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5 Stars Loved
I gave this as a Christmas to my niece for her new car, and she absolutely loved it. She burst into tears. The pictures are of her dog at 10 weeks old. Priceless. Thank you!
Reviewer: Liz M | Verified Customer Date: Dec 27, 2023 Product: Family Photo and Name Car Sun Shade - Two Piece
5 Stars Car Visors
the pictures are clear and it fits perfectly in my car. the delivery was quick and easy.
Reviewer: Lolly Hanshaw | Verified Customer Date: Jul 27, 2023 Product: Design Your Own Car Sun Shade - Two Piece
3 Stars Not what I expected
They are nice but they are way too big for truck window and I have a big truck.i thought that these would sit side by side the way it looks In online picture. And would have suction cups. No suction cups and I just have to over lap them and try to get them to stay in window
Reviewer: Nyree Cabean-Grant | Verified Customer Date: May 02, 2023 Product: Logo & Company Name Car Sun Shade - Two Piece
3 Stars A bit too big
I really like the how they came out, but they are a bit too big and they don't look to good all bent out of shape or over lapping. If they would only fit right and behind the rearview mirror, they would be perfect.
Reviewer: Gilbert Paredez Date: Jul 21, 2022 Product: Design Your Own Car Sun Shade - Two Piece
4 Stars I like, but very big
I designed my own, and I was very happy with how it turned out. It looked just like in the picture, and folds up nicely. It comes with a little cover for stowing away. I didn't realize how big they were though, so I spent a lot of time designing unique left and right shades, but you can only see one shade as they overlap by nearly half. For reference, I have a Toyota Rav 4. I wish they had a smaller option of the same thing. I would totally order another in a smaller size.
Reviewer: Melissa Date: May 20, 2022 Product: Design Your Own Car Sun Shade - Two Piece
4 Stars Beautiful
These auto shades are beautiful. They are bigger than they need to be for my Equinox windshield, so they overlap.
Reviewer: Marie | Verified Customer Date: Oct 07, 2021 Product: Sunflowers Car Sun Shade - Two Piece (Personalized)