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Baseball Jersey Bamboo Cutting Board (Personalized)
Very nice
The board was very nice and it was a great gift for my daughter's boyfriend. The delivery was very fast and I got it with plenty of time for Christmas.
Reviewer: Sandra Alonso | Verified Customer Date: Dec 27, 2022 Product: Baseball Jersey Bamboo Cutting Board (Personalized)
Block Name Bamboo Cutting Board (Personalized)
Nice tray.
Pleased with quality and item.
Reviewer: Pamela P Kennedy | Verified Customer Date: Oct 28, 2022 Product: Block Name Bamboo Cutting Board (Personalized)
Softball Bamboo Cutting Board (Personalized)
Fun for kitchen
Really cute & great personalization! Wished the board was larger is the only criticism!
Reviewer: renee | Verified Customer Date: Jan 21, 2022 Product: Softball Bamboo Cutting Board (Personalized)
Design Your Own Bamboo Cutting Board
Great product with amazing detail
This product blew my mind. The quality of the design that is put into the wood is amazing. The wood is solid and would hold up to be able to be used for whatever you want. I would suggest if you are going to use this as a cutting board to cut on the side where the design isn't, as to not damage the design. This was purchased to be used as a charcuterie board but could honestly be used for so many more things. even as a decoration piece. I would use a mild soap when cleaning this as to not damage wood or design and not soaking the item. I would recommend this cutting board to anyone who is looking for a new one, it is perfect for any occasion. This will definitely make for a perfect gift!
Reviewer: Kaitlyn | Verified Customer Date: Dec 02, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Bamboo Cutting Board
Design Your Own Bamboo Cutting Board
An Exceptional Product I didn't think I needed
I must say that the Bamboo Cutting Board was exceptional. The size is big enough to fit all my food types and it has this beautiful engraved look from the design. However, I would advise against cutting on the design side as it will damage the graphic. It is more of a showpiece on that side. You simply cut on the other. They provide a mineral oil agent on the product which is helpful. There were some production issues for my product, but they did notified me and got it to me as soon as possible. I saw these tips as well for the cutting board. Would be helpful for those who don't use wooden cutting boards. Do wash your cutting board by hand. If youre just slicing bread, you can simply wipe it off, but for moist, sticky, or pungent foods (which is most of them), youll need to wash and rinse it. Do use liquid dish soap to wash your cutting board. Do wipe your clean cutting board dry, and let it finish by air-drying on its side. Dont soak a cutting board. You can submerge it in water, but only for a quick dunk. Soaking can cause the board to warp. Dont put wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher. The excessive heat and harsh chemicals of the dish detergent will cause the wood to dry out, warp, and/or crack. Dont use harsh, concentrated cleaners on your cutting board. Really like this place and will be ordering again!
Reviewer: Perry | Verified Customer Date: Nov 14, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Bamboo Cutting Board