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5 Stars Above and Beyond
I don't have a ton of exceptionally great experiences especially online ordering, but this was one. I was emailed and responded to promptly. They worked with me on what I wanted and even created a link for me to see the revised version and it looks AMAZING! Great work, and I even recommended them to a friend
Reviewer: Evan Adams | Verified Customer Date: May 15, 2024 Product: Design Your Own 3-Ring Binder - Full Wrap
5 Stars Excellent Product
I would definitely recommend this product. The purpose of the wrapped three ring binder provided a personalized document organizer. My customized upload images were appropriately aligned and the YouCustomizelt designs were plentiful. I truly appreciated the one-on-one design reviews with the Order/Review Team which led to assurance the delivered product would be satisfactory. For future personalized designs, I recommend upgrading the design template image and resolution sizing. In my experience, the design tool required a border to the upload image to meet the outside and inside binder image alignment. Thanks for all you do! Satisfied Customer
Reviewer: Satisfied Customer | Verified Customer Date: Mar 30, 2024 Product: Graduating Students 3 Ring Binder - Full Wrap (Personalized)
5 Stars I recommend YouCustomizeIt to everyone!
My husband wanted some thing to put all of our show dog advertisements in since we have done over 100 ads over the last couple of years of our Dobermans. He couldnt find anything that was unique and was worthy of the ads. I found YouCustomizeIt online and Im so glad I did. The customer service was 1000 out of 10. Customer service for everything and anything anymore has been horrible. Not here. They answer the phone immediately with a live person and they are always happy to help and you can tell they have a smile on their face as they talk to you. I had to call three times while I was designing my binder online, just for some guidance, and each time I was thoroughly pleased with the service. This wound up to be a 50th birthday present for my husband. He is so picky about gifts, but I finally got him something he absolutely loved and didnt want to return lol. SCORE!! Thank you to YouCustomizeIt!!
Reviewer: Lynda G | Verified Customer Date: Sep 19, 2023 Product: Design Your Own 3-Ring Binder - Full Wrap
5 Stars Great product
I like the product. It came just as shown on line. Kind of a fun thing for me to do.
Reviewer: Louise Donovan | Verified Customer Date: Sep 10, 2023 Product: Almond Blossoms (Van Gogh) 3 Ring Binder - Full Wrap
5 Stars 3 Ring Binder
Have loved both of the customized binders I have ordered. Kids love seeing their name & personalized background.
Reviewer: Marcy Ellis | Verified Customer Date: Jun 24, 2023 Product: Trains 3 Ring Binder - Full Wrap (Personalized)
5 Stars Love it!
I had previously ordered one of these binders from Amazon and I really am happy with it. But I ordered this one directly from You Customize It, and it's better than I expected. Thank you so much.
Reviewer: Megan Caldwell | Verified Customer Date: Mar 18, 2023 Product: Suzani Floral 3 Ring Binder - Full Wrap (Personalized)
5 Stars Amazing product and amazing customer service
I worked with Ogie over email and on the phone to solidify details. She was fantastic to work with. The quality of these binders and the ease of customizing them were great. I liked all the options and how flexible the customization was. They were very clear on the policies which was refreshing. There was no fine print or hidden twists. I paid for regular shipping and they actually got here a week early! I looked at several different companies and youcustomizeit won!
Reviewer: Christy's Piano Instruction | Verified Customer Date: Jan 12, 2023 Product: Design Your Own 3-Ring Binder - Full Wrap
5 Stars Absolutely PERFECT!
Gorgeous notebook! I smile every time I look at it. Vibrant colors. Flawless workmanship. Inserts stay flat with one side of the rings being straight rather than curved. Wide enough that the page protectors hidden when the notebook is closed. Customer service is top notch helping me step by step through the creation process as I'm not computer savvy at all. Later my granddaughter was perplexed as to my difficulty using the site to build the notebook as she found the system to be so easy. The notebook and findings feel sturdy with the ring closure aligning perfectly and circular brads well seated. I will not hesitate to use YOU CUSTOMIZE IT in the future. And finally, the expense is nominal for the merchandise. This is NOT a paid endorsement; just a very satisfied customer.
Reviewer: Linda McBride | Verified Customer Date: Aug 25, 2022 Product: Watercolor Peonies 3 Ring Binder - Full Wrap (Personalized)
5 Stars LOVE it!
My beautiful binder is so beautiful. Everyone has remarked how wonderful it is. Thank you!
Reviewer: Kristi Huffman | Verified Customer Date: Jul 29, 2022 Product: Sunflowers 3 Ring Binder - Full Wrap (Personalized)
5 Stars Wow! Looks just as good as the design!
This was so fun to make and I was really excited to see what the finished product looked like. Arrived sooner than I expected. Looks fab. I misread the description, however, and thought it was a 3" 3-ring binder. The RINGS of the binder are three inches, so the binding is FIVE! I'm not complaining, just surprised, but even better value, though, right? It's pricey, but I had a special reason for making this binder and so worth it. Couldn't find it anyplace else! Thank you!
Reviewer: Elizabeth | Verified Customer Date: Nov 16, 2021 Product: Zodiac Constellations 3 Ring Binder - Full Wrap (Personalized)
5 Stars Excellent customer service
I was delighted with the customized, 3- ring binder I ordered. My dad has a terminal illness and our family is putting a memory book together for him to look through. I read reviews online and decided to give 'You Customize It' a try. We are so glad we did! After ordering the binder I received an email with a suggestion to make an edit to my project. I was pleased with this suggestion and approved it. Then I received a 2nd email saying they printed my product but felt it would be improved by resizing the photos I had uploaded as some text, etc. would be cut off. I was so grateful that they took the time to actually look at my product and cared about its success! We would have been disappointed had the text been cut off. They remade my book, free of charge, after I approved the change. The book was delivered to me in a roomy and well protected box. I can't wait to give the finished binder to my dad! Thank you to everyone at You Customize It! Talk about outstanding help to make a beautiful binder! Keep up the good work- I'll be sure to recommend your services to others.
Reviewer: Janelle | Verified Customer Date: Oct 22, 2021 Product: Design Your Own 3-Ring Binder - Full Wrap