Reviews for Zipper Pouches - Small - 8.5"x6"

Floral Vine Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
Love it! Image #2515586 for Review #2515585 Image #2515588 for Review #2515587 Image #2515591 for Review #2515590
I liked this design so much, I ordered 3 items with it. Love things with my initial/name on it. This website has all of that!
Reviewer: Linda George Product: Floral Vine Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
Dogs Playing Poker by C.M.Coolidge Zipper Pouch - Small - 8.5"x6"
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Product was just what I ordered. Thank you job well done, I received it yesterday.
Reviewer: George W Manson Product: Dogs Playing Poker by C.M.Coolidge Zipper Pouch - Small - 8.5"x6"
Maroon & White Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
Easy customizing, nice color and pattern choices. Just know that once you submit your customization, you can't change it--even 10 seconds later. Arrived very quickly.
Reviewer: Glo S. Product: Maroon & White Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
The Starry Night (Van Gogh 1889) Zipper Pouch
everybody knows this artwork
get an amazing number of complements.
Reviewer: Anonymous Product: The Starry Night (Van Gogh 1889) Zipper Pouch
Apple Blossoms (Van Gogh) Zipper Pouch
complements galore
This bag receives lots of complements!
Reviewer: Anonymous Product: Apple Blossoms (Van Gogh) Zipper Pouch
Ladybugs & Gingham Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
I'm a ladybug fanatic; won't even harm live ones as they are so cute and supposedly bring good luck :)
This cosmetic pouch is adorable, nice and roomy without being overly large for small to medium sized handbags. Easy to find in a large tote, also. Workmanship is excellent, quality is excellent, delivery of product exceptionally fast. These cases can be customized to your specific liking, and there's a huge variety of different options including fonts, patterns, and colors. I enjoyed the process of creating this item to meet my requirements. Inside, the bag has a solid color lining and the zipper is sturdy with a ring type pull on tab. Fabric is a pliable canvas; there's flexibility yet enough stiffness to retain shape.
All in all, this was a completely satisfying experience, and I am a completely satisfied customer. I'm attaching some pictures to show the results, both front and back (which can be customized too).
Reviewer: GreenEggsnHam Product: Ladybugs & Gingham Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
Maroon & White Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
Perfect bag
Just received it today. It is beautiful. Looks expensive. Size is perfect.It will hold all my makeup essentials. Love the personalization.
Reviewer: Anonymous Product: Maroon & White Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
Kids Sugar Skulls Zipper Pouch (Personalized)
Love it
Amazon reviews are very important to me, its rare that I order something that doesn't have a number for good reviews. I took a chance ordering this pouch because the cute sugar skulls were so unique - so glad I did!
The seller immediately contacted me with the information on how to personalize the item. Their website is amazing with tons of color and graphic options.
I ordered this on Jan 8, received it on Jan 13, even with me customizing the entire design.
Looking the pouch over the printing, seams and zipper all seem to be of excellent quality. I am very happy and would purchase again.
Reviewer: K C Product: Kids Sugar Skulls Zipper Pouch (Personalized)