Reviews for Dog Bandanas

Logo & Company Name Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Exactly what I wanted, great quality!
Reviewer: Ashley Product: Logo & Company Name Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Roses Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Adorable Image #2642863 for Review #2642862
Super adorable my client is going to love it!
Reviewer: Thereza Gonzalez Product: Roses Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Design Your Own Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Great value Image #2509197 for Review #2509196
I ordered the large personalized bandana and I am very happy with my purchase. It is exactly as pictured in size, color, and detail. It was shipped fast, and was very reasonably priced for a personalized product. Glad I found youcustomizeit!
Reviewer: Sandra Anderson Product: Design Your Own Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Design Your Own Dog Bandana (Personalized)
It's great! Image #2447750 for Review #2447749 Image #2447751 for Review #2447749 Image #2447752 for Review #2447749
Beautifully done. Good materials. My only issue was that it seemed smaller than what I was expecting, but that's probably on me, as I'm pretty sure you listed the measurements.
Reviewer: Melissa Sutton Product: Design Your Own Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Softball Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Personalized Dog bandana Image #2361274 for Review #2361273
Extremely satisfied with personalized bandana for son’s softball team. Quick shipment. Think I will need to order 2 more for other team pups! Didn’t realize I got a collar too! What a great deal!
Reviewer: Karen Mihelich Product: Softball Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Apple Blossoms (Van Gogh) Dog Bandana
The Dog Bandana is adorable Image #2237898 for Review #2237897
I would have preferred the option of no collar. Putting a cheap bright blue collar on a really cute bandana is a waste. At the very least let me pick the color of the collar. I ended up ordering 4 bandanas and threw 4 blue collars in the trash.
Reviewer: Lynn Caddell Product: Apple Blossoms (Van Gogh) Dog Bandana
Bohemian Art Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Adorable! Image #2189934 for Review #2189933
Thank you for the adorable boho doggie bandana! It's perfect! Also thanks for speedy shipment! Appreciated!
Reviewer: Debra Turner Product: Bohemian Art Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Design Your Own Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Product is okay Image #2022373 for Review #2022372 Image #2022374 for Review #2022372
The quality is good , Bandana is very much smaller then expected though .
Reviewer: Hailey Product: Design Your Own Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Yoga Poses Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Great service. Image #1897135 for Review #1897134
They called almost immediately to help me correct a mistake I made on my order. Service was quick for a customized item and I love it.
Reviewer: Karen Product: Yoga Poses Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Tribal Arrows Dog Bandana (Personalized)
LOOOVE!!!!!!!! Image #1846395 for Review #1846394 Image #1846396 for Review #1846394
I don't ever leave reviews when I purchase things online but I had to leave one for this bandana. I designed the front and back, I was able to upload my own pictures/prints that I already had on my own computer for the blue side. The price, the ease of designing, the fact that it already CAME WITH a nylon collar to put the bandana on blew my mind & the speed at which it was ordered to the time it arrived at my house was amazing!! I can't say anything bad about this website/product !!! 5 STARS x 10 !!!
Reviewer: TYLER NICHOLS Product: Tribal Arrows Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Zebra Dog Bandana (Personalized)
EDS Support Image #1799204 for Review #1799203 Image #1799205 for Review #1799203 Image #1799206 for Review #1799203
Love your zebra dog Bandana!!! Zebra is the symbol for ehlers-danlos a connective tissue disorder which my daughter has and I bought the Bandana for her dog and an upcoming 5k walk for EDS. Love that I could pick the colors as she also has Gastroparesis (green) and dysautnomia (blue) so I was able to represent those disorders on the bandana also!
Reviewer: Linda Orfanos Product: Zebra Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Mermaid Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Love it Image #1754101 for Review #1754100
Long story, but I wanted something for my mobility service dog when we attend our church activities and outreach. She draws a lot of attention and being in a wheelchair it allows me to talk about church, fake service animals and disabilities without people feeling uncomfortable.
Reviewer: Jeff Uslan Product: Mermaid Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Blue Argyle Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Problem resolved quickly Image #1568289 for Review #1568288 Image #1568290 for Review #1568288
I ordered 2 bandanas, and printing was mixed up they had both dogs names on one bandanna, and both dogs names on the other bandanna, and the same print on each side of both bandannas. I emailed the problem, the person asked for pictures, and she immediately ordered the correct bandannas, and they were shipped very quickly. Im happy with the acknowledgement of the problem, and the quick correction.
Reviewer: Barbara Kennedy Product: Blue Argyle Dog Bandana (Personalized)
Design Your Own Dog Bandana - XLarge (Personalized)
My dog will be the cutest one on the beach
Loved this too. So much fun to make especially if u have a dog with a different name. There will never be another dog like mine or have a bandana like mine!
Reviewer: Lynn Norris Product: Design Your Own Dog Bandana - XLarge (Personalized)