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Design Your Own Bar Mat
Bar Mat for a Home Bar
My sister saw my bar mat and wanted one - so I got as a gift for her. It works really well to absorb spills when pouring from a jigger or even a bottle. Love the fact that I don't end up with a sticky bar surface or wet drink glasses. My bar mat is white & purple and I have spilled red wine on it on more than one occasion. I just take it to the sink right away, pour some dishwashing soap, rinse and dry and it looks as good a new.
Reviewer: NPR | Verified Customer Date: Mar 17, 2022 Product: Design Your Own Bar Mat
Design Your Own Bar Mat
Great quality fast process and shipment!
The product quality exceeded my expectations. The print quality as well. Looks great on my bar everyone comments on it. The process is super fast Had time within a week. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Marco | Verified Customer Date: Mar 10, 2022 Product: Design Your Own Bar Mat
Design Your Own Bar Mat
He loved it!
I got this large bar mat for my father in law for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. I was impressed about the color on the mat because it was so vibrant and true to the tapestry my father in law has in his garage. The rubber part of the mat keeps it put wherever you place it, which in his case he keeps it outside on his patio bar and the printed part is soft to the touch and absorbs liquids quickly. He loves that he has this print now on his bar and in his garage helping him create the perfect "man cave". I would recommend this product for anyone looking to spruce up their bar or kitchen.
Reviewer: SR | Verified Customer Date: Mar 08, 2022 Product: Design Your Own Bar Mat
Design Your Own Bar Mat
Bar Mat
I bought this bar mat for my own counter top bar. Loved being able to design everything myself...color and font. I would recommend this to anyone to get a design that fits perfectly with your decor.
Reviewer: Eileen | Verified Customer Date: Aug 27, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Bar Mat