Reviews for Placemats (Laminated)

Red & Gray Polka Dots Placemat (Laminated) (Personalized)
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Reviewer: Angela Willmeno Product: Red & Gray Polka Dots Placemat (Laminated) (Personalized)
Gingham Print Placemat (Laminated) (Personalized)
Gingham Print Placemat Image #2136683 for Review #2136682
Love my one of a kind placemat. It was better than I expected.
Reviewer: Denise G HIX Product: Gingham Print Placemat (Laminated) (Personalized)
Design Your Own Placemat (Laminated) (Personalized)
Place mats Image #1515087 for Review #1515086
I love my new place mats, they have my favorite colors in them is what I love the most.
Reviewer: Consuela Blake Product: Design Your Own Placemat (Laminated) (Personalized)
Monogrammed Damask Placemat (Laminated) (Personalized)
Look Great!
Exactly what I ordered. They turned out great. Thanks! A++
Reviewer: Katie DeToma Product: Monogrammed Damask Placemat (Laminated) (Personalized)