.
Reviewer: Betty Siegenthaler | Verified Customer Date: Sep 12, 2019 Product: Rope Sail Boats Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Softball Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Amazing team gift
We ordered these for goody bags for a team slumber party and they were amazing!! The kids loved them and they were well made and turned out exactly like we hoped.
Reviewer: Suzanne Miller | Verified Customer Date: Aug 04, 2019 Product: Softball Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Black Lace Makeup Bags (Personalized)
This product is pretty but the monogram seems a bit faded.
Reviewer: Maria Esteves | Verified Customer Date: Nov 21, 2018 Product: Black Lace Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Foxy Yoga Makeup Bag - Large - 12.5"x7" (Personalized)
Best gift ever!!!
Best gift ever!!! My duaghter loved it. Thank you..
Reviewer: Steven Wylie | Verified Customer Date: Dec 16, 2017 Product: Foxy Yoga Makeup Bag - Large - 12.5"x7" (Personalized)
Circuit Board Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Could be made into a small handbag
This is a really cute bag. I actually added a ribbon strap to make it a small crossbody purse and it looks really good. I ran the ribbon all the way down both sides.
Reviewer: K. Perl Date: May 12, 2017 Product: Circuit Board Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Sugar Skulls & Flowers Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Five Stars
Reviewer: Anonymous Date: Apr 02, 2017 Product: Sugar Skulls & Flowers Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Hipster Cats Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Nice but Defective
This bag is really nice, but the zipper does not properly work. Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars.
Reviewer: Angie Warren Date: Mar 22, 2017 Product: Hipster Cats Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Flying Pigs Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Excellent product!!
Excellent product!! Was the perfect gift and made the recipient smile!! Highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Anonymous Date: Mar 12, 2017 Product: Flying Pigs Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Dog Faces Makeup Bags (Personalized)
Nice little bag! Adorable design with cute puppies. The design looks a little "blurry" and the monograming is "light" but still very cute. The material and zipper seems durable so I think it's a great buy for the price.
Reviewer: Anonymous Date: Dec 08, 2016 Product: Dog Faces Makeup Bags (Personalized)