Reviews for Security Blankets

Football Jersey Security Blanket (Personalized)
Security blanket Image #2378375 for Review #2378374
Definitely happy with everything
Reviewer: Carol Doeren Product: Football Jersey Security Blanket (Personalized)
Firefighter for Kids Security Blanket (Personalized)
Kids Security blanket Image #2238519 for Review #2238518
I received the blanket in remarkable time and am very pleased with it. It is very soft. Kids like that!! I can't wait to give it to my nephew for his new son due in May.
Reviewer: Madonna Bischoff Product: Firefighter for Kids Security Blanket (Personalized)
Green Camo Security Blanket (Personalized)
Snug as a Bug Image #1876370 for Review #1876369
I think the little guy will appreciate this when he's a little older. It sure is soft and cuddly.
Reviewer: Dan Shine Product: Green Camo Security Blanket (Personalized)
Tetris Print Security Blanket (Personalized)
Love you guys!
I have ordered 3 baby blankets in the last month as gifts. They are so soft and were smash hits. I was told they were at least among the most favorite if not THE most favorite gifts received. I ordered them just after birth, after I knew the names. They arrived so quickly that the babies were only a week old when they were received. The parents were so excited to see a gift with their newborns name and birthdate on it. There were so many customization options that I was able to find something appropriate for each family. You made me look good as the gift-giver so thanks so much for that!
Reviewer: Peregrine White Product: Tetris Print Security Blanket (Personalized)
Mermaids Security Blanket (Personalized)
Read the details...the size of a washcloth. Disappointed
We changed the product. The new blanket is larger, it is approximately 15"x15"
Reviewer: D. Saylor Product: Mermaids Security Blanket (Personalized)
Firetrucks Security Blanket (Personalized)
Three Stars
smaller than I thought
We have revised our images by adding a baby bottle and a pacifier to show the relative size of the security blanket
Reviewer: NRS Product: Firetrucks Security Blanket (Personalized)