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RNKShops is now YouCustomizeIt

Operating under the RNKShops name since 2014, in June 2017 RNKShops was rebranded as YouCustomizeIt. Some might ask why we would make such a change, but the following are a few reasons we re-branded.

What Does RNKShops Do?

For many years we at RNKShops struggled when we introduced people to our company, and they would inevitably end up asking "So what do you do?" We would try to go into some sort of drawn out speech about the various products we sold, but we were losing people in all the details. In the end it was really as simple as "We sell a wide variety of customizable products online" and we felt was important for that message to come across as soon as they saw our company name.

It Helped Focus Our Mission

We have dabbled in several different markets over the years trying to find the type of products we had a true passion for. In all our dabbling, RNKShops was a perfect name because it was intrinsically meaningless, so we could change directions without needing to rebrand. However we finally fell in love with making custom products, we felt we needed a re-brand to solidify who we are and what we are about: Allowing You to Customize...It, whatever that it may be.

It's Easier to Remember

It's important for our customers to remember where they bought their products from. Whether it be because you want to order more, or your friends are ooh'ing and ahh'ing over it and want to order their own, we want to make sure that YouCustomizeIt is the name that comes to mind. With other types of products it can be blatantly obvious where an item came from because it probably has branding all over it, but with custom products you want it to have your personal style all over it, not our branding. So our best option was to make our brand as easy as possible to remember when staring at a product you customized