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Airplane & Pilot Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Absolutely adorable! Image #2632924 for Review #2632923
Absolutely loved the wrapping paper! The picture that was customized with my grandsons name was just adorable he is infatuated with airplanes right now and it was perfect for his second birthday! Thank you so much for this product and will definitely order again in the future.
Reviewer: ANGIE PETERSON Product: Airplane & Pilot Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Building Blocks Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Neat Personalization Image #2622808 for Review #2622807
Found this website for customizing wrapping paper for my grandson who loves legos. So many other designs and ideas too. I just bought the paper, but one could go crazy with all the various ideas they offer. Check it out.
Reviewer: Kim J Zeiss Product: Building Blocks Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Absolutely love it!!!
I've never ordered from this site before. Never knew it existed. Being able to customize your own wrapping paper is such a fantastic idea. I tried it. I loved it. I will be ordering again for other occasions. The picture is great. The texture of the paper is thick. Not think and cheap. I am pleasantly surprised!! I would recommend this product.
Reviewer: Catherine Timpa Product: Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Farm House Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Well done! Image #2583550 for Review #2583549
Ordering this paper was pretty easy, and I was able to do it without assistance. It seems like there was something about the site that made it a little difficult, maybe going back and forth when I was playing with changing the text color? It was probably user error! Being an IT person myself, I have appreciation for well-designed websites. Thank you. I was really happy with the way this turned out. You can't find wedding shower paper anymore thanks to the prevalence of gift cards and gift bags. This was an extravagance at $10 a page, but totally worth it! The paper is thicker than average wrapping which makes it more of a challenge to wrap with, but it's so pretty! My niece's shower is next weekend. I can't wait for her to see it!
Reviewer: Penny Christensen Product: Farm House Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
It what I expected Image #2581543 for Review #2581542
I was expecting the quality of paper like Christmas wrapping paper. Instead it was like think construction paper. Maybe if I had options of different color backgrounds it may I have been better. Not worth the price + shipping. Awesome idea-poor quality of paper. I simply tapped to upload a picture but it would not let me continue once I uploaded the picture. Cant say I would buy this product again.
Reviewer: Pamela Wright Product: Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Summer Camping Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Camping themed paper Image #2564876 for Review #2564875
I like the paper but wish it would have been available in different color combinations. Purchased to wrap some of many camping themed toys and games for five little nephews whose parents recently purchased a large fifth wheel. Actually for Christmas and for them to keep in their RV specifically to keep them occupied on downtime when they are camping if not involved in other activities. Would like to see other nature themed papers.-- Forest and streams, perhaps cabins in forest, bears and trees etc etc. And maybe an option to personalize more than one name on the paper. Otherwise I was happy to find this one as not many other options out there.
Reviewer: Lois McGovern Product: Summer Camping Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Loved the paper Image #2515871 for Review #2515870 Image #2515872 for Review #2515870
Exactly as described! I wish you got more paper for the cost as you can only wrap 1 decent size box before running out. And I would also recommend cutting the paper to avoid the white border lines, added extra work to cut off before wrapping gifts. But otherwise very happy and satisfied with the product. Thank you
Reviewer: Jason Silva Product: Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Very happy! Image #2495945 for Review #2495943
It turned out great! Very thick but easy to wrap with! Will do this again!
Reviewer: Jennifer Semmler Product: Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Wrapping paper pictures Image #2471387 for Review #2471386
OMG, Ogie was a blast to work with! She listened to my wants/needs and made the paper better than I expected. My Niece loved it, we All did as a matter of fact, tears!
Reviewer: Angela Rowe Product: Design Your Own Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Pirate Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Pirate wrapping paper Image #2451278 for Review #2451277
The service was fast and the product is very nice. When the paper came I was so happy with it! I will be using them for all my future needs.
Reviewer: Sandra Crutchfield Product: Pirate Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Hockey Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Hockey wrapping paper Zachary Image #2445780 for Review #2445779
I am very pleased!
Reviewer: Kathie Dissinger Product: Hockey Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Western Ranch Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Western Ranch Wrapping Paper (Personalized) Image #2419345 for Review #2419344 Image #2419346 for Review #2419344
Súper fast shipping and deliver, They customize just like i ask, Súper good quality, Awesome I loved’t! THANX SO MUCH!
Reviewer: Feve Villarreal Product: Western Ranch Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Housewarming Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Too small Image #2410749 for Review #2410748
The paper I ordered was not what I expected for the price I paid. They had left the edges /border white and not enough paper. I was not able to wrap any of the housewarming gifts with the paper I purchased. Very disappointed! ☹️
Reviewer: Marie Product: Housewarming Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
School Bus Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Wrapping paper Image #2180544 for Review #2180543
Reviewer: Susan Finnegan Product: School Bus Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Pet Photo Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Pet wrapping paper Image #2120261 for Review #2120260
Really great and fast service
Reviewer: Kathryn J Edmonds Product: Pet Photo Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Building Blocks Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Perfect wrapping paper Image #1880503 for Review #1880502
My 6 year old grandson loves LEGO. I know he will love the personalized LEGO wrapping paper with his name and age incorporated into the design. Can’t wait to see his reaction when we give him his present wrapped in this unique paper. It is nice and thick and looks exactly like the sample.
Reviewer: Barbara Hirabayashi Product: Building Blocks Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Mermaid Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Quality Image #1632728 for Review #1632727
Beautiful Design & Quality Paper that was shipped quickly n packaged well!
Reviewer: Debbie Sweeley Product: Mermaid Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
Poop Emoji Wrapping Paper (Personalized)
poop emoji paper
It was perfect!! Got it for our niece and nephew! Thanks!
Reviewer: Jennifer L Richter Product: Poop Emoji Wrapping Paper (Personalized)