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Customizable Base Products

Did you know that the bedroom is the room that you spend the most time in your home than any other room? Did you also know that for adults it is the very last room that you decorate? Lets stop this right now! Lets call our bedroom our Retreat Room and give it the attention and focus that you deserve.

People, we are all guilty of this. We spent all our decorating energy on every room in the house letting our bedrooms be neglected. Your bedroom is the one room in the house that you can decorate just for your taste because it is your own personal space.

You may love zebra but feel an animal print is too bold for common spaces in your house, but put that zebra print all over your bedroom because that room is YOUR room. Your kids may love bright bold colors but you do not want that in the main space they hang out in. You can bring that style in color and patterns from into their bedroom so they can show off their style to their friends and you can shut that door.

So do not be a bedroom neglector anymore. Pick a color, pick a pattern, pick a theme. No matter where you want to start, just start!

Be creative, be bold, be unique, but most importantly be YOU in your Retreat Room.