Reviews for Coffee Mugs

Nurse Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Nurse Coffee Mug Image #2561821 for Review #2561820
Just as pictured, love it. I bought it for a gift. Thank you
Reviewer: Jeanne K Product: Nurse Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Yoga Poses Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Yoga Mug Image #2453495 for Review #2453494
Cute mug, easy to add a name, looks just like the photos on line and arrived in stated time frame.
Reviewer: Janice Product: Yoga Poses Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Maroon & White Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Nice! Image #2434294 for Review #2434293
Very cute mugs, expertly done and shipped promptly!
Reviewer: Janet Vatavuk Product: Maroon & White Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Buzzing Bee Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Buzxing Bee Mug Image #2394409 for Review #2394408
I love this mug with all the cheerful bees and I loved personalizing it with "I Beelieve in Jesus. I got one for my sister, too, and she loves it. The bee is not supposed to be able to fly, but he does and so can we on the wings of faith. I love all you bee products and hope to get others. Your service was very quick and your tracking emails awesome. The mugs arrived just in time for Mothers Day!
Reviewer: Barbara McWright Product: Buzzing Bee Coffee Mug (Personalized)
School Mascot Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Coffee mugs Image #2380544 for Review #2380543
Very pleased , they turned out so cute!!
Reviewer: Emily Bankston Product: School Mascot Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Leopard Print Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Mug Image #2149558 for Review #2149557
Reviewer: Pamela Scott Product: Leopard Print Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Llamas Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Llama mug Image #2116549 for Review #2116548
Loved it
Reviewer: Clara Bertram Product: Llamas Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Building Blocks Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Very pleased Image #2033296 for Review #2033295
Very happy with product and service!
Reviewer: Cheryl A. Coburn Product: Building Blocks Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Personalized Coffee Mug
Uploaded my own photo and turned out great! Image #1741301 for Review #1741300
Gorgeous! Uploaded photo found on Google. Turned out fantastic.
Reviewer: chlogburn Product: Personalized Coffee Mug
Zebra Print & Polka Dots Coffee Mug (Personalized)
who has helped me twice was very sweet and helpful
I ordered these mugs and made it personalized for birthday gifts for my 6 and 8 year old nieces. The representative on the phone, Tina who has helped me twice now was very sweet and helpful. She spent the time with me helping to make the mugs even more cute then they already are. I like how you can take the design offered and completely change it to what you like. These mugs are very nice quality and they have a wide selection of designs... Will be using this company for all my mug designs in the future. Very happy with this company and product.
Reviewer: Anonymous Product: Zebra Print & Polka Dots Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Flying Pigs Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Very pleased with purchase.... many options here, when you visit the RNK shops site.....
My daughter loves pigs... she found this mug on Amazon... I got the idea "It would be so cool if I could get a picture in that circle instead".... so I googled the RNK shops, made a phone call... YES I could ! The Seller was so VERY HELPFUL.. she explained some other options..ended up I got a larger Square over the circle - and still had daughters name engraved and the bottom of her picture...there were so many options to PLAY WITH on the RNK site...she was very helpful in exploring them with me.....I wanted the pig faces to show some where the larger square was... so she worked with that to blow up the pig size a little.. then I was able to change the font for her name to my liking.. this was the result...
The Mug is durable , clear coated finish - microwave safe.... all those things I was hoping for...I've ordered other photo mugs in the past that we couldn't really use as the picture would "scratch" off.. not this one ! Would definitely buy from again..
Daughter was so excited when I turned it around , she wasn't expecting to see her face too !! A very personal treasured mug...
Reviewer: OverRunWithSons Product: Flying Pigs Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Monogrammed Damask Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Five Stars
this was a gift and the receiver loved it. Came in a timely matter for Christmas.
Reviewer: lisa516 Product: Monogrammed Damask Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Leopard Print Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Don't waste your money!!!
I purchased this mug for a friend and the mug arrived with imperfections as if someone skipped the quality control step. It is way overpriced for what you get. This is my first negative feedback with online shopping and will never again order from this company. The mug was small approximately four inches high and three inches in diameter. The print does not go all the way around and has an inch gap at the handle..This mug has smudged and faded print by the handle. I refuse to pay extra for a redo and there are no refunds for personalized items...lesson learned.
Reviewer: Vesuvius Product: Leopard Print Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Butterflies & Stripes Coffee Mug (Personalized)
I ordered this for my niece and she loved it! The colors are vibrant and girly
I ordered this for my niece and she loved it! The colors are vibrant and girly, a perfect combination for a 9 year old.
Reviewer: Angelica Atoigue Product: Butterflies & Stripes Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Mustache Print Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Five Stars
Perfect sized mug and the ink stays put! No fading!
Reviewer: Stylinforu Product: Mustache Print Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Paris Bonjour and Eiffel Tower Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Perfect! My girl friend and her grandaughter just came ...
Perfect! My girl friend and her grandaughter just came home from Paris and I perchaced these with her name and "Nana"as a welcome home gift They just LOVED them!
Reviewer: Louise Svenonius Product: Paris Bonjour and Eiffel Tower Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Monogrammed Damask Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Personalized coffee mug review
It's very pretty. I only wish that I could have ordered a larger cup. The instructions for ordering the cup were confusing (to this 63-year old grandma). I will most likely buy another one in a larger size. We're in Montana ~ we drink 10 oz at a time (or more)!
Reviewer: Diane Mary Product: Monogrammed Damask Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Mustache Print Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Five Stars
I am beyond pleased with this item. They shipped early and are fantastic! Thank you so much!
Reviewer: Anonymous Product: Mustache Print Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Girly Monsters Coffee Mug (Personalized)
Love it!
I already have my mug in my hands!
I really Love it!
Thanks for all your help!
Reviewer: ngela Coronel Aizaga Product: Girly Monsters Coffee Mug (Personalized)