Reviews for 3-Ring Binders

Design Your Own 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Great service
I personalized 2 ring binders through YouCustomizeIt. The design tools were very easy to use (I am a technophobe) and when I had a problem with my design, customer service was very helpful. Delivery was shorter than the stated time and they turned my order around within 24 hours, the two times that I have ordered from them. I will use their services again and highly recommend them as they are very professional and reliable.
Reviewer: Eve Picard Product: Design Your Own 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Llamas 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Great product and Company Image #2463817 for Review #2463816
Excellent product and the same for customer service. I will buy customized school supplies from them again.
Reviewer: EDMUND JENNINGS Product: Llamas 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Nursing Quotes 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Awesome Image #2425616 for Review #2425615
Perfect and very fast delivery
Reviewer: Carlos Claveria Product: Nursing Quotes 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Leopard Print 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Leopard Binder
Love everything about this company. This was the ONLY place that had exactly what I needed. Customer service is top-notch. And the customizing is sooo easy to do. I will 100% be “Customizing” again. Marnie Murray
Reviewer: Marnie Murray Product: Leopard Print 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Dog Faces 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Pretty Impressed! Image #2400800 for Review #2400799
I love my pups new binder it came out even better than I thought it would. It’s a really nice quality binder too not flimsy at all. Very glad I found this website will prob be getting more customized items from here. It looks exactly how I customized it. I also love how quickly I got it! I expected it to take a few weeks and it was really only a couple of days.
Reviewer: Larissa Roman-Rodriguez Product: Dog Faces 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Design Your Own 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
The Best! Image #2347099 for Review #2347098 Image #2347100 for Review #2347098
The only place online I could find that would let you customize binder! The best customer service ever encountered! The most options for customizing I even knew to exist:)! Now binders are simple but it does come with design that can be applied to the outside like stickers. Ask them not to insert your design under the plastic pocket that is on the outside (I had a problem getting them out!). Apply your design and nobody will be able to tell that it's a basic binder! :)
Reviewer: I. L. Product: Design Your Own 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Vintage Floral 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
100% Satisfied - Plan to Purchase Additional Image #2336134 for Review #2336133 Image #2336135 for Review #2336133 Image #2336136 for Review #2336133
I am 100% satisfied with the customized binders. The final result is better than the online pictures. Was amazed at the number of options and ease of placing my order. Customer service went above and beyond. I purchased this set for misc personal documents - customized binder text as volumes 1 thru 10 which will allow me to add to as needed. I'm working on designing my next order for recipes! I recommend this print for anyone who likes vintage floral pattern.
Reviewer: LAA Product: Vintage Floral 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Mermaid 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
My Daughter is so HAPPY to take it to school. Image #2153061 for Review #2153060
Reviewer: Vianca Product: Mermaid 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Inspirational Quotes 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Not what I expected
I thought this was a great design and easily was able to make it my own with the customizing options. I guess I should have read the description better. It does say that a printed insert will be put in the insert pockets on the binder. My binder came in a timely manner, but was disappointed in its quality. It was a very cheap binder that I could have gotten at Walmart. Inside the clear plastic outside pocket of the front of the binder was a printed sheet with my design. It was a sheet with a peel off backing that can be adhered to something. The edges were not trimmed well it was jagged and looked tacky. I honestly thought my binder would have a printed cover, not a cheap insert placed in a cheap binder. I could have done this myself with a cricut.
Reviewer: Bobbie Product: Inspirational Quotes 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Glitter Moroccan Watercolor 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Not worth the price! Image #2048127 for Review #2048126
When ordering this binder I was under the assumption that the design would actually be the binder not a paper insert. I could have made this same binder for a lot less money.
Reviewer: Tammy Boyd Product: Glitter Moroccan Watercolor 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Sea-blue Seashells 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Perfect! Image #1744575 for Review #1744574 Image #1744576 for Review #1744574
This is exactly what I needed. There are 0 other options for an ocean themed binder and that's my mom's theme. I also made one for myself which ended up being absolutely perfect. This is so wonderful! It came out EXACTLY how I ordered it. I love being able to customize things and this was no exception. I made exactly what I needed and wanted , color and font. I will certainly be considering again when I need more customized items. <3
Reviewer: Samantha L Lynch Product: Sea-blue Seashells 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Birds & Hearts 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)
Loved the personalized binders Image #1645918 for Review #1645917 Image #1645919 for Review #1645917
First time customers-and so happy I chose you!! I was wanting some special binders for a client I was working with, to help get her team on board and feel special. I was able to oersonalize each team members binder to their personality-and I’m thrilled with the results! Thank you so much!!
Reviewer: Dana Lerch Product: Birds & Hearts 3-Ring Binder (Personalized)