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Cute Elephants Baby Swaddling Blanket (Personalized)
Very cute baby swaddle blanket
Very cute blanket. Super soft and perfect for a newborn. We got this for a friend of ours whos baby is in the NICU currently so they have more blankets for when she does get to come home. Perfect fit with the elephants for her room, loved that we got to change the colors of it all to match her room decor. The design was great, but for a swaddle blanket it should have been setup as landscape as now the design is sideways when they swaddle her in it. Other than that its a phenomenal blanket well worth the money!
Reviewer: WJ | Verified Customer Date: Jan 26, 2022 Product: Cute Elephants Baby Swaddling Blanket (Personalized)
Crawfish Baby Swaddling Blanket (Personalized)
Super cute!
I think my nephew and his wife will really like this, at least I hope so! Having the last name Beach, and our family loving crawfish boils, this was the perfect gift for their soon to be new baby!
Reviewer: Michelle Beach | Verified Customer Date: Dec 06, 2018 Product: Crawfish Baby Swaddling Blanket (Personalized)