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Design Your Own Round Pet Tag
I love it!
It turned out just how I wanted it to! I used my own photo on it and it turned out great. While it was a little difficult to work the editor, once I figured it out and got it how I wanted it turned out just how it showed on the preview.
Reviewer: Jossette | Verified Customer Date: Mar 03, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Round Pet Tag
Design Your Own Round Pet Tag
Was sent the same unreadable tag three times
When I had my first dog's tag made almost a year ago, the print was unreadable on the back. I reached out to customer service and got an immediate response. They very helpfully suggested a solution and sent a new tag that we are still happy with. So, it was an easy decision to come back to YouCustomizeIt for a tag for our new puppy. When the new tag came, I was disappointed that the print was unreadable on the back (mainly the phone numbers), but I wasn't worried. I was confident they would fix the issue. Instead, I have received not one, but two more unreadable tags. I asked both times if there were too many words or if the font needed to be changed and was told it would be taken care of. The last time I was even told that they could not reprint it more than once. So I expressed my disappointment and asked for a refund so I could spend my money elsewhere to get a readable tag for my new furbaby. Instead of giving me a refund, customer service assured me that they had fixed the problem and would send me a new tag. However, when I received the third tag, it was not any more readable than the first two. I am so upset with this company. I ordered the first tag December 11, 2020 and still have not received a satisfactory product or a refund. I feel like they didn't even try to resolve this problem and just kept sending me reprints of the same defective product.
We are so sorry about this. After investigating this further, we have determined there was some miscommunication between our customer service and production teams and our customer service genuinely believed it was a defect that wouldn't happen multiple times. Our operations manager will be reaching out to you personally to make sure this is handled properly.
Reviewer: Susanne M | Verified Customer Date: Jan 16, 2021 Product: Design Your Own Round Pet Tag
Purple Gingham & Stripe Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Pet tag
Our kitty looks great in her new tag! Excellent quality & fast order & shipping!
Reviewer: Tammy | Verified Customer Date: Oct 20, 2020 Product: Purple Gingham & Stripe Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Leopard Print Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Pet Tag
Love it but I have to order the collar for it. I will do so in the near future.
Reviewer: Denise Newton | Verified Customer Date: Sep 19, 2020 Product: Leopard Print Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Baseball Jersey Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Really cute - easy to read - nice quality!
Reviewer: Ellen J Hontz | Verified Customer Date: Sep 17, 2020 Product: Baseball Jersey Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Rubber Duckie Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Love it
Love it, super cute
Reviewer: Janna Barnes | Verified Customer Date: Sep 05, 2020 Product: Rubber Duckie Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Racing Car Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Great Product, Great Price
Arrived within a week even during Covid. Looks great!
Reviewer: Stefan Kelly | Verified Customer Date: Aug 27, 2020 Product: Racing Car Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Chili Peppers Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Very good customization options
This tag is aluminum (rather than the recycled steel that is used by competitors). The variety of customization options offered here are more numerous and more flexible than the options on other sites. I received the product within the time frame promised and the finished product was as I expected it to be - it had clear text and images and the color rendition was an accurate representation of what I had created on-line. The link that is sent with this tag to attach it to a collar is unimpressive, but my decision to buy this product was not based upon that link. A nice addition to this tag would be the inclusion of two circles of die-cut, clear vinyl film which could be attached to the tag. The film would help to extend the life of the printed image by protecting it from abrasion and it would soften the sound of any clinking of the tag against other metal parts or attachments to the dog’s collar.
Reviewer: rsu | Verified Customer Date: Aug 21, 2020 Product: Chili Peppers Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Barbeque Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Dana, these pet tags are quite small (because you wouldn't want to weigh down your pet with a huge tag), and they sometimes appear larger on the screen than they do in real life. We are still working out the best way to communicate real world size through the internet, but you are welcome to return the product if you would like.
Reviewer: dana ames | Verified Customer Date: Aug 04, 2020 Product: Barbeque Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Skulls Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Dog tag
Or the dog tag and it looks amazing thank you very much
Reviewer: Yvonne Grad | Verified Customer Date: Jul 06, 2020 Product: Skulls Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Poppies Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
After browsing many tags on other sites, I am so glad I found this site. Other sites would only allow you to enter a color, text, and let you choose from selected fonts. None of these sites would let you see a final preview. I actually did have an order in with a woman on Etsy. She was supposed to have a preview ready within 48 hours. After a week with nothing, I cancelled. Oh, and customizable tags were generally much more expensive. For all of the customizing you can do on this tag, the price was incredibly fair. I knew exactly what I was getting as well. Shipping was very fast and I have been beyond pleased. When I received an email from the CEO explaining her story in starting her own business, I really felt much better with my choice to buy here. Now, I wasn't interested in all of the extra products offered with my design on them, but I must say, I was impressed! If I had more of a disposable income, I probably would have indulged. I will definitely be buying my next dog tags on this site and I will be passing the word around on how great it is.
Reviewer: Sara H. | Verified Customer Date: Jul 01, 2020 Product: Poppies Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Moroccan Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
My tag arrived quickly and is absolutely beautiful! I don’t have my pet yet so I’ll have to wait and see how durable the tag is over time. They only thing is the ring to attach it to the collar isn’t what I would have expected. It’s an open ring that I guess you pinch with pliers. I would have preferred a split ring like I’ve had with other tags and car keys.
Reviewer: Joy | Verified Customer Date: Jun 18, 2020 Product: Moroccan Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Chili Peppers Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Chilis tag
Exactly as I designed it
Reviewer: Valerie Saulino | Verified Customer Date: Nov 20, 2019 Product: Chili Peppers Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Texas Polka Dots Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Awesome Product & Quick Shipping
My husband ordered this for our new pup and he is totally thrilled. Quality product and fast shipping. We'll be back for more! Thank you.
Reviewer: Jack Ganders | Verified Customer Date: Jan 21, 2019 Product: Texas Polka Dots Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Traditional Thanksgiving Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Great product
I love these and they came so quick!! I would definitely order again
Reviewer: Diane Olsen | Verified Customer Date: Oct 07, 2018 Product: Traditional Thanksgiving Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Dinosaur Print Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
customized dog tags
All in all we are happy with the product we received. The only down size is the small print on the back is very small. Just readable. With that said, less info spaced out would probably be best.
Reviewer: Raymond Allen | Verified Customer Date: Aug 02, 2018 Product: Dinosaur Print Round Pet Tag (Personalized)
Design Your Own Round Pet Tag
Loved this
So much cuter than the machines in stores. I put our name and address, phone number on the back. The only thing I would suggest is making that font bigger. I made it to small and it is very hard to read.
Reviewer: Lynn Norris | Verified Customer Date: Mar 06, 2018 Product: Design Your Own Round Pet Tag